Christmas Lingerie Giveaway: What Katie Did Bespoke Corset

It’s officially holiday season and that means it’s time to give away some gorgeous lingerie!

If you’ve been reading The Lingerie Addict for any length of time, you’re probably familiar with the name What Katie Did. For the last 13 years, they’ve been the leader in ‘faux-vintage’ lingerie — what I like to call pin-up or retro style. Their pieces have been featured on dozens of stars and in numerous magazines; chances are, if it’s a big name, they’ve worn What Katie Did.

But even more than that, What Katie Did is an amazing brand for the non-celebrity types like you and me. They were one of the first brands I purchased from way back when I started The Lingerie Addict, and they’re still one of my favorite labels… especially for quality, off-the-rack corsets. Which is why I’m so incredibly excited about this giveaway.

You see, dear readers, What Katie Did is now letting you ‘Design Your Own Corset‘ on their site!

This feature has actually been around awhile in the form of a custom order sheet and quote, but with over a million possible combinations, it was a little well… clunky. Now, you’re able to pick the perfect corset right on their website… from the shape to the color to the trims and fabrics, you can have your own unique What Katie Did creation. Katie (yes, there actually is a Katie behind What Katie Did) is able to offer this service because all their corsets are handmade, and it takes no more time to sew a custom corset than it does to sew a plain black one… other than picking out the bolt of fabric you’ve chosen!

Excited yet? Here are the details!

You have the opportunity to win one made-to-order, design your own corset from What Katie Did. There are no maximum values. Whatever size you want, whatever shape you want, whatever fabric you want… it’s yours. The possibilities are amazing. And yes, this giveaway is open internationally!

Enough chit-chat. Here’s how you can enter:

  1. Leave a comment with your ideal What Katie Did Corset below. This entry is mandatory.
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  5. Become a Very Important Addict.

Please use the Rafflecopter widget at the bottom of this post for all your entries so we can keep track of them. The What Katie Did Christmas Lingerie Giveaway ends next November 20th at 11:59 p.m. The contest winner will be chosen at random on November 25th and publicly posted to The Lingerie Addict. The contest winner must respond within 48 hours to claim their prize or a new winner will be chosen.

Thanks so much for reading The Lingerie Addict and good luck!

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Cora Harrington

Founder and Editor in Chief of The Lingerie Addict. I started TLA in a small studio apartment in 2008. Since then, it's become the leading lingerie blog in the world, and has been featured on the websites for Forbes, CNN, Time, Today, and Fox News. I believe lingerie is fashion too, and that every who wants it deserves gorgeous lingerie.

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  1. Melody Tabor says:

    My ideal corset? A black coutil underbust, with black satin accents over the boning and on the waist. Practical and just a bit showy! xx

  2. Love this! I adore the colour and lace options. All the details. I went through the process. I wish I could see what my creation actually looks like! What an awesome idea!

  3. Caroline says:


    I’m very excited about this contest, but have neither pinterest or tumblr… can i still enter?

  4. Thursday says:

    How exciting! Custom made from the lovely WKD:)

    As a squishy pear shape, I love the Extreme Mae! I can just imagine it in peach, with black trims.

  5. Alexsandra says:

    My ideal custom What Katie Did corset would be a Mae, 20″, in black raw silk. It feels like such a simple choice when there are so many combinations available, but it’s calling to me!

  6. Clara Lynn says:

    Extreme Laurie D+, 26″ in Deep Red Satin, with Black Leather for overboning and top/bottom trim

  7. Katy M says:

    Wow! What an awesome giveaway! I had a blast “creating” my dream corset!

    I chose the Tempest in black raw satin with the black net overlay and Baby Pink Satin trim with the showgirl pleated trim!

    Thanks so much!

  8. EAF says:

    It would have to be the Laurie Extreme D+

  9. Anna McIntosh says:

    I would get a 20” Morticia style corset. And I would have it completely black velvet with a spoon busk.

  10. Anna McIntosh says:

    Forgot to also add, thanks so much for the chance to enter! It’s super exciting!

  11. Sophia says:

    The Sophia (obviously, I can’t resist anything that shares my name) in sailor blue and cream trim!

  12. Becky says:

    Such an amazing giveaway eeeek!!

    I really love the shape of the Extreme Laurie, I think I’d love to have it in sheer black with black velvet trims (overboning/top bottom) mmm!!


  13. Gnomii says:

    I’d get the Extreme Laurie D+ in 24 inches, in Baroque Black with Black Raw Silk overboning Ivory Raw Silk Top/Bottom trim. Also Pigalle Laurie Pleated Trim & Bow to match the corset color c:

    I just wonder how long they are. I’m petite and busty and also wonder how large the “D+” really is.

  14. Mya says:

    Ooooh! I’m going to play imaginary dress up so much more frequently now!

    I decided on an Extreme Mae underbust in royal purple (though the aubergine silk is a tempting alternative) with black silk overboning and a black silk full waistband.

    I can’t wait to see what the winner decides on! (I hope we get to find out!)

  15. Jack P says:

    The extreme Laurie! Such a gorgeous shape. :-)

  16. Erica K says:

    i would pick the Antoinette in black silk with the lace overlay and black satin overboning

  17. Jessie says:

    Oooh, the Laurie D+ in cream raw silk with black silk trim and waistband and a black lace overlay. Although that’s my dream wedding corset, actually, so if I win I may have to propose to my partner. Which I would be okay with.

  18. Isabelle says:

    I’m a huge fan of Captain America, first and foremost the comic from Marvel, but also the new movies. For a long time I wanted to make a pinup version of Captain America, and I really want to have a matching striped corset.

    So my ideal corset would be a underbust, red-and-white satin corset, probably the Morticia corset.

  19. Ludovic says:

    I’d pick the Gina without hesitation. Sheer black as the main fabric but still undecided on the boning fabric.

  20. Liz says:

    This is a really amazing giveaway! Thanks so much Cora for setting this up for us. It’s going to make one lady very happy this Christmas!

    I’ve been planning this one for a long time, but the convincing of the boyfriend will probably take even longer ;)

    I would go for the overbust Extreme Laurie. The base color would be cornflower blue satin, with the edging in the sailor blue satin. I would also want the edging to have the center belt effect wrapping around the waist, the same design as the Lalique velvet Laurie. For the back I envisioned die dyed/ombre ribbon in light blue with a fade into the dark blue (but I imagine it would come with standard dyed ribbons, so I would do this part myself at home). The light blue would be the top part, and as you lace the ribbon would cascade down into the dark blue…

    Ok, gotta wipe the drool away and get on with my day!

  21. Summer says:

    Yay! I’ve been needing a new corset. That would be a nice pre-Christmas surprise.

  22. I love this giveaway! And naturally I am having so much fun choosing my perfect corset.

    I would choose the Antoinette in sheer black with black velvet overboning and black velvet bottom trim and black raw silk Showgirl Antoinette pleated trim.

    Now I want one so much– so gorgeous!

  23. Frances says:

    Ooo, that was fun! I would love to have a Morticia corset in white with cornflower blue accents… well, assuming I thought I could hide it under my wedding dress! I could use the waist reduction for that thing.

  24. mandytori says:

    This is so exciting! It was hard to choose, but since this would be my first real corset I went with subtle. A spoon busk Morticia underbust in black raw silk with black silk overboning and pleated trim. I’d wear this with my (delightfully pointy) Empreinte Melody banded fullcup to create my perfect hourglass shape. I could finally do justice to my favourite vintage dresses!

  25. Jessica says:

    This is exciting! I chose the Antoinette corset in aubergine with rose black lace overlay and black raw silk trim.

  26. Mariovario says:

    Ffff I don’t have a clue, it’s not easy, so many options…

  27. Elizabeth says:

    Oh my gosh, where to start? Probably with the Antoinette or the Morticia, though I suspect either will be a gateway drug to more corsets…

  28. Stephanie O says:

    Wow. I like storm with baroque black.

  29. I love this giveaway, it’s such a good idea for people (like me) who are nervous about the cost of a corset to get into one and see how customizable they are. Great, great idea!

    My ideal corset is the Laurie D+, in cream raw silk with cream raw silk overboning, bottom trim and full waistband in cream raw silk. I just want a really basic corset because I want an everyday sort of piece, a gateway into trading in all my bras for corsets, and I really want something that I can wear under everything.

    But I love the design your own option, I’m going to let my imagination go wild for my next design… what’s that, giant ruffles and a bow and jaquard fabric? yes, please! how about black leather with velvet trim? mmmm yessir. hahaha

  30. Sarah says:

    I would love to get an Extreme Laurie in red velvet with a spoon busk and a sheer net overlay of black.

  31. Breanna says:

    I have a super vintage shape, so I would LOVE to have a WKD corset! I’ve always loved the Cabaret line, and I would do well with a black underbust. Perfect starter, right?

  32. Emily says:

    My ideal corset would be the Laurie in Aubergine raw silk, with the pigalle Laurie pleated trim and bow in black raw silk.

  33. Irene says:

    What an amazing giveaway! I own the Morticia corset from WKD and it’s just amazing. I had wanted a corset for a while, and when I saw that one I knew it had to be mine!

  34. Megan says:

    I would have to go for the extreme Antoinette in the Aubergine raw silk, think it would suit my red hair and pale skin perfectly!

  35. OMG Want. Unemployment this year has really affected my new lingerie and this would be absolutely amazing. They are so gorgeous! Treacle, Hook a fellow Lingerie Addict up lady!

  36. Khadi says:

    Ahh what an exciting opportunity! This would be my first real corset, after all of the online window shopping I’ve been doing. :P

  37. Patricia Tran says:

    My ideal What Katie Did corset is the Morticia or the Mae Extreme, because they’re so deliciously curvy! I love the piagelle lace also.

  38. Sorry, my ultimate corset would be an Extreme Laurie D+, Black Silk, Spoon, Black Leather Boning, Black Satin Waistband, Showgirl Antoinette Trim in Black Raw Silk. OHHHHHHH I WANT

  39. Bobbi Weth says:

    My ideal WKD corset would be an Extreme D+ Laurie in Sailor Blue Satin with boning channels, top and bottom trim and full waistband in baroque silver. I love the Laurie shape, especially with contrasting waistbands to emphasize the extreme version. I am also ecstatic that there is a D+ version.

  40. Jasmine Ines says:

    The tempest for sure!
    Dashing red with black lace lashes on the hips and top center. Divine!!!

  41. Sean says:

    As far as creating my own corset, it would have to be something old and new school. With solid boning and structure along with comfort and lots of frills. completely in black.

  42. Anna says:

    I LOVE WEARING CORSETS SO MUCH!!!! Actually I made one and have to say that it is a GREAT pleasure to wear the corset because it hides every imperfection I have after giving a birth. I would have WKD Classic Overbust Corset – Black Storm Corset. It is a perfection of femininity.

  43. Ruth says:

    Oh! Spoilt for choice…
    I would have the size 22″ Extreme Laurie D+ in Black Velvet with Black Leather over-boning, Black Leather top & bottom trim, and a full waistband in Black Leather. It would have six detachable suspenders.
    I would wear it with a high-waist pencil skirt, fully fashioned stockings and a vintage cardigan…

  44. Jenni says:

    Uuuuh, my ideal corset? I love WKD-corsets, because they fit like custom-done to my type of body <3. But yes, at this moment my ideal corset would be Extreme Antoinette, 22" waist, Claret Raw Silk, with Showgirl Antoinette Pleated Trim in the same Claret Raw Silk.

  45. Trinity says:

    My ideal corset is the Sophia in Sailor Blue Satin with Ivory Raw Silk overboning and top/bottom trim.

  46. Kristen says:

    I love the Laurie D+ corset! I’d get it in the jacquard red with black over-boning.

  47. Rebecca Grace says:

    I would absolutely love a Extreme Laurie D+ in black silk with black velvet over boning, edging, and a full v waist band in the style of the Lalique corsets.

    I have a vintage figure with a small waist with curvy hips and bust so I am super excited about the new extreme style. The Morticia corset that I already own is the only corset I have found that does everything a corset should for my figure and is my absolute favorite!

  48. Lindsey says:

    I would do the Storm corset in Forest Green Satin with Baroque Silver Trim

  49. Passerina says:

    Fantastic giveaway! I just spent way too long imagining different options. I think I would go with the Laurie in aubergine raw silk with black velvet overboning, top/bottom trim, and a half-waistband.

  50. Suzi Pirate says:

    Aubergine raw silk with black raw silk overboning & a spoon busk if available on the Laurie D+.

  51. Michelle Y. says:

    What a fabulous thing! Oh, the magical world of lingerie :)
    I would choose the Antoinette with forest green satin and black rose lace overlay. The over boning color would be purple velvet, along with purple velvet trim. A full waistband in purple satin with sheer black net overlay.

  52. Kassy says:

    I did not know you could create a custom corset on the WKD website!
    I decided upon the Laurie style, the main colour being bubblegum pink out of raw silk fabric because I love the texture and look of raw silk. Then I chose the cornflower blue satin for the over-boning colour and trim, and then the Showgirl Antoinette Pleated Trim in bubblegum pink raw silk! Like Treacle, I too am engaged to be married, and pink and blue are my wedding colours!

  53. Guenevere says:

    I would have to choose the Mortica with Baroque Silver and Peach Satin overboning and trim!

  54. Rachel S says:

    I’d choose Storm in Bubblegum Pink Raw Silk with White Raw Silk overboning.

  55. Ayesha says:

    My dream corset from WKD would definitely be the Morticia in baby pink satin with cream satin trim.

  56. Molly says:

    My ideal corset would be the Laurie…probably in dark green with blue or aubergine trim.

  57. Scottie says:

    I’d pick the Storm in baby pink satin with black raw silk overboning and black raw silk top/bottom trim, with black laces.

  58. Pamela says:

    I love Extreme Laurie D+ in black raw silk with bubblegum satin trim. Though I could pick endless combinations!
    I would love to get another real corset. I had one made custom made a couple years back and then changed birth-control and the bust no longer fit. Someday I’ll save up the money.

  59. Gigi says:

    Yay! I love What Katie Did, if I am not wearing a vintage bra, I’m wearing one of theirs!

    I have never tried a real corset, well I had a vintage one when I was a teenager, and I would love to start off right with a very special WKD one!

    My dreamy corset is done in the Cabaret style,The Morticia in Peach satin as the base, and Cornflower Blue for all the contrasts. Deee-lish!

  60. Taryn says:

    This is such an exciting and an AMAZING giveaway!
    My ideal WKD corset would be a Morticia with a spoon busk in blue satin with cream satin trim. Simple enough to wear out but still cute!

  61. Lizzie says:

    OK. I think I just pooped my pants, which is not remotely as sexy as these corsets. I’ve recently become obsessed with What Katie Did lingerie and I would kill (not literally) for one of their corsets. LOVE!! My #1 choice would be Storm in purple velvet. FANCY PANTS!!!

  62. Emily says:

    I’m so excited! I’m saving for my first corset right now, it would be so great to get one =D

    My ideal WKD corset would be Storm in black raw silk with baroque black trim.

    I love all the options they have!

  63. Amanda Marie says:

    My dream WKD corset would be the Sophia in baroque silver with black velvet overboning and trim and a half waistband in black raw silk, although it’s hard to decide. Lovely to dream though, one day I’ll have it.

  64. Becca says:

    I created a peach satin Antoinette with black rose lace overlay, black satin overboning, a full black satin waistband with Pigalle Laurie Pleated Trim & Bow in peach ….it might not have been that adventurous but I think of it as classic, restrained yet sexy…just the thing now I’m in my mid thirties and can see forty coming down the line.

  65. Leslie says:

    I really like the Cabaret Sheer Sophia Corset from what katie did.

  66. Cris says:

    Wow, talk about tempting!

    As much as I love the cut of the Antoinette, between having a large ribcage and a 34A bust, I just don’t trust that I’d go well into an overbust that wasn’t custom-fitted. Besides, the Morticia looks at least as fabulous.

    I had a ton of fun designing my dream corset (or at least one dream corset). Morticia in claret raw silk with black silk for the boning casings, trim, and full waistband. I love the way the dark trim and the waistband work together to visually whittle down the waist that little bit more

    I may have to save up my holiday gift money and my birthday money for the Lalique velvet Morticia if I don’t win this giveaway. Yummy!

  67. Ingeborg says:

    Wow! I’ve been staring at What Katie Did corsets for ages! This would be amazing.

    If it were me I’d pick a 24″ Morticia with a spoon busk in aubergine raw silk with the overboning, top and bottom trims in black raw silk.

    What could be better than Lingerie and Christmas (my two favourite things!)? Whoever the winner is that will be an excellent gift!

    • Ingeborg says:

      Actually, I’d probably have the colours be black raw silk with the overboning, top and bottom trims in sheer black. It may not be particularly flashy that way, but it would go with the majority of my sets instead of just a couple. :]

  68. Nicole says:

    I think I would be happy with *any* What Katie Did corset….but if I’m being picky…

    I would love to have an under bust corset that is deep, midnight blue, with lace overlay. It would have a belt at the center, and would have longer sides to cover my bigger hips and for modesty.

  69. Lynn says:

    I would love a Sophia D+. So few corsetieres actually have corsets that accommodate the overly endowed without making us look extremely slutty.

  70. Lorla says:

    Ohhh im in love with there corsets <3
    Id love a spoon busk Morticia, in shear pink with baby pink satin overboning, x

  71. Allison says:

    I have a Laurie style with Purple Satin and a Black lace overlay. It would have the full trim with waistband and the Showgirl Antoinette Pleated Trim on top all in black.

  72. Krystal says:

    Oh. I would love the Storm in Aubergine Raw Silk with Black Satin over boning, full waistband, and Showgirl Antoinette Pleated Trim.

  73. maeve says:

    I’ve never owned a corset so looking through the site was a bit daunting there, so much choice, just for the basic shape.

    I’d probably end up going reasonably simple – Laurie style baroque black with sailor blue satin overboning. maybe a black silk waistband… It is kind of tempting to go mad and go for a pvc or leather one but maybe I should start off with something more wearable….

    (Just wondering, do you just pick the waist size with these or can you pick the cup size aswell after? I was just looking through the custom making page and it didn’t have an option for it..)

  74. Taylor says:

    I think I would go for classic and versatile with a black satin or black silk Storm corset, perhaps with a contrasting red or white trim. Although that red and cream corset in the picture is diviiiiine….

  75. gabriela says:

    I love Laurie. I think is very exciting that you can have a custom set.. Never had one in my life i like it nice and simple very nice looking pinup look.

  76. Nikki says:

    Next on my list is a PVC corset, so I’d go the Morticia in black PVC :)

  77. Sarah says:

    I love the extreme laurie! I had a tightlacing corset a handful of years ago, and it was lost in a move. It was an underbust and I always regretted not getting an overbust… and the lines of the Laurie extreme are so pretty!

  78. Therese says:

    I would love the extreme Laurie D+ in deep red satin with black rose lace over and the same colors for the overboning and overlay. I think it would be gorgeous!

  79. Emma says:

    EEP! Super excited about this giveaway!

    My ideal What Katie Did corset would beeee:

    The Storm Corset in a size 24″ with a spoon busk in sheer black with black velvet overboning and top/bottom trim. Simple and sexy.

    I’ve worn underbust corsets for a number of years now and would love to venture into an overbust style!

  80. Carrie says:

    How fun and fabulous! I’m swooning over the thought of the Gina in black leather, maybe with purple satin/sheer black overboning and trim. My wardrobe would be the completeness.

  81. Tamara says:

    How exciting! I’ve been thinking of getting an extreme Laurie in black with red overboning.

  82. Kendra says:

    It would be the Morticia underbust corset with black raw silk and black velvet trims <3

  83. Ana Tomás says:

    Hard to choose… but I would say the Extreme Laurie D+ in Aubergine Raw Silk with Jaquard Red or Black Leather Overbonning.

  84. Katie says:

    I think a 28′ Mortica corset in black satin with Baroque Black overboning and trim would be divine! <3

  85. Kitty says:

    I JUST did this this morning for fun!

    I would definitely go for a 30″ Morticia corset with the spoon busk (because I’m heavier and squishier in the belly), in a peach satin because that seems like the best color, neutral color for frequent wear underneath a variety of clothing, a classic lingerie color. BUT I would add black trim and a black waistband to match my other retro underthings, like my garter-belts and a WKD Maitresse bullet bra :)

    I like the Morticia for it’s dramatic shape and it’s length, which would help with my posture and ease the back-pain from carrying around a pair of 40Fs, while allowing me to wear the bra of my choice.

  86. Theresa says:

    How awesome!
    I would pick a black leather Laurie D+ corset, size 28 with a spoon busk.

  87. Erika says:

    I’ve been putting aside my pennies for one of their corsets, so I’d have to go with a 20″ Storm in black raw silk with black velvet overboning trimmed in black velvet.

  88. Mara says:

    A Storm in forest green satin. i can only imagine how beautiful it’d be.

  89. Michele says:

    Oh my goodness, what a wonderful prize!! I don’t own any corsets but there is a WKD underbust on my wish list! But my ideal WKD corset?? I’d go with the Storm corset, spoon busk in deep red satin with net overlay and a black bow/top trim.

  90. Morgan says:

    I’ve had my eye on the Laurie D+ for some time and I would have to it in my signature color, bubblegum pink!

  91. marron says:

    My ideal WKD corset? That would be a 22 inch morticia in Aubergine raw silk with the same color overboning, as aubergine is a color I have yet to experiment with in both my lingerie and outerwear expeditions. I also really want to get into corsetry and I think that this would be a great way to start!!

  92. Julie says:

    The storm in Red Velvet <3

  93. jessica says:

    I’m thinking the Storm corset in Cornflower Blue Satin with a sheer black net overlay, sailor blue satin overboning… maybeee Barque Black trim, maybeee the Showgirl Antoinette pleated trim in Baroque black as well!

  94. Megan Rose says:

    My ideal corset would be a Morticia style underbust in claret raw silk, all the trimmings in aubergine raw silk. Or else everything in black and white to make it versatile with nearly anything in my wardrobe.

  95. Angelica says:

    Hmm. the sophia in sheer black with black satin overboning and black satin bottom trim, would be my ideal What Katie Did Corset. Lovely.

  96. Allycat says:

    My ideal What Katie Did corset would be a very simple Laurie corset, in black satin. I’m very old fashioned and love the simple look of black, beautiful corsets. It would be lovely to own someday!


  97. Avigayil says:

    I have been imagining this corset for a while. It would be an extreme Antoinette made of sailor blue satin body with orange overboning, and orange frill detailing the top and bottom. Yummy!

  98. Rachael says:

    What an awesome giveaway!

    I’m loving the Laurie corset in cream raw silk. I can’t decide between the cornflower blue boning or the cream! I’m looking for something that will wow on my wedding day, and that could be the perfect something blue!

    Thanks so much!

  99. Lauren says:

    I’d adore a 24″ Laurie in cream silk with aubergine boning, waistband, and deep trim with bow!

  100. Daniela says:

    My ideal corset would be the morticia! in white or black, i am unsure

  101. Beez says:

    Ooh, that was fun! I’d go with a 26″ Sophia in cream raw silk, with aubergine overboning and trim, a waistband in baroque black, and pleated trim and bow in aubergine.

  102. Elizabeth says:

    Storm for sure, in sailor blue with some pink trim. So many details to consider!

  103. Katie Blecker says:

    The Storm in Aubergine or Cream raw silk. They’re all so amazingly beautiful, it’s hard to choose!

  104. breidi says:

    Oh gosh the choices, the choices!
    I’d go a 22″ Morticia in sheer black with black rose overlay, black velvet over boning, trim and waistband. Meow!

  105. Theresa says:

    Laurie Corset with Aubergine Raw Silk and Black Raw Silk Channels. Yum!

  106. Jen says:

    I love What Katie Did! I have a Morticia 24” in Cabaret Lace and I adore it, I wear it every chance I get. Its the first time Ive even been able to comfortably wear a corset without my ribs or hips getting pinched; Ive odd dimensions with 43 inch hips and 30 ” waist, so corsets before WKD always felt very uncomfortable. If I were to design a bespoke corset it would have to be the Extreme Laurie D+ in Jacquard Red with raw black silk overboning overlay, it would be wonderful to actually get an overbust corset that fit!

  107. Kara York says:

    The Extreme Laurie in Black Satin with Black PVC trimming…So adorable

  108. WendyM says:

    The Morticia in black leather or raw silk, claret or black

  109. Colleen Kimsey says:

    I imagined a 28′ Laurie in black raw silk with a Showgirl Laurie Deep Frill & Bow in Claret Raw Silk and overboning, and trim in Claret Raw Silk.

  110. Evelyn says:

    Sophia corset with cream raw silk and red velvet overboning and trim

  111. Ashleeta says:

    Size 20″
    Busk Spoon (not Baby or Antoinette)
    Main Colour Baby Pink Satin
    Overboning Colour Bubblegum Pink Raw Silk
    Bottom Trim Bubblegum Pink Raw Silk
    WaistbandFull Waistband
    Waistband Colour Bubblegum Pink Raw Silk

    That would be beautiful <3 Hope I win!!

  112. Eloquence says:

    I would love an Antoinette in Claret Raw Silk with Black Velvet Overboning and Baroque Black trim!

  113. Kitty Katz says:

    Extreme Laurie D+, 28″ With a spoon busk, In all black leather with no trim :D

  114. Kristine says:

    The Mae Extreme (20″) in either black or forest green with black trim would be amazing!

  115. Nic Sevic says:

    mine is the cabaret two tone laurie with cream and aubergine raw silk

  116. renee larouge says:

    My ideal corset would be a black underbust corset with bright pink accents and ruffly garter straps

  117. Crystal says:

    Hmm, my ideal corset would be tempest corset, 30″, in cream raw silk with ivory raw silk for the overboning and top bottom trim. What an awesome giveaway!

  118. Lia says:

    dangerous! what fun it is to create a corset with so many options! I am in “need” of a basic black corset and theirs are ammmmazing! From my site-designed corset: I’d love a Tempest/26″/Black Raw Silk/Sheer Black Net Over/Black Satin/Black Satin/Full Waistband/Black Satin/Showgirl Antoinette Pleated Trim/Black Raw Silk.

  119. Sharyn says:

    I’ll have a ‘storm’ in black velvet, with red velvet overboning. xoxx s

  120. Monique says:

    There are so many yummy ones to choose from.
    I really like the Lalique, and the Mae.
    What a wonderful contest. Thanks.

  121. Nadia says:

    I’d love to have a classic black one, over the bust,and a little sweet… like: Storm in Black Raw Silk, just like that all black <3

  122. Krystal says:

    Oh my such a wonderful giveaway! :) Who ever it is, is a lucky gal indeed. If I had to choose mine I would choose a Extreme Laurie in either black satin or purple velvet. It would be so hard to choose! :)

  123. This is one INCREDIBLE giveaway!

    My ideal corset (my apologies for lack of appropriate terminology; corset newbie here) would have to be Extreme Laurie D+ in the Baroque Black with Cream Satin overboning.

    I think. LOL

    Thank you SO much for this opportunity :)

  124. Caitlin says:

    My ideal corset is a Forest Green Satin Storm. Maybe with black overboning? Can’t decide between that and a plain green one.

  125. Kay says:

    I got the email about this new feature and I’ve already been dreaming up the possibilities… I’ve been interested in a blue corset with white binding lately.. a little bit sailor inspired! I’d love a laurie or a storm! So many choices…

  126. jacqueline C says:

    i would love to have the mortica corset in a size 24, with a spoon busk .
    the main color in a cream raw silk , with an over boning color of cornflower blue satin
    with the top and bottom trim also in cornflower blue satin and a waist band in the cream raw silk.
    this would be so great to win since for me this would be an everyday wear(almost) for me .
    help make my vintage dresses fit and look so much better .an also to help reshape what my child pushed around :D

  127. Sonia says:

    My ideal corset is pretty simple and it makes me feel like a lady! I need a red one. Sophia D+, 24″, Deep Red Satin Main Colour, Deep Red Satin Top Bottom Trim!

  128. Dani says:

    I love them all! How do you even pick??

  129. Kate says:

    Would love to win this! I’ve never owned or even worn a corset before!

  130. Mugsie says:

    The Laurie D+ in all leather would be lovely!

  131. Lily says:

    It’s taken me 2 days to decide which one I’d want! There’s the struggle between choosing a more versatile design versus choosing a really “out there” one. I’ve decided I’d go for…

    Extreme Laurie D+
    Sheer peach with black raw silk overboning.
    Top and bottom trim – black raw silk

    Love, love, love the colour selections but wouldnt it be lovely to have a green raw silk? :) I’ve never owned a corset before, and can’t wait until I purchase my first one!

  132. Anna Depew says:

    Wow, this is the best giveaway idea ever! My ideal corset would be a 1950’s style over-bust pin-up looking confection in a soft pink or peach (preferably silk!) with all of the frilly bells and whistles. Thanks to Katie + Addict for offering such a great prize!

  133. Nicole says:

    Mortica 28″
    Bubblegum Pink Raw Silk as the main fabric
    Cornflower Blue Satin for the boning channels, binding and full waistband.

  134. Georgie says:

    There’s so many options – it took me so long to choose from the wealth of gorgeous options!
    I think I’d go for the Extreme Antoinette (20″) in aubergine with cream satin overboning and a ruffle trim.
    Something a bit fancy to feel really special in.

  135. Erin says:

    What an amazing giveaway!

    My ideal corset would be a mortica style underbust in green satin with a lace overlay and contrasting black boning casing and waistband.

  136. Yvette says:

    Oh it would have to be a PURPLE Sophia with Black lace overlay and purple satin over the boning :o)
    They don’t call me Purple Lady without a reason ;o)

  137. Shann says:

    I would die for the Storm corset in Forest Green Satin with black rose lace overlay.Took forever to decide since there are endless beautiful combinations <3

  138. Maggie says:

    So hard to choose! I love the baby but would have to go for Morticia with a spoon busk (so flattering!) in black leather. Amazing giveaway!

  139. Sophie says:

    I can’t believe they’re doing a giveaway, those corsets are just sooooo perfect ♥ I’d die for a Storm styled corset in cream!!

  140. Frances says:

    Choosing is tough, but I would go for a 22″ Extreme Laurie D+ with a spoon busk in claret raw silk with black raw silk boning cover and bottom trim, a full waist band in black raw silk and Showgirl Antoinette Pleated Trim in black raw silk. I can only dream!

  141. Verity says:

    After some serious consideration. I think it would have to be:

    Extreme Laurie D+


    Main Colour
    Sailor Blue Satin

    Fancy Trim
    Showgirl Laurie Deep Frill & Bow

    Fancy Trim Colour
    Cream Satin

    Think it would lovely with my deep plum hair :)


  142. Sara says:

    Ugh, such lovely corsets! I’ve been a fan of What Katie Did for ages but haven’t bought my first piece from them yet. Someday!

    For me it’d be a cream raw silk Morticia, with black raw silk overboning, waistband, and top and bottom trim–and a front top center bow, of course!

  143. gala spanogians says:

    oooh! anything that make my boobs NOT look deflated & isn’t itchy :)

  144. I would love a Morticia in Ivory raw silk with Black raw silk Overboning and Waistband. Cruella Deville style!

  145. Alessandra says:

    Ahh, so amazing! I’d love one of these!

    I’d like a Storm style, 22″, in Forest Green Satin with the same colour overboning with a black rose lace overlay. I’d like the top and bottom trim (and the bow!) to be black raw silk. Can’t imagine anything better!!

  146. jes says:

    I don’t know if it posted my comment correctly, but here is what it was supposed to say:

    This is so exciting! and it is always so hard to choose from so many different wonderful options!

    After much mental debate: my ideal corset would be the Antoinette in Cornflower Blue with Sailor Blue boning! I think it would be absolutely beautiful. :)

  147. Sarah Lee says:

    Where to start…..A beautifully glittered satin baby pink corset with a feather/fur trim…as close as i’ll ever get to looking like a frosted cupcake!!
    Soooo exciting

  148. Mira says:

    My ideal corset would be a Tempest in Baroque Black. It would be so awesome!

  149. Dora Guðrun Þórarinsdóttir says:

    My dream korselett was black and red rw silk with a satin ribbon as the fifth and sixth decade size 14 -16

  150. Jennifer says:

    My dream corset is a 28″ Laurie in rich black Raw Silk, edges bound with black satin. Black on black, yes please. This corset is ideal for my quite frankly awesome tiny waist and curvy hips. I’ll be dreaming of a What Katie Did Christmas, that’s for sure!

  151. Sarah Abernethy says:

    A cream raw silk spoon busk, underbust mae corset, with black raw silk top and bottom trim. It would be simple and perfect! Something I could and would wear everyday.

  152. Leah says:

    Wow this is amazing!

    I don’t think I could choose just one “ideal” corset! My mind goes wild! I LOVE corset! However, I can only pick one, so here it goes. :-)

    A Mortica style underbust in white satin, with the black rose lace overlay, and black satin over boning, as well as black satin trim.

  153. Bonnie says:

    My ideal corset: Green and black satin, overbust with longer hips. But, I do love all What Katie Did corsets!!

  154. michelle says:

    I would love an Extreme Laurie D+ in Cream Raw Silk with Black Silk overboning. Simple, and stunning.

  155. Laura says:

    My ideal corset comes in deep red, with a beautiful ruffle in black PVC on top. Shaped like “Storm” but without that ribbon.
    (damn, I wish I had money…)

  156. Rockagirl says:

    Morticia corset (20″) in black sheer with black satin overboning and sheer black net over the overboning – just PERFECT for me! <3

  157. Cassi says:

    My ideal corset would define my waist but look soft and romantic, something I could wear with marabou heels :)

  158. Imogen says:

    The Sophia (D+) in Cream with Peach trim (24″ reduced waist). It’s classic and romantic!

  159. Tallulah Jones says:

    Too many lovely choices! I’d have to go for the Extreme Mae, 30′, in Aubergine raw silk with Black raw silk trim and a full waistband. *swoons*

  160. Malwina says:

    My dream is to have fancy lace corset with deep red details, because this colour represents love and passion. I would choose Morticia, Size – 22″, Main Colour – Claret Raw Silk, Overlay – Black Rose Lace Over, Overboning Colour – Black Raw Silk, Top Bottom Trim – Claret Raw Silk, Half Waistband, Waistband Colour – Claret Raw Silk.

  161. Denise says:

    That was fun! I think I’d go with the Laurie in claret raw silk, with a black rose lace overlay, and black silk top/bottom trim and waistband.

    What a fantastic giveaway, and what gorgeous corsets they have!

  162. Marissa says:

    Mine would have to be the Storm, 22″, in sheer peach with black lace trim and waistband. I do love the shape of it.

  163. Adrianna E Carpenter says:

    I would love love love the Antoinette corset, size 32 in grey satin with Cornflower blue overboning, top bottom trim, and Showgirl Antoinette pleated trim. This is going to double as a lingerie outerwear piece! <3

  164. Elizabeth says:

    I love What Katie Did! The selection of lingerie is incredible and looks great on every shape and size of woman! Fabulous!

    If I custom ordered my own corset from What Katie Did I would have to go with a 30” Mortica with a spoon busk since I am naturally very curvy. I envision the corset in a raw cream silk with a sexy sheer black overlay. I would also have raw black silk contrast with the black overlay in the outer boning, trims and full waistband. It would be a fantasy come true! Now the next question is which stockings, bra and panties to go with it…?

  165. Hanna L says:

    I’ve already been drooling over the Design Your Own Corset thingy, so this was a no-brainer. I even went as far as telling my husband that in case he ever makes me REALLY angry, getting me a WKD corset would probably be a good way to make amends. ;)

    My choice would definitely be a 24″ Extreme Laurie Corset D+ with a spoon busk in aubergine raw silk, with black raw silk overboning and trims. Now that I’m dreaming, I’ll go ahead and add a full waistband in black raw silk as well.

    Oh, it would be to die for! I think I’ll eventually have to splurge on an Extreme Laurie D+, but I doubt I’ll ever be able to afford a custom one.

  166. Gosh what an excellent give away!
    My ideal corset would be a Laurie over bust in black sating with white/cream highlights. I cant help but adore the stripe look :)
    I hope I’ll be lucky!

  167. Sherri A says:

    My ideal would be the Sophia, in cornflower blue satin, with peach satin overboning!

  168. steven z says:

    Style: Mortica
    Size: 24″
    Busk: Spoon (not Baby or Antoinette)
    Main Colour: Deep Red Satin
    Overlay: Sheer Black Net Over
    Overboning Colour: Purple Satin
    Overboning Overlay: Sheer Black Net Over
    Top Bottom Trim: Purple Satin
    Top Bottom Trim Overlay: Sheer Black Net Over
    Waistband: Full Waistband
    Waistband Colour: Baby Pink Satin
    Waistband Overlay: Sheer Black Net Over
    Fancy Trim: Pigalle Laurie Pleated Trim & Bow
    Fancy Trim Colour: Deep Red Satin
    Fancy Trim Overlay: Sheer Black Net Over

  169. Brittany H. says:

    I would want my ideal corset to be versatile. So I would say the Mortica in Baroque Black with a overlay of Black White Jacquard. in a size 26. ;D

  170. Kate says:

    This is awesome. I have two WKD corsets, and I’d love to get a raw silk one, maybe in aubergine.

  171. Hannah says:

    This would be my first corset, and I’d go for black raw silk Antoinette corset with either claret or leather overboning and top/bottom trim. Simple, but perfect!

  172. Hannah says:

    for me it would have to be a tempest 34″ reduced waist in aubergine raw silk with silver baroque over boning and top and bottom trim, opulent without being too in your face. the corsets are all so gorgeous i’d want more than 1 though!!!

  173. Helen T says:

    I just tried out the Design Your Own function! Pretty cool! I’d want something in outrageous colors, probably the Morticia with a spoon busk.

  174. Caralynne Viljoen says:

    My ideal corset is the Sophia D+ 26″ Cornflower Blue satin with Grey satin overboning and trim and the spoon busk with a high back. Thanks for the opportunity!

  175. Jade B says:

    ooh this is a tricky one! but i’m a sucker for a tightlaced underbust corset so i would absolutely adore a ‘Morticia’ in baroque black with black satin over boning, velvet bottom trim and raw silk waistband and spoon busk, hhhmmm yes please! would be so amazing to wear ^_^

  176. Emma Farrell says:

    My ideal corset would be The Storm. Awesome blog! Discovered you just a few days ago and LOVE it!

  177. kalee says:

    To have a Mae Extreme 22″ corset in peach satin (or black raw silk), sigh… divine.

  178. Meg says:

    My ideal corset would be a 20″ Morticia in either black and white jacquard, baroque silver, green, or peach satin! I’d have a hard choice!

  179. Jen Bawell says:

    What Katie Did is amazing! I love the Morticia or the Mae Extreme

  180. Nichole says:

    A simple white, spiral steel boned underbust corset would be lovely. To be able to wear it where ever when ever and always feel happy and beautiful with my figure. Simple goregous!

  181. Bethany says:

    Wow! What an incredible opportunity! :D I’ve been wanting to get a corset for awhile now, but I haven’t found any that really jump out at me and scream to be purchased. This is phenomenal!

  182. Kaylee says:

    Considering my broke-college-student budget I would love to win one of these corsets!

    I would go for the Sophia style with claret raw silk, black rose lace overlay, black overlay and top & bottom trim, with a Pigalle Laurie pleated trim in claret and a black bow!

  183. Sweet Gwendoline says:

    What a generous competition Lingerie Addict and What Katie Did <3 After much deliberation, my dream corset would be:

    Extreme Laurie, 18", Spoon Busk, all Bubblegum Pink Raw Silk

  184. Sophie says:

    What a fantastic giveaway! I would go for the Sophia in green satin with lace overlay. :)

  185. Amy says:

    Custom corsets you can designs yourself, a wonderful idea and the opportunity to have something unique to you. I would go for the Morticia underbust in Sheer Peach with a Grey satin top and bottom edge and a spoon busk as to have something a little unusual but neutral so it can go with other lingerie and outfit options <3

  186. Cristina says:

    Oh wow definitely the Morticia in aubergine raw silk with black raw silk overboning and top trim, simple but I’ve seriously had a corset like that on my lust list for ever but never hoped to afford it.

  187. Ariana says:

    I have been drooling over the Morticia corset for ages!
    My dream one would be an 18″ in baroque silver with black overboning, trim and waistband.

  188. Amaryllis says:

    It’s a wonderful idea, to make bespoke ‘off the rack’ corsets simple and easy and non-threatening. I bet a lot of corset habits are going to get started off here!
    I’ve been thinking that an extreme Antoinette overbust, in aubergine silk with black leather boning chanels would be dreamy. It’s such a shame they don’t have the leather option for the waistband… Sigh. Maybe black silk would do.

  189. Olivia says:

    I’ve been lusting after emerald green lingerie for ages, so it would be lovely to have the Mae corset in green with perhaps some velvet trim! As a burlesque performer, owning one of these corsets is my dream!

  190. Andrea says:

    Morticia in purple velvet with black silk boning & trim details.

  191. josh says:

    This would make a wonderful holiday surprise for my better half. She would look lovely in a Laurie D+,
    Size 26 ( I think), in the cream raw silk, with black lace overlay, claret raw silk over boning, with a spoon busk.

  192. Charlie D says:

    Mine would be an Antoinette in sailor blue satin with white satin trim on the top and bottom.

    Something that would give my little boobs a bit of oomph! I find it so hard to find corsets that fit right because I’m so straight up and down!

  193. Lori says:

    Oh, there are so many options – I think the Storm, purple satin with black lace overlay. Yummy!

  194. Jen says:

    What’s your ideal made-to-order What Katie Did corset?
    Style – Storm
    Size – 24″
    Main Colour – Sailor Blue Satin
    Top/Bottom trim – Black Velvet
    Overboning – Black Velvet
    Waistband – Full – Black Velvet

  195. Ed says:

    Laurie Extreme D+

  196. M.J. Moore says:

    I love the Laurie style, but it’s so hard to choose a color!

  197. rebecca van tassell says:

    So very beautiful, Mine would be an Extreme Antoinette in red satin with Black Rose Lace Over and black velvet boning, how stunning, great idea katie :)

  198. Tara Misu says:

    I’m a burlesque performer, so I’d love to have the Mae corset in bright, showy candy colors!

  199. D. Santos says:

    I love the Extreme Mae! I love it in red with black trim.

  200. Cristina says:

    With so many people entering the competition, I feel like my chances are next to zero! But still, it’s a wonderful opportunity (thank you Treacle and What Katie Did!) and the “Design Your Own Corset” concept is new to me (and also mind-blowing awesome!) so I put some thought in to it and here’s what I wish for. My desires are simple: a Laurie D+ style blue satin corset. A) The cut is incredible, B) The colour would look great against my pale white skin, C) Adornments would come in the form of jewellery and fancy knickers, if I wanted to spice it up in the bedroom D) Could wear it out with a skirt, because the cut is simple and wearable. A girl can dream!

    Dreaming aside, I admit I’ve never actually seriously contemplated buying a corset… I’ve always loved them (went through a goth phase during high school, never really overcame my love for a slightly dark aesthetic, with loads of corsets and tights) but thought that the investment in a real, properly made, corset wouldn’t be worth it because I would rarely wear it (I’m studying medicine, you can’t really wear a corset underneath you lab coat and expect people to take you seriously). Still, I love looking at corsets, and envy models like Patricia Belda Martinez who get to model brands like Puimond and Maya Hansen! Again, dreaming!

  201. Kori says:

    I’d have to go with the extreme Mae in the claret raw silk and black trim. Fingers crossed! :)

  202. Maria says:

    Ideal corset? It is so hard to decide on one. Right now I would love to have a pale pink corset with light green accents to it. I also want it to be a little more on the extreme side of shape with the waist pulled in and the hips accentuated.

  203. Desiree says:

    Ohh how amazing!
    I’d choose a 24 inch Storm corset in cream raw silk with Aubergine raw silk overboning top and bottom trims and a spoonbusk and a waistband in the same Aubergine Raw Silk.

    Oh! I so hope to win this!

  204. Emma says:

    The Sophiea is my ideal corset. I love the bustline :)

  205. Charlotte Haveron says:

    To attain a custom What Katie Did corset for free would be a voluptuous, excessive dream come true, to be certain. Ideally, I would have a Sophia styled corset with a twenty inch waist; the main fabric / colour and top / botton trim would be ‘Cream Raw Silk’ with overboning fabric / colour of ‘Red Velvet’.

  206. Miss Emmi says:

    I think my ideal corset would be the antoinette in green satin, perhaps with a sheer black overlay or boning. I do wish they had a visual of what you were creating!

  207. Raine says:

    That was fun (but so hard to pick), I designed a Cream & Aubergine Raw silk ‘Temptest’ style with sheer black netover, a half waistband and velvet trim, plus other details-wow, so cool!!!

  208. ne-knopka says:

    i like Morticia

  209. Sari says:

    I would take the Extreme Laurie D+. Extremele undecided abot the color as they are all so beautiful. I swear if I get rich, it´ll be one of each :-)

  210. Isond says:

    The Laurie corset with in cream raw silk with the overboning, full waistband and top bottom trim all in claret red silk!
    Nice :)

  211. Josh says:

    This would make a great gift for my girlfriend.

    I would love to get her an Extreme Laurie in cream satin with lace overlay 20″. The top and bottom trim would be black velvet. The fancy trim would be pleated trim in cream satin with a bow in black satin.

  212. Debby says:

    That was such fun and so simple! My perfect corset would be a Storm in sailor blue satin with black satin trims and bow. I might just start saving up for a What Katie Did corset to wear on my wedding night :)

  213. Amy says:

    Morticia style 24″ Standard straight busk with cream raw silk main colour and a black leather overboning colour

  214. Maggie says:

    Regardless of the giveaway, I feel like I could spend hours playing around designing corsets!

    Never having owned a proper corset before, I think I’d go with a basic, versatile black satin 22″ storm, with the showgirl pleated trim in the same fabric. Wouldn’t my s.o. be in for a surprise!

  215. Ksenia says:

    Storm corset in Cream, 26″ reduced waist.

  216. Ksenia says:

    Wanted to add that I want it in silk (charmeuse or raw if not available) with white trim.

  217. Jennifer says:

    My ideal WKD corset would be the Extreme Laurie 24″ in Aubergine Raw Silk with Black raw silk overboning and waist band.

  218. MICKEY says:

    Black Extreme Mae

  219. Andrejka S says:

    Great giveaway, I´ve never had a corset, but I wish I could win this one so bad :P

  220. Andrejka S says:

    and my favorite is Tempest

  221. Lydie says:

    My ideal would be the Morticia custom made to help with my waist training. Colour wise an emelrald green to match my engagement ring! Lx

  222. V says:

    I so wish for a 18″ or 20″ morticia corset :) Cream silk with lace overlay and black overboning, trim and waistband, I think, but it would be so hard to choose!

  223. Magda says:

    Great give away! Corsets is my passion, but as a poor student I have not been able to afford an overbust.
    Hence my ideal corset would be a 22″ Tempest in baroque black with black satin boning chanels

  224. messalyn says:

    First, thanks for hosting this giveaway!
    My ideal corset would be a versatile piece as I would definitively need to wear it both under and over clothes. I guess a 24″ Gina in Aubergine Raw Silk would be perfect, with a same-colour overboning. The aubergine fabric tempted me so much last time there were sales.

  225. Romonia Williams says:

    Since this would be my first endeavor into corsets, I’d love to have the Tempest with the spoon busk in Black Satin w/matching trim and boning.

  226. Caylynn says:

    I’ve admired the Morticia for a while <3

  227. Lumina says:

    I’d probably go with an Antoinette in grey, maybe with grey boning accents (or without) and with cornflower blue trim. Maybe even pleated trim. Gosh, that’d be gorgeous.

  228. Beth says:

    What an awesome concept! They are all so lovely!

  229. Holly says:

    My ideal corset would be a Mae in a gorgeous purple or even lighter (cream? peach?)- I’ve never worn a non ‘fashion’ corset before and it would be absolutely perfect for me.

  230. Sophia says:

    My ideal WKD corset is….the Morticia corset in a fairly neutral base, like off white, with tea dyeing distressing to look wonderfully dirty (but actually smell great)

  231. danielle says:

    My dream bespoke corset is the morticia corset with a spoon busk in baby pink satin, with black mesh overlay. Contrasting black satin boning channels/trim.

  232. Nina says:

    I’d love a 24″ Mae Extreme!!! Ugh there are so many color choices I still can’t decide!

  233. Rose says:

    My ideal corset would be Storm, in Purple Satin with cornflower blur over-boning. It would look amazing, I’m sure of it!

  234. Ellena Neel says:

    What katie did corset… A mae with standard busk, in black satin. I like simple <3

  235. Gemma-Holly says:

    After months of salivating over the What Katie Did website, I can reel off my dream corset without a second thought. The Laurie in Claret raw silk, identical overboning; with aubergine raw silk trim and a spoon busk. A real Jessica Rabbit number, just in time to show my WKD side during seasonal festivities…!

  236. Jenna says:

    Oooh, a grey satin Mae corset with sailor blue overboning and trim.

  237. I change my mind all of the time, I think I’d want a Laurie in either Black Leather (Same in overboning and trim) or Aubergine (Black Satin Overboning and matching trim) …

  238. Giulia Palermo says:

    My corset idea will definitely be a play on my favorite anime sailor moon! Neo Queen serenity

    Antoinette style
    with Ivory Raw Silk as the main color
    With a cream satin

    Then I can play it up with a long white silk type skirt and lots of white pearl jewelry. :)

    This is such a great idea it will make looking for a corset easier.

  239. Jess says:

    My dream corset is the Morticia, spoon busk, in peach satin with contrasting aubergine raw silk boning channels/trim/waistband.

  240. Triya says:

    Wow!! It’s just great to even imagine my dream corset! :)
    I guess it would have to be Tempest, in Purple Velvet, with Aubergine silk trim……can just dream of it!! :D

  241. Heather M says:

    Oh wow so many choices I would pick the extrem Mae in 26 with a spoon busk in the black and white jacquard with black satin overboning color trimmed in grey satin.

  242. Sharita says:

    My ideal made-to-order corset would be a Burgundy satin Morticia corset with a spoon busk and burgunt velvet external boning channels.

  243. Elizabeth says:

    Oh my! The Antoinette, the Storm, the Tempest… which to pick? I love them all, and so many color choices. Maybe the Sophia in bubblegum pink with black overboning and spoon busk…

  244. Emily Marie says:

    My dream corset would be morticia style 20″ with sailor blue satin as the main color, black satin bottom top trim and black satin overboning panels. I imagine it would look like the pigalle morticia, but with the blue background. Paired with pearls, red lipstick and victory roll hair style to complete the look.
    What Katie Did is a great company. I always make a visit to their shop in London when I travel overseas. I’m thrilled they have a US base now. The custom corset idea is fantastic!

  245. Morgan says:

    My dream corset would be a 20″ Antoinette in black raw silk, overboning in black satin with sheer black net overlay, and trimmed in black raw silk as well. This corset seems very versatile in terms of how it can be paired with other items and it’s also a classic shape, which I Love. Plus this would be a pretty sweet birthday (11/19) present! :)

  246. Jenny says:

    Storm, side decorative red lacing, Baroque Black, Red Velvet trim

  247. Anna Modugno says:

    My dream corset would be the Laurie 24″ with a spoon busk, made of Claret Raw SIlk, Black Velvet overboning and top bottom trim, with a full waistband of black velvet.
    I dont have facebook, tumblr or pintrest, but I just wanted to say thank you for putting together such a fabulous contest. You are going to make one lady very happy this Christmas, and I wish everybody the best of luck!

  248. Lori Smith says:

    My ideal What Katie Did corset would be a 24″ Laurie in Forest Green satin with a black rose lace overlay, black satin overboning, full waistband and top/bottom trim. I would love it forever!

    I’m already a VIA, have liked WKD on FB and follow them on Tumblr – does that mean I get all those entries too? :-)

  249. Sarah Kate says:

    Black 22″ Laurie corset in Sailor Blue Satin!

  250. Maria P. says:

    My ideal corset? 28″ storm in claret raw silk, cream raw silk trimmings and bow, full waistband and black sheer net overlay. OR switch the claret for the sailor blue satin and no overlay.I can’t decide which one I’d like more!

  251. Pearl says:

    My ideal corset is a

    Bubblegum Pink Raw Silk
    Sheer Black Net Over
    Ivory Raw Silk
    Sheer Black Net Over
    Baby Pink Satin
    Showgirl Antoinette Pleated Trim
    Baby Pink Satin!!

  252. R.Devereux says:

    What I wish to be wearing on Christmas would have to be a Laurie with a 26″ waist, made out of the gorgeous Aubergine Raw Silk, finishing with black velvet overboning, top/bottom trim and half waist band.
    If I was to win, no Christmas would be the same! ♥

    Thank you!

  253. Lariah Ijames says:

    My ideal “What Katie Did” Corset would be a 22″ Jacquard Red Storm corset with aubergine overlay, trim, and full waistband, also with Pigalle Laurie pleated trim!

  254. I would love to have a black raw silk spoon busk Morticia! I love the beautiful options with color and lace trim, but I think a sexy black Morticia would be so versatile and would look great with various colored wiggle dresses.

  255. heatherw1981 says:

    My ideal is the Tempest in black raw silk with the overboning and pigalle Laurie pleated trim in baby pink and a black bow.

  256. Julie says:

    My ideal corset would be the morticia under bust in ivory with contrast waist bands!

  257. greendragonfly says:

    My ideal corset would be the Mortica 26″ in cream raw silk with aubergine raw silk overboning, top/bottom trim, and half- waist band.

  258. Christina says:

    My ideal corset first and foremost has to do with fit – Ideally I want something that will fit my 22″ corseted waist without leaving nasty bruises on my much larger hips. Probably either the Morticia, or Mae extreme would work.

    Other than that, I think cream with forest green overboning would be gorgeous.

  259. Tessa says:

    I would absolutely love to have the Morticia corset with a spoon busk in black raw silk and overboning and trim in aubergine raw silk. So pretty!

  260. Cherie says:

    My dream corset…it would be a morticia 20″ with a lilac coloured fabric, black lacing over it, and black lace lining the top and maybe bottom of it. It would be so pretty. <3

  261. Von Vamp says:

    I would create an underbust corset in the Morticia style from WKD, mesh black pannels inbetween the boning and the boning would alternate between being covered with blak velvet and black satin.
    On the black satin [after recieveing the corset]I would fully rhnestone in jet black rhinestones and the gorgeous black velvet boning would break it up a little.
    It’d be te perfect show girl stage corset!
    & as I can’t see anyone buying me this for my birthday this month it’d be a fabulous birthday gift tee hee ;) bit cheeky xx

  262. Julie says:

    Morticia corsets are beautiful….maybe cornflower blue satin with black trimming. That would be so pretty.

  263. Xain says:

    my ideal corset would be the laurie d+ in a 34 with black satin main with dark red overboning and dark red top/bottom trim. Something very simple that I would be able to wear often.

  264. Cuntext says:

    Oh man, I cannot decide! I thinnnnk I’d want either the Antoinette or the Tempest in black leather, quite simply.

  265. chrisina udale says:

    My ideal corset would be the Mortica underbust 28″ corset in all purple silk, its a gorgeous corset that’s to die for. It would make my year and Christmas if I was to win.

    Thank you :)

  266. Mia Taylor says:

    hmmm my ideal corset would be a 20” morticia in black satin . <3

  267. Renee Anaya says:

    ooooh<333 My ideal corset from What Katie Did is the Mortica styled corset in black raw silk <333

  268. Daz Lawrie says:

    My ideal corset would be Laurier in deep red satin, 34″, with black satin overboning and trim

  269. Sara says:

    My ideal from WKD is a 24″ black satin Morticia with a spoon busk! No frills, no contrasting overboning, perfect for everyday wear!

  270. Jill Baldwin says:

    I would probably get a Laurie, 24″, in black raw silk.

  271. aylashelly says:

    My dream corset is an extreme 24″ Laurie corset in cornflower blue satin with showgirl Antoinette pleated black raw silk trim.

  272. Robin says:

    My ideal corset would be a black 20″ Morticia underbust in black silk hands down. Absolutely Stunning!

  273. Sara says:

    24″ Morticia. spoon busk. aubergine raw silk with black velvet overboning. black velvet top and bottom trim. pleated trim in aubergine raw silk.

  274. Monique says:

    It would have to be the baby in black with lace overlay.

  275. Definitely a Morticia or a Gina in purple velvet with black leather overboning and trim :)
    Nice and kinky but underbust so easy for everyday wear

  276. Honey! says:

    Ahhh this is awesome! I’d go mad for a Circus chic Laurie Corset 22″ in Purple Satin with Forest Green Trimming! Add the Laurie Showgirl Deep Frill and bow in Green as well and hand me my fire-lit baton!

  277. Jason says:

    My wife would have to decide, but the Sophia in black satin and/or silk seems like it would be versatile…

  278. Nikki says:

    There are two options – one is the Raw Silk Storm in a teal (if they’d do teal, if not I’m in love with the Aubergine). If that wouldn’t fit my bust (28JJ here), I’d definitely go for the Morticia, likely in a matte black/white silk to pair with tops easier. I’ve never been so hopeful for a giveaway in my life! I’ve always lusted after the What Katie Did corsets! :)

  279. I’d love me the Laurie style, 22″, with the main color being black satin with overboning and trim in black leather for a fierce look! That would be the perfect Christmas gift for me! :)

  280. Madeline Monroy says:

    I would get a black, raw silk Laurie D+. A simple choice but the raw silk looks so good!

  281. Lucija B says:

    thank you for this opportunity!
    your work is amazing!

  282. Jen Furlong says:

    The Laurie Extreme is my dream corset!

  283. charmaine zsigo-oliver says:

    mine would be the Antoinette corset! mm ^^

  284. Amadea says:

    My ideal WKD corset would be cornflower blue in the Extreme Mae style, with cream bone casings.

  285. Kathryn Horton says:

    Having any corset made to fit me would be awesome, but I think it would have to be RED. The rest of the design would take me a while to plan and figure out.

  286. Wateka says:

    My perfect corset would be my attitude and signature color all wrapped up in the craftmenship of a good corset.

    34″ purple satin tempest with black rose overlay and black overlay boning. Purple velvet trim, black satin 1/2 waist band and black satin showgirl trim.

    classy but intense. I am in love already and it was just in my mind!!!

  287. Jamie says:

    There are just so many to choose from! I love ones that accent my breasts and make my waist and hips look amazing and proportionate.

  288. Skye Cameron says:

    Ohhhhhh… there are too many choices! I think I would go with the Extreme Antoinette in Purple Velvet with Black PVC over the bones and trim or Black PVC as the base with bubblegum pink satin trim and boning… or soft pink satin with a black lace overlay and black satin boning and trim or.. or… argh! I couldn’t even get into the next page of options, my mind would probably explode from joy ;)

  289. Rosie Bitts says:

    My perfect corset is a tight lacing overbust with a deep plunge, a lace overlay and Swarovski embellishment. Yum!

  290. Susan Rice says:

    My ideal lingerie outfit would be a pale color, nothing super bold. Silky and lacy, more vintage than modern. I like the idea of a 2 piece vs. 1 piece.

  291. mysteries1984 says:

    Really, really hard to pick…but probably the Laurie D+ in raw silk. Black, as I’ll never get sick of it!

  292. Mélanie Martin says:

    I would definitely pick a black leather Tempest with leather overboning. Size 28, please :p

  293. Janey says:

    This is fabulous!! I think my ideal corset would be a Laurie at 24 inches, with a Cornflower Blue base, with the same as the bone cassing. Simple, sleek and in my favorite color all the way.

  294. Dayne Model says:

    I would love to use this for my shoots! I went through the website and created this corset <3. I chose the Extreme Antoinette because I would love an overbust corset that shows off my chest!


    Extreme Antoinette



    Main Colour

    Cream Satin

    Overboning Colour

    Peach Satin

    Top Bottom Trim

    Peach Satin


    Full Waistband

    Waistband Colour

    Peach Satin

    Waistband Overlay

    Black Rose Lace Over

    Fancy Trim

    Showgirl Antoinette Pleated Trim

    Fancy Trim Colour

    Peach Satin

    Fancy Trim Overlay

    Black Rose Lace Over

  295. Tanya says:

    Id love a black satin one with light pink trim and lace

  296. Miss Melody says:

    I love them all, but the Jacquard Laurie Corset really spoke to me. :D

  297. Barbara says:

    My ideal corset would definitely be black and lacey, but also can handle some of my fluctuations in weight I’m dealing with going through my third time having cancer as just a 23 year old. Excentuate my beautiful hourglass shape, without giving bottom and top muffins. Something I can wear regularly though so I feel even sexier in my own skin under clothes without anyone evn knowing (or other places and letting them see :*)

  298. Traci Jorgenson says:

    I adore the design your own feature and can not wait to use it!

  299. Kealeigh says:

    What an amazing giveaway! After drooling over these gorgeous corsets, I think mine would be a 26″ Sophia D+ in Aubergine Raw Silk with the black rose lace overlay! <3!

  300. Ophelia says:

    My ideal corset would be the Mortica in black satin with Jacquard Red over boning.

  301. Nivdarla Anselme says:

    I can’t wait to see what the winner’s choice will be!!

    My ideal corset would be the Laurie D+ waist size 28″ in black raw silk, with the black rose overlay, black leather boning, aubergine raw silk for the top botton trim, full waistband and Showgirl Antoinette Pleated trim.

    Sigh – already going into lingerie heaven

    By the way, Showgirl Brown Rose Antoinette Corset and Jacquard Laurie Corset are AMAZING!!

  302. Wendy says:

    Love the Tempest corset in aubergine raw silk!

  303. Angela Claire Todd says:

    I’d absolutely die for a D+ overbust Laurie Extreme in black satin with a fabulous Aurora embellishment. Ahh what dreams are made of!!! :))))))

  304. Ahh corsets! I plan on having a costume party for my birthday in March, and a steampunk corset would be perfect for my SteamPunk WoodLand Faerie Costume!

  305. Heterandria says:

    I’d love to have an 18″ peach satin Laurie extreme D+ overbust with cream satin overboning. Cream satin would go for top bottom trimming and extra waistband. And yes, pleated trim like in an Antoinette is obligatory! Aaaah dreams <3

  306. Amanda Krause says:

    Here is my dream corset! :-) Swoon!!

    Extreme Laurie D+, Busk Spoon, Main Colour:Cream Raw Sillk, Overboning Colour:Red Velvet,
    Top Bottom Trim:Red Velvet, Waistband:Full Waistband Black Aubergine Raw Silk

  307. Sara says:

    The storm, 24″ in sheer peach with the Pigalle Laurie Pleated Trim & Bow in Peach Satin!

  308. Julia Servi says:

    Plain black satin, I’ve a short body, but i’d love a corset that shows off my curves. Maybe a little contrast black satin bias binding trim but with soft ruched satin over my bust, to support but not reduce me. with suspenders obviously. The ties must be flat so that when the corset is pulled tight, I don’t have to hide loads of cord. Steel boning, with a modesty flap. Black eyelets

  309. Neyda Frierson says:

    It would be an absolute dream to win a custom made What Katie Did Corset. If I were the lucky winner, I would definitely pick the L4070 Pigalle Morticia Corset in a size 34 inch waist please. Good luck to everyone that’s entered this fun contest:)!

  310. Jenna says:

    Oh, wow.
    Aubergine silk everything. I’m easy. Just give me purple! Since WKD does not carry overbust corsets with sufficient room for my bust, I’ll have to go underbust, extreme, spoon busk.

  311. Aimee Vaerewyck says:

    I love the Morticia underbust corset. I would love to have it in black or purple. :)

  312. lyndsey tolley says:

    Wow what a great prize. After a lot of thought ive come up with a red and black jaquard storm with black boning and trim. Classy and raunchy at the same time :0) sooooooo hope I win

  313. Savannah E says:

    This is a really cool offer! If I were to win this contest, my idea made-to-order corset would definitely be either Laurie, because I love the scoop of the top, or Storm, because I love the point at the bottom.
    My size would be 20″ and I would absolutely love the Bubblegum Pink Raw Silk. I would definitely do the black lace overlay with the Black Raw Silk overboning to compliment. I would do the trim in the same black raw silk as well.
    I would be soooo happy to win the possibility to make this corset. I wish I had an extra $400 laying around somewhere otherwise I’d already be ordering it!!
    Thank you for the opportunity. :)

  314. Mariah West says:

    Lately, I have been dreaming about a What Katie Did Antoinette style corset, which would give me a 24″ waist. I would like the main colour to be Cream Raw Silk, the Overboning Colour to be Sailor Blue Satin with an Overboning Overlay of Sheer Black Net Over. The Top and Bottom Trim would be Grey Satin as well as a fancy trim in Grey Satin, to give my corset a showgirl style!

  315. Lorelli says:

    I LOVE everything I have seen and would LOVE to win one !!

  316. SpecialSundae says:

    For me, my perfect What Katie Did corset would be the extreme Laurie D+ overbust with a spoonbusk in purple velvet with black velvet over-boning, top and bottom trim and waistband and showgirl frills and bow in purple satin with black rose lace overlay and bow to match the frills. I would go with a 28″ for comfort but would need a little bit of extra length as the standard Sophias and Lauries always fitted about 2″ too short for me on waist to underbust and a little too short on waist to hip.

  317. LilyRose says:

    Hmm… my ideal WKD corset would be either an extreme Laurie or a Morticia… both of them in burgundy raw silk with black boning and maybe some ruffle…! <3

  318. Skole Skab says:

    Something lovely and with room for the busty girl!

  319. Neil says:

    I would choose a Morticia 20″ in black leather with purple satin accents….. as a gift for a loved one

  320. Katherine Roque says:

    My ideal corset would be an under bust one, with very firm titanic plates, made of cream silk! I would like for it I be reversible and be white in the inside! I would also like for it to have in in the Morticia Spoon!

  321. Sparrow says:

    My ideal corset is a full corset in frothy pink and black. A rich pink and black silky thing would look and feel divine.

  322. My ideal WKD corset would be the extreme Laurie D+, in the special tiger satin from their demi-couture collection, it’s beautiful!

  323. Laura says:

    I’d pick the Morticia in a beautiful blue satin, 22″!

  324. Julia says:

    I absolutely LOVE What Katie Did…I have 4 of their Morticia corsets and am so excited about the bespoke option…

    my ideal corset would be a morticia (it really is the shape for me) 24″ with the spoon busk,

    then either the sheer peach fabric with black rose lace overlay and black satin trim & overboning for a vintage femme fatale style

    or fully black leather for a fetish/ gothic look.


  325. Kiera Winstanley says:

    I absolutely love the raw silk storm corset in aubergine, it’s super sexy & sophisticated, and would look so classy with the right accessories. Id like to have a try designing my own too, although to be honest, the corsets already on their website are absolutely gorgeous, and im not sure i could surpass them!

  326. Ruth Smith says:

    I’d love a blood red morticia, with deep red piping, I love the look of it =]

  327. Carrie says:

    Would love to win one of your beautiful corsets! There’s nothing like it here in the US.

  328. Fay Wales says:

    I adore the sensuality and silhouette of an amazing corset. It has to sculpt and hug the body to show its amazing form. I adore the amazing morticia corset in either black for its form enhancing ability or scarlet red for the playful side of me. I’m a larger girl and would need a 38″ for tight lacing and think us larger ladies envy a fab corset for the amazing things it does for our figures x

  329. Lucy McCarthy says:

    For me its all about polka dots.
    So i’d have a full corset in black satin and white polka dot satin.
    It would be the ideal top to wear with anything.
    I’d love it so much as it would embrace my hourglass shape.

  330. Laura says:

    Tempest in white satin with cream overboning and trim and a spoon busk!

  331. Amanda says:

    I want to marry these corsets.

  332. Hazel says:

    My ideal corset would be a pale peach colour, over bust with flattering boob room and attachable halter neck. it would have embroidery in either silver or gold of cherry blossoms

    AH! I need this in my life.


  333. Milli says:

    My ideal corset is definitely Storm, I need it for the fuller F bust! 24″ and either in claret raw silk or red velvet. Simple and classy, with statement colour.

  334. Hazel says:

    the laurie D+ in cream raw silk, 28″

    p.s totally didn’t follow the original link, oppsie my bad!

  335. Stephanie says:

    My ideal corset would look delicate, but be extremely supportive. I think black and nude would be gorgeous and alluring together, with some lace. Longer would be fantastic!

  336. Eileen says:

    My ideal corset would be one that fits, and with curves like mine that’s no easy task! I’ve had my eye on the Morticia for a while, but I would love a chance at the Laurie or Antoinette Extreme corsets. I’d be content with a basic black, but green is one of my favorite colors and I’ve longed for a cream corset for ages. I’m not sure how I’d ever decide. It would be such a dream to win!

  337. Kim Hamilton says:

    Morticia in black satin, a classic for the first!
    Would need at least the 34″ waist. Hmmm. If I don’t win, maybe I should just order myself one for Christmas. Sigh, how lovely would that be?!

  338. Bonnie W. says:

    I’ve never worn a corset and just found out about the technique today, so I’d love to win a giveaway to get me started! I also like that a lot of women with bigger busts have mentioned how helpful corsets are for alleviating back pain! :)

    The Gina underbust seems like it would be a good fit, and I love the Black Rose Lace Over, because the black and purple look so good together!

  339. Trbobitch says:

    My ideal corset would be a steel boned that accommodates my 12 in hip to waist ratio and doesn’t push my fat out the bottom ;-)

  340. The 32″ Tempest in forest green with black rose lace overlay and baby pink boning and trim. I would love to own my first corset! Talk about sultry attire!

  341. Tamara Moldovan says:

    My ultimate WKD corset would be:
    An extreme Antoinette, 34″ made out of Purple Velvet with a contrast Aubergine Raw Silk full waistband and pleated Show girl Antoinette trim.

  342. Chloe Bell says:

    I’d really love a 34″ Storm in Baroque Black, with a half waistband, the Showgirl Laurie frill and bow, and with all the details in Claret Raw Silk (including the bow, but excepting the frill which I’d like to see in the Baroque Black).

  343. Giorgia says:

    My ideal What Katie Did corset would be a 20″ Antoinette style in peach or pink covered in black lace.. oh I could just die for their victorian but sexy style corsets!

  344. Christy Ann says:

    Wow, these are simply amazing! I would love the Storm in Aubergine with Black Leather boning!

  345. laynuh says:

    lovely! Mae in black silk.

  346. Valerie says:

    The Laurie D+ in all cream raw silk at 24″ would be perfect. Everything from WKD is just beautiful!

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