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5 Pieces of Party Ready Shapewear For Full Busted Women

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

Image via What Katie Did

Now that the party season is upon us, many women are opening up their lingerie drawers and dealing with a subject they dread: shapewear. I’m a actually a huge fan of shapewear as long as it follows several rules. It has to fit and give you a smooth line under whatever you’re wearing. I like my shapewear to be effective but forgiving enough to eat in, and above all it has to be pretty. Life is way too short to spend it in ugly lingerie, even when no one else will see it. In a perfect world, your shapewear should make you feel confident and glamourous instead of sending you scurrying to the bathroom to remove it in private.

If you’re full busted, it’s easy to feel like people aren’t making pretty shapewear for you. Lots of places only feature corselettes that depend on cup size, or overbust corsets that can be hit or miss. Those of us with larger cup sizes really want pretty shapewear we can wear with our own bras while still feeling gorgeous and coordinated when our dress comes off at the end of the night. Today, I’m imploring you to get rid of all the awful nude stuff in your drawer that you hate and instead try one of these pieces. They are all perfect for the holidays, can be worn with any bra you want, and have tons of personality.

Image via GirdleBound Boutique

I love everything Kiss Me Deadly puts out, but this Vargas Longline Girdle is extra special. Plum is a hot color this season, so this piece of shapewear is also right on trend. The double layers of powermesh will give you a smooth line without making you feel squished, and the giant bows on the garters are like icing on the cake. It’s sold out on the Kiss Me Deadly site right now, but Girdlebound still has stock in all sizes.

Image via Dottie’s Delights

I’m always fascinated by the way Dottie’s Delights fuses the old and the new into gorgeous lingerie pieces. This girdle skirt is made from tough-as-nails shapewear material and Chantilly lace that is combined with vintage deadstock satin for a functional homage to the past. The garter clips are vintage as well, so you don’t have to worry about your stockings slipping around awkwardly during your big night out. Each one is made to order, and sizing goes up to 2x.

Image via Orchard Corset

This high waisted open bottom girdle practically has a cult following. I know women who swear by this piece and won’t wear anything else under their dresses and skirts. If you’d like an inch or two of extra room in your dress, this is the piece to pick up. In the spirit of feeling confident and expressing yourself, check out Orchard Corset’s options to custom-dye your shapewear. They offer a wide variety of colors, and it’s only $10 extra to have a quality piece of shapewear in your favorite color. Go ahead — you know you’ve always wanted a lime green girdle!

Image via What Katie Did

Sometimes the basics really are the best, which is why corsets still have such a strong following. A well made corset can be comfortable and incredibly effective in giving you a whole new shape underneath your outfit. What Katie Did has a fantastic range and offers a great entry point into the world of corsets. My favorite is this silk Mae corset in Aubergine. It’s simple but stunning, and can be worn under or over your favorite dress.

Image via Bubbles Bodywear

If you’re not sure about the whole steel boned corset thing, this piece by Squeem is a nice middle option. It has serious compression to it, but the rubber and flexible boning give it extra comfort. It also boasts a gorgeous brocade pattern that’s unusual to find in a shapewear piece.

Do you love or hate shapewear? Which pieces are your favorite?

Holly Jackson

The Full Figured Chest provides creative and elegant copywriting for the high end lingerie industry.

11 Comments on this post

  1. Sara says:

    I find the hardest part is I love all in one shapewear and it is almost impossible to find with a strong hourglass. What Katie Did is the only place to find it with their torsolettes and things. Kiss Me Deadly…all their cup sizes are too small so I’d have to buy a girdle and layer it with a bra (which i do not like doing).

    Anyone with a difference of 10+ between their hips and waist should check out the WKD extreme line

  2. […] I published a piece on The Lingerie Addict about gorgeous full bust friendly shapewear, so I felt like the week wouldn’t be complete with the companion article on formal party […]

  3. I really need to get some shapewear– these are all so pretty. I actually find that it’s really important to get shapewear that fits your bottom half if you’re very small busted too, because too much stretch over the bust area can be very flattening (rather than flattering). I love your suggestions!

    • Holly Holly says:

      Very true! I think suggestions can work for everyone. I hate how shapewear gets such a bad reputation sometimes, as it can be really pretty and functional.

  4. Bonnie M says:

    It’s hard when not standard. I’m rather a square, not an hourglass, and it is a real pain in the butt finding things that fit properly – because if they fit the waist, they’re too big elsewhere.

  5. Lillefix says:

    I do have a full bust, but I also have a very big waist to hip difference (well over the 10″ that most shapewear companies makes their garments to fit), which I find to be the bigger problem. As you say with a full bust you can still wear all the shapewear that starts below that point, but when the hips and waist are also difficult. there are no ways to go around the problem, it has to fit. Even waist cinchers covers part of the hips, and won’t fit well enough on everybody.
    I’d really like a girdle, but most things tend to fit too badly to use (I’m saying most things, simply because I haven’t tried everything yet, but when looking at the size chart there’s nothing to be more optimistic about). I’m commenting because I hope to learn if there are others who have had the same experience, and if anybody has found a soloution? Or has recomendations? Are there girdles out there that are made for this body shape?

    • Cora Treacle says:

      Hi Lillefix!

      I also have an +10″ waist/hip differential (with most of the hip measurement actually being my backside). Of the brands mentioned above, Kiss Me Deadly’s girdles and What Katie Did’s corsets work very well. Dottie’s Delights is made-to-order so I imagine that’s a brand that’d be good too. I hope this helps. I totally understand your frustration.


      • Lillefix says:

        Thank you for the reply!
        I haven’t really got the same experience with Kiss me deadly as you have. I haven’t tried any of their girdles though. Are the girdles different from the other things they make, in how they fit?
        I have tried some suspender belts and panties, but they haven’t fitted very well for me, and I can’t see how a piece with even more coverage could work at all, based on those. Kiss me deadly make really nice things, but if something doesn’t fit, it doesn’t work well. If the fit in the girdles differs from the other items however, then it could be a really great option. I do love how their vargas long line girdles look. Do you find the girdles to be more curve friendly than the other types of garments they make?

    • Holly Holly says:

      Lots of people with that waist differential also have good luck with Rago as well.

      • Lillefix says:

        I only said well above 10″ difference, I didn’t specify the exact difference, It’s about 16-17″. I would definitely love to know how rago works for anybody with those numbers!!!
        I have tried Rago before, and I’m certain that for, for instance, a 12″ difference, it would work fine, as you’d only need to go up one size. It would probably not shape the waist, that’s how I remember it from when I tried, and had a smaller waist to hip difference. Does rago still work for bigger waist to hip differences? I know I’d need an xl at least in order for the bottom elastic not to be too tight, but in the waist it’s made to fit someone who is 6-7″ bigger than me, that seems like good reason to be doubtfull about how well it would work.

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