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4 Travel Bra Options for Full Busted Women

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

Image via Bare Necessities

Sometimes I wonder about what traveling during the sexy sophisticated era of airplane travel was like. I had to take a quick trip last week, and I mostly spent the whole time in the airport feeling like I was on a bus and that the airport employees were convinced everyone was a criminal mastermind. On top of all of this my underwire bra set off the metal detector, which meant I had to deal with extra security screening. On the way back, I wore my compression-based sports bra and wanted to die by the end of the day. My chest hurt and I felt like I looked dumpy the whole time I was wearing it.

Since Thanksgiving is a big travel holiday, I thought it might be topical this week to cover some of the best wire-free bra choices out there for full busted women. Flying is miserable enough, but you don’t have to make your breasts miserable as well. While you may not be able to grab one of these bras on short notice, it’s definitely worth investing in one for the holiday season coming up. A good wire-free bra will help make airport security less of a hassle, but also is great for lounging around in during your travels.

1. Kelly Soft Cup Non-Wired Bra by Freya

Image via Brastop

I’m so happy to see Freya is making both nursing and non-nursing versions of their wire-free bras, and they’re making them in fun prints and colors. This bra is cute, modern, and provides wire-free support for traveling or lounging. I love the leopard print pattern on it as well.

2. Rosie Soft Cup Bra by Freya

Image via Bravissimo

Lots of wire-free bras tend to fall into the black and white category, but this bra makes up for what it lacks in style with stellar support. The wider straps and fuller cups will keep everything in place without causing pain or chafing if you have an extra long day at the airport.

3. All Over Lace Wire-Free Bra by Glamorise

Image via Bare Necessities

Glamorise is a new brand to me, but i love the color and look of this bra. The lace details are so feminine and pretty! The wider straps will provide support, and the full cup gives nice coverage without looking too matronly.

4. Alice Soft Cup Bra by Goddess

Image via Figleaves

Goddess is a great plus size bra line that offers more wire-free options than other brands. This bra is practical and supportive, and also goes up to a band size of 48.

Holly Jackson

The Full Figured Chest provides creative and elegant copywriting for the high end lingerie industry.

9 Comments on this post

  1. […] has pretty much anything you could ask for (and probably more)! Here’s an awesome article on wire-free bras for full-busted women to start you […]

  2. I love my Freya Rosie which is currently available in a deep fuchsia color. It’s perfect for wearing around the house too, and I’ve even used mine as sports bra for low impact activities on account of the moisture-wicking fabric that lines the interior cup. All nice choices!

  3. ashley says:

    thats crazy! im a DDD and have never set off the metal detectors!

  4. Nancy says:

    I can totally relate. I set off the detector going through screening to see President Obama in September. Very embarrassing, I think it was the 3 hooks and nine eyes.

    • Holly Holly says:

      Ugh, that’s awful! I know lots of people who have this problem, and it’s always awkward. I keep wondering if certain bras are more prone to it than others, but I don’t really travel enough to test out my theories.

  5. annmarie says:

    “Airport employees were convinced that everyone was a criminal mastermind”- that’s a very good description of how we’re being treated.
    As for your choices…While not large-chested myself I have tried some wire-free bras in my size that cater mostly to larger chested women. Quite a few of them were very poorly made, uncomfortable, and the size was way off and inconsistent.
    I really liked #2, Rosie Soft Cup Bra by Freya, but unfortunately it doesn’t come in my cup size- C.
    Any ideas of a similar one that may work?

  6. Jen says:

    Have you been able to try Freya’s Deco soft cup? I’ve been trying to find reviews for how it fits and I’ve been having no luck. I love the regular Deco so I’m dying to know!

    • Holly Holly says:

      I haven’t gotten to try it (and I’m out of the cup size range anyway). I’d love to hear about it if you find one though! I know lots of people are excited about that and the new Deco shapewear.

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