Naughty Bits: Lingerie News for 10/14/12

Victoria’s Secret Push-up Sports Bra

  • Victoria’s Secret push-up sports bra? – For you ladies who work out, Victoria’s Secret would love for you to consider their new push-up bra. That’s right, Victoria’s Secret wants you to have maximum lift while you lift. Do you think that’s a good idea or big miss?
  • Bra sizes are up three sizes in just 2 years, according to one study. – In a survey conducted by the British high street store, Debenhams, 78% of women in the UK have been buying bras that are too small with typical bra sizes going up three sizes (from 34B to 34DD) in the last two years. Debenhams has also discovered that many of their customers are buying padded and pushup bras… 70% more to be exact.
  • Breast sizes are booming but is it because women weigh more? – Even MORE talk about bra sizes recently (there’s been a lot!). Last week there was news of lingerie firms possibly tampering with bra sizes in order to flatter their customers along with the study above. Some say the jump is a result of women being more confident in letting themselves be curvaceous. However, statistics do show obesity in England has been increasing over the last decade and the bigger busts may be a result of this trend. Generally speaking, the bustier a woman is, the larger she is. Why do you think the increase in bra sizes is happening?
  • An Indian lingerie campaign which doesn’t feature half naked women – Indian lingerie firm Amanté is urging its customers to get rid of ill fitting bras through an ad campaign reminiscent of campaigns against domestic abuse. Telling consumers to “break up with the wrong bra” and that “suffocation is the worst kind of abuse,” Amanté has raised eyebrows by not showing a single bra or breast; the ad simply shows a woman gazing into the camera. How do you feel about that?
  • Stunning photos of plus-sized swimwear model Robyn Lawley – Australian model Robyn Lawley, the first plus-sized model for Ralph Lauren, was pictured in a swimwear editorial in Australian Cosmopolitan. Being 6′ and a size 12, this may be the beginning of seeing a wider range of shapes and sizes in fashion magazines. Check out the photos and tell us what you think in the comments.
  • Touched up Victoria’s Secret photos from last week’s post – Remember last week’s post where we showed what unretouched Victoria’s Secret photos may look like? Well, check out the published versions after a little “sprucing up.” There have been changes to swimsuit colors, changes to the background, along with wrinkles, birthmarks, and scars removed. Is this the kind of retouching you expected?
  • A bra that can detect breast cancer on the way? – People have been attempting to create a bra that can detect breast cancer since the 1970s. However, the world may actually be on the verge of having one. A device named the “First Warning System” is equipped with sensors, AI, and pattern recognition software that can detect temperature changes of cells associated with breast cancer. More sensitive, accurate, and cost-effective than a mammogram, it will have both applications for both OB/GYN and primary care office use along with over-the-counter potential.

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  1. Thursday says:

    The Robyn Lawley story – we’re supposed to find it remarkable that a fashion magazine is dipping its toes into model diversity? She’s lovely, yes, and wears a larger dress size than is typically represented, but she’s still the stock-standard beauty representation. I can’t say I would have noticed much different from a usual swimwear shoot unless it was being broadcast in this way.

  2. Bonnie M says:

    Bra sizing is a joke. According to various websites, I wear 3 different band sizes and 5 different cup sizes. Measuring my size means “exact measure,” “add 3 inches” or “add 4 inches” all of which affects cup size too.

    Most of my combination sizes are NOT found in most stores. Instead, I get to pay double online.

    I wish bra manufacturers would standardize their bra sizing. I’m not thinner than I really am or bigger in the boobs and it would be nice to say, “Give me a (band size/cup size) and have it actually fit, whether I get it from the store or from online; from Playtex, Warners, Freya or Chantelle.

  3. Taryn says:

    I have always found that the Victoria`s Secret sports bras with the underwire do a pretty good job of keeping my breats in place. As an equestrian, it`s very important to me that my sports bra prevents bouncing and keeps everything smooth. But now they they`ve introduced something so absurd as a push-up sports bra, I am left confused and insulted. I don`t wear a sports bra to make my breasts look great, I wear it to keep them out of my way while I am performing. The idea that I need to “enhance” my chest while I sweat like a pig so that I can “maintain my femininity” and in order to prove that I am not masculine is really insulting.

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