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DIY Costuming: 8 Last-Minute Lingerie Halloween Costume Ideas

What Katie Did

It’s a common scenario each October: Halloween is suddenly around the corner and you’re looking forward to partaking in some spirited festivities… but you haven’t given much thought to what costume you’ll be wearing, and time is running out! Sound familiar?

You can always scavenge the local Halloween shops for an overpriced, sexed-up costume you’ll only wear once, or you can resort to fishing out last year’s ensemble and hope that no one will remember it. But wouldn’t you rather whip up something easy and unique? Sometimes the most economical solution is lying in your wardrobe right now just begging to be discovered.

A little imagination and a bit of creativity is all you need to create your own do-it-yourself Halloween costume when timing is tight. Since many of you are lingerie addicts like me, I imagine you have a plethora of unmentionables just begging to see the light of day. And while incorporating lingerie into a costume sounds risqué or salacious, there are many ways to tone down the sex appeal so the focus is on your originality rather than the apparel.

Below are a few ideas that may help inspire you to look beyond the conventional costumes. Dig out your bras, undies, pajamas, and slips, and start getting creative!


1) Like a Virgin circa 1984
Channel your inner 1980s diva with a sexy bridal look a la Madonna.

Start with: White corset, bustier, or cami.
Try adding: White skirt, white gloves, white tights, and multiple strands of silver chains or pearl necklaces.
Finishing touches: White hair bow or veil, belt with silver buckle, faux beauty mark.
Get in character: Wear with bold, unabashed confidence! Be ready to party, dance, and cause a scene with overt flirting & 80s dance moves.
Sexy rating: HOT


2) Billionaire Playgirl
Live in the lap of luxury with a comfy androgynous look inspired by Mr. Playboy himself.

Start with: Silk or satin men’s pajama set.
Try adding: Satin robe, a smoking pipe, and sailor’s cap.
Finishing touches: A cocktail and sexy bunny arm candy.
Get in character: Adopt an air of sophistication and a devilish grin. Relax and casually rotate the use of all your props in a slow and deliberate manor.
Sexy rating: MEDIUM


3) Femme-bot
Mix equal parts Stepford wife and 1960s secret agent for a getup that Mr. Powers can’t resist.

Start with: Marabou-trimmed babydoll.
Try adding: Satin hair bow, satin gloves, amd big, teased hair.
Finishing touches: Marabou slippers and inconspicuous gun barrels.
Get in character: Maintain a stoic appearance, head held high with straight posture. Avoid big movements or showing emotion.
Sexy rating: HOT


4) Grouchy Grandma
Keep warm and comfy with this granny-inspired look that is low maintenance and the antithesis of super-sexy!

Start with: Shapeless nightgown, preferably in a floral or flannel fabric.
Try adding: Hair curlers, glasses, and cozy slippers.
Finishing touches: A long-wear cream facial mask and baby powder to give hair a greyish tint.
Get in character: Nitpick and nag those around you. Walk with a slight hunch and complain about non-existent aches and pains. Have some young whippersnappers get you drinks and massage your feet.
Sexy rating: NOT


5) Captain Underpants
Provide some comic relief in this kooky costume while enjoying the perks of super hero-dom.

Start with: Men’s cotton tighty whities.
Try adding: A nude colored shirt (for modesty) and a red cape.
Finishing touches: A toilet plunger and a toothy smile.
Get in character: Believe that you are strong, brave, and can take on anything or anyone. All while simultaneously playing up astonishing averageness.
Sexy rating: MEDIUM


6) Freudian Slip
Show the literal side of this psychoanalysis term with a tongue-in-cheek homage to the founding father himself.

Must have: Any slip dress will do.
Try adding: “My name is Freud” sticker and a book on psychology (like The Interpretation of Dreams by — who else? — Freud or anything written by Nietzsche).
Finishing touches: A pair of spectacles and appreciation for irony.
Get in character: Appear contemplative and deep in thought. Analyze everything and act skeptical at all times.
Sexy rating: MEDIUM-HOT

7) Hollywood Starlet
Pay respect to old-time 1930s glamour with an outfit inspired by Greta, Bette, Grace, and Jean.

Must have: Slinky floor length slip dress.
Try adding: Smoking jacket, feather boa, and cigarette holder.
Finishing touches: Sparkling jewelry, pin curls, and red lips.
Get in character: Smile and call everyone darling! Move gracefully throughout the room and let your eyes do the flirting for you.
Sexy rating: MEDIUM-HOT

8) Bond Girl
Heat up the party in this simple yet uber-sexy get up, long famous for symbolizing a sex icon since the 1960s.

Must have: A white, tan, or orange bikini.
Try adding: A wide white belt, knife holster with rubber knife prop.
Finishing touches: Conch or other large seashell(s) and slick, wet-look hair.
Get in character: To be honest, no one is going to be paying attention to anything but your gorgeous body, so just be yourself!
Sexy rating: SUPER HOT

The possibilities are endless when it comes to DIY costumes, and hopefully these suggestions have inspired you to create your own this year. And remember, when in doubt, adding pale skin and lots of fake blood can zombie-fy any outfit into a frightful yet innovative look – embodying the true spirit of Halloween!


Lingerie designer and founder of WonderLust Lingerie. I specialize in fashion and trend pertaining to lingerie, sleepwear, hosiery and everything in between. I believe that the right kind of underwear can change your entire outlook for the day so finding a balance between fashion and function is key.

8 Comments on this post

  1. laura says:

    this is super fun and cute. And as it turns out I have most of these things already because I hoard lingerie and sleepwear and random accessories. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. The Like a Virgin circa 1984 is a classic but I still love it. The Femme-bot is a “Super Hot” rating for me but I wonder is there’s someone who could do the challenge of wearing it. :)

  3. Annmarie says:

    Just wonder if #5, Captain Underpants, is meant to be worn by a man or a woman… maybe both?

  4. Lingerie says:

    I love the Freudian slip idea. Very clever. The Hollywood starlet look is also unique and gorgeous. Thanks for the ideas!

  5. These are really cute and creative ideas, Kristina! Love this post!

  6. Terrific article! Clever approach to Lingerie Dressing at Halloween. I wonder how many of the readers know how big this holiday is for the Lingerie Industry, some say bigger than Valentine’s Day! You hit the nail on the head

  7. I would like to adjust the rating on Billionaire Playgirl to “super hot”! But then, my taste might be different than most. I love these ideas, Kristina, they’re both cute and not too overdone. Great post!

  8. Frank says:

    OK, I don’t know what it says about me, but I like the Freudian Slip.

    A little different than the Naughty Nurses that ruled our college town only a few years back – both female and male in practically open ‘dresses’ and bras and panties. Which are now being outnumbered by the non-lingerie costume of Flo from Progressive – both female and male

    I like your list better.

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