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Lingerie of the Week: Fleur of England “Tiger” Suspender Cami & Thong

I have to be perfectly honest here… a lot of luxury lingerie doesn’t really wow me. I mean, I know all the big names and I keep up with them, but I don’t care how long a brand’s been around, how many awards they’ve won, or how many magazines they’ve appeared in. To me, all that stuff has more to do with who you know than the actual quality of the lingerie.

That said, truly beautiful lingerie still makes my heart skip a beat, and Fleur of England has made my heart skip a few beats now.

One of the really great things about visiting New York during lingerie market is seeing dozens, if not hundreds (I lose count), of lingerie brands up close. Nothing compares to viewing a garment in person, and though I’m no designer, I’ve learned to recognize the hallmarks of a quality piece of lingerie. There are so many little details a photograph just can’t capture, and it’s only when you’re face to face with an item that you’re able to see if it’s truly worth the cost. Fleur of England is.

To be fair, every collection I’ve seen from them in the past few seasons has been exquisite, but it’s this piece in particular that’s sending me all aflutter. From the soft, delicate lace to the gorgeous autumnal colors to the cheeky and fun style, I love everything about this sheer lace garter tank. Not only does it work equally well both inside and outside the bedroom, it’s also a garment that won’t feel old or outdated next year, the year after that, or the year after that.

The “Tiger” garter tank and thong is available directly from Fleur of England for £156.00 or $253 US.

Cora Harrington

Founder and Editor in Chief of The Lingerie Addict. Author of In Intimate Detail: How to Choose, Wear, and Love Lingerie. I believe lingerie is fashion too, and that everyone who wants it deserves gorgeous lingerie.

3 Comments on this post

  1. Jewel says:

    This piece is very pretty, however I would have liked to see a bit of support in the tank. Seeing as there are garters, I would assume it is to be worn under clothes, so for me a bit of support would be needed.

  2. Francesca says:

    This is gorgeous! The color should be called pumpkin parfait. As a full figured woman, I’m always on the lookout for plus size lingerie that accentuates my curves. How many lingerie manufacturers are making lingerie for plus size women?

  3. I’m all about appeal-I don’t care if it’s the most expensive brand in the world or a company nobody has ever heard of, if I like it and it catches my eye, or as you said, ‘makes my heart skip a beat,’ I’m more apt to spend my money and buy it (if I HAVE money that is LOL)!

    This is a very unique piece! :)

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