Cosmetic Lingerie: 6 Intelligent Products Designed to Make You More Beautiful

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Today’s modern woman is a mover. She’s a shaker. And all she asks is for her daily products to keep pace with her active lifestyle. If you’re one of these active women today, you know how hectic life can be living on the go. We aim to keep our lives full and have therefore learned to multitask and juggle numerous tasks at once. Working, socializing, raising families and maintaining quality time for ourselves is not an easy feat these days, as time has become such a precious commodity. Yet our lives are not slowing down anytime soon, which is why we continue to trudge forward, give it our all and often accept the consequences of stress and fatigue.

So it’s no surprise that in this day and age of multitasking, people are asking more of their products. Performing double duty is becoming less of an exception and more the rule, as we are no longer content juggling multiple items in addition to our busy lifestyles. We need smarter products and dual technology. We are already well on our way in the field of electronics (hello smartphone) but what about our clothing? Specifically, what about our underwear?

Lingerie designers are constantly working to create the next great fabric, bra, or shapewear, and many of their efforts have been garnering attention lately for their claims of working overtime to not only serve you in your underwear needs but to also beautify you as you wear them. Feeling too fat? Change your underwear! Complexion looking too pasty? Change your underwear! Since these garments are closest to our skin for the majority of our day, it makes sense to infuse them with products to help us make the most of our lives.

Only the test of time will determine how functional these products ultimately are. But so far many reviews for lingerie created with these “cosmetotextiles” have been impressive. After attending a cosmetotextile lecture earlier this month, my interest has been piqued and I expect we’ll be seeing a lot more of these innovations on the market soon.

Here are six beautifying undergarments designed to work smarter for you:

1) ShaToBu Shaper

ShaToBu (short for Shape, Tone & Burn) is an innovative line of body shapers designed to help you slim and tone your body just from daily wear. The secret is in the built-in resistance bands on key areas of the garment, designed to target specific muscles that will become engaged during everyday activities such as walking or climbing stairs. Engaging these muscles will result in more calories burned without having to change your daily routine. Available in a thigh shaper, tummy shaper or tights at

2) Jockey Staycool Underwear

Jockey has long been a trusted name in underwear, so their new Staycool line with temperature regulating technology has been garnering a lot of attention lately. Endorsed by football star Tim Tebow, this new line utilizes fabrics (initially developed for astronauts) that are coated with heat-absorbing molecules called thermocules. These thermocules are designed to absorb the heat our body radiates in order to maintain optimal external body temperature and help your skin feel up to three degrees cooler. Ideal for workouts and hot summer days, these tops and panties are available at

3) Skinkiss Tights

Skinkiss first came onto the scene as a producer of caffeine-infused tights designed to minimalize cellulite and tone legs. However their fake tan tights have recently gotten a lot of press due to their claim to provide a natural faux glow with just one wear. Simply slip on a pair of these tights for 10 minutes, massage your legs, and then remove. Although they are only good for one application, the tights may then be washed and reworn as basic pantyhose for multiple future wears. Available at

4) Knock Out Panties

Knock Out smart panties were designed to combat the embarrassing issue of wetness and odor that most women experience from time to time. Their patented No Trace technology claims it will keep you fresh with its quick one-way moisture wicking properties that allow both skin and fabric to stay dry all day long. The trick lies in the built-in odor-encapsulating “pocket” molecules that trap odors until the fabric is washed so you can feel confident and clean throughout your day. Perfect for working out, light days, and the occasional leak, Knock Out panties are available at

5) Wolford Shapewear Legwear

Wolford is one of the leading suppliers of luxury hosiery so it’s no surprise they offer a wide range of functional tights in addition to the fashionable and quality styles they are known for. Their leg support tights are specifically designed to increase circulation and prevent tired, swollen legs that can lead to premature varicose veins. The double-wrapped elastine fibers have a stimulating and energizing effect that envelops your legs for all-day comfort and energy. Available at

6) Wick’em Bra Liner

Wick’em Bra Liners are a new and innovative solution to a continuous problem many women encounter. They are specially designed to wick away moisture from underneath the breasts for drier and less irritated skin. The liners are designed to be inserted underneath the bottom bra band, between the skin and fabric, so it can be worn with any of your favorite bras. The soft cushioned fabric wicks away moisture into the foam padding to keep you drier when you need it most. Wick’em also offers Sensitive Skin liners specifically to protect the sensitive area under the breasts and prevent rashes or irritation. Perfect for women with skin allergies or who tend to sweat a lot. These liners can be found at

How do you feel about these smart products? Do you believe the hype? And have you ever tried any cosmetotextile lingerie before? Did they live up to their claim?

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Lingerie designer and founder of WonderLust Lingerie. I specialize in fashion and trend pertaining to lingerie, sleepwear, hosiery and everything in between. I believe that the right kind of underwear can change your entire outlook for the day so finding a balance between fashion and function is key.

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  1. Honestly, “miracle products” get me very excited. That said, simple solutions like a band to wick away under-bust moisture sounds simple and practical (although a review would be absolutely necessary). Same with the panties for more comfort– for coolness or to prevent wetness– good solid ideas. The rest? Crazy tights/shapewear? Sounds weird and uncomfortable and probably bunko.

  2. Neyda Frierson says:

    I’m excited to try the Shatobu and jockey keep cool panties, along with the panties that are suppose to help with odor and moisture :).

  3. Catherine says:

    The knockout panties are a bit femfresh, no?

  4. Elegy says:

    I also saw a newsletter sent out for a cooling bra, I think it was from Bare Necessities, but I cannot locate it. Still, those panties made me think of it. Matching set and all that. ;)

  5. Michele F says:

    I have no problem with fibre technology. I’m not sure if they will do what they claim to do, but most people will not be harmed by these products. I DO have an issue with chemical technology in fabric, especially when it is in a garment that comes so close to your skin.

    Where the tanning tights tested for carcinogens? (Spray on tans have recently been in the news due to an increase in cancer risks). Do the knock out panties and stay cool panties lead to an increase in yeast infections? (Traping heat and/or moisture in that region may cause problems).

    Yes, I’m a skeptic and a bit of a hippy when it comes to these things.

    • Cora Treacle says:

      Definitely some good questions, and something I think should absolutely be a part of the conversation when it comes to these new innovations in lingerie. Thanks for commenting!

  6. […] about new products in the lingerie world. They range from wicking bra liners (supposed to wick sweat from underneath the breast) to panty […]

  7. I really loved the Jockey Staycool Underwear. I love its concept – able to keep the temperature low and also its ability to retain its comfortable look & feel. This is sure-shot going to be a favourite among many. Thanks for sharing this insightful post with us!

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