Interactive Illustration: Show Us Your Dream Valentine’s Day Lingerie Ensemble!

By: Marianne

I’d be lying to myself (and all of you) if I didn’t admit that my monthly columns here at The Lingerie Addict tend to the verbose. So this Valentine’s Day, I invite you to join me in a hands-on activity: I’ve drawn a curvaceous fashion figure with key style lines for lingerie sketched in. You, dear readers, get to print this lady out and draw a Valentine’s Day outfit, or any other lingerie that comes to mind. For inspiration, I’ve also provided several lovely Gil Elvgren illustrations of ladies in dishabille.











Style lines included several levels of bra coverage, bra band, longline bra band, natural waist line, low rise waist, classic panty leg line, boyshort leg line, stomach control panel, thigh highs, single garter placement, elbow, wrist, and collar lines, and short and cap sleeves. Use the lines as marked or create new lines parallel to them to design lingerie and loungewear. Trim your lingerie with ruffles or lace, and add hats and other accessories to complete the look.












It can be your favorite outfit from years past.
It could be your outfit for this upcoming Valentine’s Day.
It could be what you are wearing right now because you are always just that fancy.
It could be the lingerie look you’ve dreamed of for your hypothetical (or real!) burlesque debut.

After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.



















Post a link to your sketch in the comments, using anything from ImageShack and Photobucket to an Instagram post. I’d love to see!


  1. 10/02/12 at 6:18

    aaaaaaaahhhhhh, love it! Must.install.printer.
    Be warned, I’m a terrible paintress xD

    • 15/02/12 at 3:23

      Install that printer!! You can also play in photoshop with a tablet, although that’s even more cables than a printer.

  2. 10/02/12 at 12:56

    Valentine’s day is coming soon!!!

  3. 10/02/12 at 18:54

    How AWESOME is this interactive project!
    What a fun thing to do :)

  4. AlexaFaie
    10/02/12 at 23:58

    This is going to be such fun! I have tons of ideas! And loads of designs already drawn which I could just transfer across. Fun fun fun!

  5. Pueppi Galore
    11/02/12 at 10:55

    I spend the whole day painting. It’s my first acrylic painting in about 3 years.
    I will start sewing this outfit the next month for a 2013 Calendar project of a friend of mine.
    Guess the month? ^^

    • 15/02/12 at 3:26

      Wow! I didn’t expect anyone to go so far as to use paint and canvas. You really pulled out all the stops. Have fun sewing!

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