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Lingerie as Outerwear for Curvy Women: 6 of My Fave Picks

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

By: Holly

I’m not exactly a fashion plate kind of woman. I spend lots of time in jeans and t-shirts, or sometimes even less when I’m at home working. I have a pretty great lingerie collection, but my wardrobe is kind of lacking.

I made a resolution a few months ago to try and develop a stronger personal sense of style, which had some ups and downs. One of the high points was my discovery of teddies and bodysuits, which I previously believed only looked good on girls with very few curves. It turns out there are a lot of great lingerie companies making bodysuits that make your curves look phenomenal.

I’ll admit that I still wear lots of jeans, but I’m more likely to toss on a cute teddy or bodysuit than a t-shirt these days. Teddies and bodysuits also look amazing with high waisted skirts or pants if you want to be more formal about that look. There aren’t a lot of people talking about how the underwear as outerwear trend applies to us curvy women, but I promise you it can be done with the right pieces.

Here are a few of my recent favorites to get you started:


The Basic Tank Teddy from Hips and Curves:

Okay, to be fair, I haven’t entirely given up tank tops. This teddy represents a step up from my normal jeans and t-shirt routine. It’s a great lingerie and wardrobe basic, and it is guaranteed to make your curves look great. I’m hoping to give up my boxy t-shirts forever and replace them with pieces like this.


Ribbon Lace Long Sleeve Bodysuit by Hanky Panky:

I tend to wear lots of tank tops under my sheer bodysuits, so this Hanky Panky bodysuit is right up my alley. I already love Hanky Panky’s thongs and lace underwear, so I’m really excited that they’re expanding into other sorts of lingerie. This bodysuit would go perfectly with jeans or something more formal.


Lace Trim Satin Teddy by Hips and Curves:

This teddy is a perfect example of how sometimes less is more. It comes in two great colors, has amazingly sexy lace details, and feels silky soft. I’m planning to pick one up to laze around home in, but I’m sure you could wear it in place of a tank top with a cardigan just as easily.


Shimmer Teddy by Lola Haze:

Lola Haze is an amazing brand designed by my fellow TLA columnist Laura, and she’s been picking up a ton of press lately. This teddy is luxurious, stylish, and bust friendly. The large has a 41” inch chest, which would allow my 34GG self to fit into it. I love the gold stretch mesh, and it’s just begging to be accessorized with some big gold jewelry.


Blossom Lace Bodysuit by Sonata Lingerie:

My last two picks are from made to measure designers. Made to measure isn’t talked about much in conjunction with the full-busted lingerie world, which is really a shame. There are lots of great designers out there making things that look great on curvy women! Sonata Lingerie is one such company. I own the navy blue and hot pink version of this teddy, but I love the soft peach color as we look forward to spring. The lace on this bodysuit is soft, and the look goes with everything. I wear mine at least once a week.


Anouk Starlight Blue Silk Chiffon Playsuit by La Lilouche:

I adore any sort of blue lingerie, and I’ve fallen in love with this playsuit by La Lilouche. The 1930s look has been a great trend this season, and this playsuit embodies it perfectly. The crystal details on the straps are exquisite, and the ruffles on the back are adorable. This would make a great outerwear piece with the right accessories.

What are some of your favorite lingerie as outerwear pieces? Let’s talk about them in the comments!

Cora Harrington

Founder and Editor in Chief of The Lingerie Addict. Author of In Intimate Detail: How to Choose, Wear, and Love Lingerie. I believe lingerie is fashion too, and that everyone who wants it deserves gorgeous lingerie.

12 Comments on this post

  1. Rosa says:

    Great list! I especially love the blue teddy. I love Hips and Curves website. I’ve yet to purchase anything from them, but I love their models, they styling, and the lingerie!

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  3. Lauren says:

    I personally own the Lola Haze Shimmer Teddy and love it!! I pair it with wide leg jeans for a very 70’s-Farrah Fawcett look. I also have an Ivory lace bodysuit from American Apparel that I pair with everything from pencil & pleated skirts to high-waist shorts to jeans.

    Great post Holly!

  4. Love that basic tank teddy, I don’t like tank tops much either, but this looks great! Thanks for the post Holly!

    • Holly says:

      That’s one of the few on this list that I don’t own, mostly because I’m about four inches too small in the hips for it! I’m jealous of anyone who can fit into it. If you pick it up can you come back and let us know how it works for you? I’d love to hear feedback on it.

      Thanks for commenting, Victoria!

      • Nicole says:

        Hey holly! I cant find the basic tank teddy anymore for sale on their site😳 is there somewhere else i can purchase the same type of design. I love how it show the skin of the hips at that particular angle


  5. Setter says:

    Great picks! I’d love to see some actual curvy girls for the other four of six that didn’t have real sized models. Maybe Holly? ;)

    • Holly says:

      I do own the Lola Haze and the Sonata one! I also own some La Lilouche pieces, although not that one (yet). If that would be really helpful to people I can snap some quick ones, or make sure that I’m putting up some alternative pictures if I own the pieces for future articles.

      Thanks for commenting, Setter!

  6. Autumn says:

    Great post. I too have had a hard time previously finding bodysuits to suit my curves, so I’ll definitely be checking these picks out!

    And I also love blue lingerie, but then, blue is my favorite color overall anyway!

    • Holly says:

      Thanks Autumn! I think curvy women can be a little intimidated by this trend, but it’s really pretty accessible once you know where to look. It’s also easy and fashion forward.

      Blue is my favorite color as well!

  7. Moira Nelson says:

    Great post Holly! One of my resolutions is to start dressing more sophisticated… I always used to wear Seamless Molded Bras… Now I’m embracing Lace Cups… And I’m not afraid to let them show through! It’s very “Parisian.” I love how the French aren’t afraid to show a little! As far as body suits go…. LOVE ‘EM! One of my fave designers is Kriss Soonik! She designs several Bodysuits that are “to die for.”


    • Holly says:

      Thanks Moira! I love that bodysuits and teddies can give you a very sophisticated look while still being really comfortable in that familiar jeans and t-shirt way. I’ll have to check out Kriss Soonik! My next goal is to work on wearing them with other things, like white shirts or sweaters in a way that looks nice. That probably requires buying actual clothes though, and not just pulling from my lingerie drawer.

      Love your style with the lace bra cups!

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