The Lingerie Addict is One of the Top 20 Bloggers to Watch in 2012!

In a year full of mindblowing firsts, from my first major media mention to my first leap into self-employment, it makes sense to finish 2011 with just one more:

The Lingerie Addict was just selected by, the world’s #1 blog about blogging, as one of the Top 20 Bloggers to Watch in 2012.

I really can’t describe to you what an amazing honor that is. There are literally millions of blogs online, and many of them are run by awesome people who are doing some super-impressive things. Yet somehow, the editors of managed to notice what we’re doing in our little corner of the internet over here.

I say this a lot, but it’s always true. A blog doesn’t get very far without its readers, and I firmly believe that I have some of the most passionate readers of any blog online. So to everyone’s who’s tweeted about my blog, posted it to their Facebook, or told their friends about it over coffee… thank you. And I can’t wait to hit the ground running in 2012!

  • Jade Craven

    :-) I write this post for Problogger every year and trust me, a lot of people know who you are. Several people suggested this blog after I did the post last year, including a couple of men who thought what you were doing was amazing.

    What you are doing helps a lot of women. I’ve had the same two ill fitting bras for a year and you wouldn’t believe the boost in self esteem just by getting some nice lingerie. You do great work xx

    – Jade

    • Treacle

      Thanks so much, Jade! There’s nothing more satisfying than when other people appreciate the hard work that goes into this blog. I truly want people of all shapes and sizes (and their partners!) to feel welcome here, and I’m glad other people notice and value that. :)

  • Lisa Norman

    I’ve been reading you since almost the beginning and it has been thrilling to watch how this site and you have blossomed. Problogger got it right. This is one of the best blogs in the world, and I know this is only the beginning of what you’re going to accomplish with The Lingerie Addict. 2012 is going to be huge for you and you couldn’t deserve it more. You work hard, lady!!

    • Treacle

      Thanks, Lisa! You’ve been with me since the very beginning, and you’ve helped me more (both publicly and behind the scenes) than you know. Happy New Year to you and yours!

      • Lisa Norman

        Happy New Year! Also, it looks like meybee you need a Gravatar. We can’t have you being a silhouette on your own website.

        • Treacle

          Hi Lisa! Always good to see you. I do have a Gravatar; it’s what shows up on other people’s sites when I comment, but it doesn’t show up here. I’ll check with our web developer about that. :)

  • Frank

    Congrats, Treacle –

    Looks like the rest of the world may finally be catching up with the rest of your readers!

    • Treacle

      Thanks so much, Frank! No matter how popular I get though, I’ll never forget that it was bloggers like you who helped me when I first figuring things out. :)

  • Mya


    Here’s to more great news in the up coming new year! *this is where you imagine us clinking glasses*

    • Treacle

      *clinks imaginary glasses with you*

      Happy New Year, lovely! And I’m so excited for 2012, I can hardly stand it. :)

  • KathTea

    Congratulations! You totally deserve it. I am hoping to get my own column in my country’s newspaper someday, so I truly look up to you :D

    • Treacle

      Thanks so much for being such an avid fan and supporter, KathTea! Please believe me when I say that all your comments (both here and on the Facebook page) are noticed and very much appreciated. :)

  • Eyewear

    Congratulations! This is evidence that if you work hard on your blog, you will eventually succeed.

    • Treacle


  • Terry

    Very well deserved – all your hard work has paid off! May 2012 see your blog flourish even further.

    • Treacle

      Thanks so much for the well wishes, and I hope so too. Happy New Year!

  • Mistress Susan

    Congrats! I just found your site because of the ProBlogger article. I love lingerie, but I have yet to find any sexy lingerie for a 30F that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. I looked at Agent Provacateur, but it doesn’t look like that their lingerie comes in a 30F anyway. I have 2 bras by Empirente, but I don’t have any real sexy lingerie like basques, corsets, suspender belts, garter belts, etc. because I cannot find complete outfits for a 30F. It’s frustrating.

  • Kayla @ TheEclecticElement

    Congratulations Treacle!

    Honestly, I couldn’t think of anyone better to give that honor to-You’ve done so much with yourself and your blog within the past year that I’ve been reading that I have no doubt in my mind 2012 will bring more greatness to you :)