Full Busted Shapewear: Solutions for Curvy Girls

By: Holly


The holidays are approaching, and that means more dress-up occasions and more food. Luckily, your solution to both of these is pretty easy: shapewear.

Unfortunately, if you’re really curvy, it just isn’t that easy to find shapewear that doesn’t make you feel like an overstuffed sausage appetizer. It can be even harder to find shapewear that looks just as good by itself as it does under a dress. Lots of cute full body shapewear pieces don’t come in full-busted sizes, so you’re stuck with mixing and matching things that don’t look great together.

This month I’ve put together a list of curve friendly shapewear that will look great, smooth out your silhouette, and stay comfortable even after the holiday eating frenzy.


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The Charnos Hourglass Corselette and Charnos Hourglass Waist Nipper:

Charnos Hourglass Corselette

Charnos Hourglass Waist Nipper











Charnos doesn’t get a lot of press, but they’re a really amazing brand making gorgeous curve-friendly shapewear and bras. Their corsetlette is one of my favorite pieces, but for some people their new waist nipper may be more their style. Either one comes in a gorgeous gold color with a black lace overlay, and just begs to be seen. I’ve had my corselette for almost a year now and it has never let me down.


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Va Bien Shapewear:

Va Bien ‘Perfect Strapless’ Bra

Va Bien ‘Minus Touch’ High Waist Control Short

Va Bien High Waist Firm Control Brief











(Items available here, here, and here)

I’ve recently discovered Va Bien and they’ve become a regular part of my shapewear routine. While their pretty vintage-looking pieces don’t come in full-busted sizes, some of their separates are very curve friendly.

Even though Va Bien isn’t one of the companies that comes up in conjunction with the full-busted market much, I’m a big fan of The Perfect Strapless bra. It gives great lift, stays in place, and comes in sizes up to an I cup. Be warned that their backs run small, but their cups are very true to size. I usually take a 34 and needed a 36 in this bra.

If you want to emulate that strapless bodysuit look for larger cup sizes, combine the bra with either the Minus Touch Vintage High Waist Control Short or the High Waist Firm Control Brief. Until a company comes up with a pretty strapless basque or bodysuit for larger cup sizes, this is the next best option.


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Bodywrap Iridescent Collection:

Bodywrap ‘The Must Slip Under’

Bodywrap ‘Romantica Sculpt & Shape’ Bodysuit

Bodywrap ‘Sculpt & Shape’ Bodysuit











(Items available here, here, and here)

Bodywrap Shapewear makes gorgeous and functional shapewear, and their iridescent collection is one of my favorites. This collection isn’t really aimed at curvier women, but with the multi-hook system on the back of their pieces they fit up to a G cup or so.

I’m in love with this beige pin dot pattern, as well as the red bodysuit. However, the top of my lust list has to be this Romantica bodysuit, which would work beautifully as shapewear or as part of the underwear as outerwear trend. If you’re looking for shapewear that is worth showing off, this line is a great one to try.


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The Lola Luxe Basque by Bravissimo:

Bravissimo Lola Luxe Basque

While I may still be waiting for a gorgeous strapless bodysuit in my bra size, Bravissimo has been carrying some amazing basques for a long time. I’m a huge fan of blue and green lingerie, so this basque covers all the bases. It won’t provide a firm hold like some of the other pieces on this list, but it will smooth things out under your favorite dress. Even better, it comes in cup sizes up through K.


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Sophina Elegance Full Cup Bra and Short with Light Control:

Figleaves ‘Sophina Elegance’ Full Cup Bra

Figleaves ‘Sophina Elegance’ Short w/ Light Control











Sophina is one of the Figleaves house brands, and they put out some gorgeous lingerie. I love the rich purple color of this set, as well as the light control you get. This is perfect when you want to make a big post-event impression, but look a little smoother under your favorite dress.


What shapewear will you be pulling out this holiday season? Do you like your shapewear sexy, functional, or somewhere in between? Let me know in the comments.

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18 Comments on this post

  1. I absolutely adore the Bodywrap ones! Gorgeous.

  2. Those of us who know vintage, know girdles and corsets need not be the ugly uncomfortable things some folks believe them to be! A a complete sucker for open bottom girdles aka corsetlette, I have to check out the gorgeous Charnos you’ve shown here ;)

    • Holly says:

      I don’t think I will ever run out of good things to say about Charnos. I love their shapewear to death, and their bras are equally amazing. If you get a chance check out their Cherub bra as well-it has some lovely vintage inspiration in it.

    • admin Treacle says:

      Another corselette fan here (but you already knew that).

      One comment from me about the Charnos…if you have a high-waist hip ratio, you’ll have some fit trouble. I’m a 34B bra, 29″ waist, 42″ hip, and the Charnos corselette did not work for me…would even fasten up the back.

      • Holly says:

        That’s a really good point, as I’ve heard that from others as well. To compare, I’m a 33″ waist and a 40″ hip, and it fits me beautifully. Also, their cups run on the large side, which is great if you’re above a G.

  3. Robert says:

    I like my shapewear somewhere in the middle! Those bodysuits are simply Gorgeous!!! Especially the red one….

  4. Annmarie says:

    My problem with shapewear, and I have tried quite a few over the years, is that most of them aren’t breathable. They feel ok when you put them on and leave home, but once you hit the mall/restaurant/dance floor/whatever you wonder how you became such a prolific fountain of sweat…
    Any suggestions???

    • Holly says:

      I don’t wear shapewear I can’t eat/move in. It’s just not worth it to me, although I know it is to some people. Make sure you’re buying brands that are using breathable fabrics and that you’re buying the correct size. What brand are you using now?

      • Annmarie says:

        Spanx and DKNY. They are certainly better than most I’ve used in the past, though I still wish they would feel better for a prolonged use.

        • admin Treacle says:

          Have you tried Yummie Tummie or Cass Luxury Shapewear? I hate that suffocating, sweaty feeling as well, but I’ve been really happy with both those brands. They’re often sold at Rue La La for a lot less than MSRP too.

          • alicia says:

            agree with you Cass and Yummie Tummie are really comfortable and puts everything in the right place. i also use squeem, normally i shop shapewear online, i can recommend you guys to go to classicshapewear.com, is were i bought mine.

  5. Steph G says:

    I love the body shaper i got from pelham and strutt so fitting and comfortable

  6. Greta D says:

    Pls, I need your advise. I need a shape wear that will give me a slimmer look and reduce my tommy. I have a big tommy and big hip after I had my baby last year.

  7. Marlena May says:

    I always wear a high waisted boned satin panty girdle. With a boned long line underwire bra my shape looks amazing as a full figured happy woman. Under a dress, skirt, jeans or leggings my shape stands out and look shapely. I enjoy looking at my look especially from the back. Great look.

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