Holiday Lingerie Gift Guides: 15 Pieces for $51 or less

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It’s Holiday Shopping Season and that means it’s time for our annual holiday lingerie gift guides. With the recession still more or less in full swing, this year has been hard for a lot of people. But that doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself of gorgeous lingerie.

I completely understand what it’s like to be a lingerie addict on a budget… and that’s why our first guide is dedicated to lingerie that’s $51 or less. What are some of your fave budget brands? Tell us about them in the comments!



Mad Mimi Form


Cora Harrington

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  1. […] blog post was supposed to be a lingerie gift guide. After all, it’s the holidays, and I wanted to share some of my fave picks under $100 with […]

  2. […] blog post was supposed to be a lingerie gift guide. After all, it’s the holidays, and I wanted to share some of my fave picks under $100 with you. […]

  3. Hell Cat says:


    I am hunting for baby dolls and bras in a 32DD. It has been a pain~ since I had my second child (the reason behind my chest problems) ~to find something nice that won’t dig in my armpits (full coverage…::blah::: ) and would still look sexy (I like demi- push-ups). I would find bras in the wrong size that was readily available (34D) and the bra would slide around my body or when I finally found the bra I liked (after spending a fortune), I would either break a strap due to the weight of my chest or bust a wire causing it to jam into my inner breast area. ~.~

    Women have a tenancy to complement me on my body, but all I want to do is scream. This is not a blessing ~ but a curse. Can you help me?


    The girl with the bra problem….

  4. Hell Cat says:


    If I find something I like, how do I buy it?

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