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A Review of Elle Macpherson Lingerie, From a Designer’s Point of View

By Laura:

Lux Noir












As both a wearer and a designer of lingerie, I have a compartmentalized way of experiencing and thinking about lingerie. My love of its sensuality and playfulness — and ultimately the way it makes me FEEL — is the reason I became a lingerie designer in the first place. But my emotional appreciation of it is counterbalanced by my left-brain thoughts about it as a designer.

People seem to be entranced by what they imagine my job is: the glamour and the crazy-artist pure creativity! But I think fashion design is more akin to engineering. Thinking through construction techniques and pairing raw materials for the desired end-use is one of the most important components of designing.

So all this said, I decided to bring you my review of Elle Macpherson’s Fall collection from two points of view, Lingerie Wearer Laura and Lingerie Designer Laura. I tried on Lux Noir, a lined balconet bra and medium-coverage panty from Elle Macpherson’s main intimates collection, and Greta, an unlined demi bra and french bikini from the more decadent Obsidian collection by Elle Macpherson.

I wanted to be scientific about my review, so decided to seek a non-designer opinion on the products. I took snapshots of myself in a couple bra/panty sets and sent them to the long-distance BF for unbiased feedback.

“Number 1!!!!” was Lux Noir. I can see why it got such rave feedback. The lining gave support and a smooth silhouette, while the balconet construction provided plenty of natural lift without relying on excess padding. It felt like the best version of a natural shape and I felt sexy in a not-trying-too-hard way. The panty was more coverage than I personally prefer, but is a great, flattering option for ladies who like a more covered booty.

Greta felt super sexy! The panty was just revealing enough, but managed to stay totally in place and steer clear of the dreaded VPL. The demi bra was so demi that I was spilling out… in a good way. It was an unusually square shape, with the straps and bra-top forming almost a right angle, and this surprised me by creating an incredibly sexy frame for my decolletage….

Lux Noir impressed me with its fabric/trim choice and construction. I loved the luminous effect of the gold-printed lace! In this case, the gold was applied to the surface of the lace — the part away from the skin — so it wasn’t itchy at all as some lurex laces might be.

The four-piece cup construction created an elegant series of vertical lines on the bra and a smooth shape (more seams=better contoured shape). On the panty, the V-shaped seams at the front made beautiful use of the decorative scalloped edge of the lace, while the two-layered mesh back allowed for a seamless leg opening.

Greta’s laces were gorgeous! Guipure lace is bulkier than other laces and has zero stretch, so it’s a more challenging material to design with. But here, it’s cleverly combined with detailing in stretch satin that provides enough give to compensate for the lace. In addition to its structural benefits, the combination of materials adds textural variety and interest. So sexy!

About the Fall collection for Obsidian, Creative Director Elle Macpherson explains, “ It’s the lingerie I choose when I want to feel truly special.” This, ladies, is attainable luxury. What are your favorite pieces from Elle Macpherson?

Lux Noir is available at Posh Lingerie, Tigard, OR ($68 bra, $35 panty) http://www.poshlingerie.net/
Greta is available at Brooklyn Fox Lingerie, Brooklyn, NY ($90 bra, $50 panty) http://brooklynfox.com/. For general info on Elle Macpherson Intimates, visit http://www.ellemacphersonintimates.com/.

Cora Harrington

Founder and Editor in Chief of The Lingerie Addict. Author of In Intimate Detail: How to Choose, Wear, and Love Lingerie. I believe lingerie is fashion too, and that everyone who wants it deserves gorgeous lingerie.

7 Comments on this post

  1. Anonymous says:

    I do love Elle's stuff, but the lace is always super itchy on my skin. It's got great lift and styles, but nothing is less sexy than itching your boob a lot.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Elle Macpherson Intimates offers a D-G collection, so she has plenty of full cup options to choose from. Try BareNecessities.com or Journelle.com

  3. Lola Haze says:

    Thanks for your comments, ladies! Petra, I'll keep your comments in mind for future reviews. Anonymous, thanks for letting us know….

  4. Anonymous says:

    She does make larger sizes. Most of the bras also have a D-G version. Try figleaves.com. I wear a 34E and I have a few sets by EM, I absolutely adore them!

  5. Petra Bellejambes says:

    Please make this sort of review a regular feature. I love that Laura was able to bring two completely distinct sets of senses to the table.

    A very enjoyable piece of writing, and a very helpful review.

    Elle M is now on my lust list.

    xo – P

  6. Dollbecky says:

    Growing up in Australasia I know EM of old Maybe if they were such great designers they could figure out how to offer their styles in larger sizes …I cant help but be bitter about the utter lack of plus sized lingerie..its stylish pretty and hasn't ever been an option for me..

  7. Alice Sturdivant says:

    EM makes such lovely lingerie! If she ever made plus sizes, I'd be in trouble!

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