The Top 10 Bra Brands for Full Bust & Plus Sized Women

Pop Quiz! Do you  know the average American woman’s bra size?

a) 36B
b) 36C
c) 36D
d) 36DD

If you answered d) 36DD, you’re correct. But if that number sounds a bit larger than what you remember hearing a few years ago, then you’re also correct.

5 years ago, the average American woman’s bra size was 36C. 10 years ago, it was around a 34B. But now, according to the New York Times, WWD, NY Daily News, and prominent bra retailers like Tomima of HerRoom, 36DD is the new average and that means full bust bras are here and they’re here to stay.

Fortunately, the lingerie industry is ahead of the curve (no pun intended). Not only are there more new brands specializing in bras for voluptuous women, well-established companies are also expanding their size range to accommodate this new average.

But before we get into the list of the best bra brands for full figured women , let’s make sure we have the terminology straight. Though they’re often used interchangeably, “full bust” and “plus size” don’t mean the same thing. “Full bust” refers to the actual letter cup size, and it starts at around a DD/E  cup (when bra engineering gets a bit more complicated than the standard A-D sizing). “Plus size” refers to the band size and starts at around a 38-40 band.

To give you a quick example, a woman in a 34H bra would be full bust, but not necessarily plus size. Conversely, a women in a 40C bra would be plus size but not necessarily full bust. While there are some brands that specialize in full bust or plus size only, very often the same company will make both…which is why I’m talking about them together in this blog post.

I firmly believe every woman deserves beautiful, comfortable, and affordable lingerie. And I don’t believe that needing a full bust or plus size bra means you have to resign yourself to plain styles in boring shades of beige. And since I get tons of e-mails every week asking about pretty bras for curvy chicks, I have a feeling you feel the same way.

The 10 brands listed here are not only specialists in the world of full figured lingerie, they’re also companies with great reputations. And if you don’t live close to an independent lingerie boutique, don’t worry…almost all of these brands are sold through online retailers with equally great customer service like Figleaves, Bare Necessities, ASOS, and HerRoom. After all, I know it takes some trial and error to find the perfect bra.

So with that out of the way…let’s get started!

Bravissimo–Though Bravissimo is more of a web boutique for D-L cup women, they also design their own in-house line of bras. Their bras are known for vibrant colors, fresh prints, and reasonable prices. A UK based company (one of several on this list), their bras start at £26 or around $42 US. The size range is 28D-40L.

Cleo–Cleo is Panache’s fashion conscious line. Another UK based company, the Cleo range retains Panache’s famous fit, but offers trendy colors and playful prints along with it. I think Cleo’s bras are especially good for teenagers who need comfortable support but also want stylish fun. Bras start at a 28″ back and some styles go up to a J cup.

Curvy Kate–A relative newcomer to the industry, Curvy Kate launched in 2009 and has quickly become a leader in full bust bras. With cup sizes from DD to K and band sizes from 28-44, they’ve definitely got curvy girls covered. Plus, their jewel toned bras are to die for.

Elomi– As a subsidiary of the company that also owns Fantasie, Freya, and Fauve (three more names you’ll see on this list), Elomi certainly knows what they’re doing when it comes to plus size bras. Their look is sophisticated without being stuffy, and they’re stocked at all three of the online lingerie stores I mentioned earlier in this post.

Fantasie–Another brand held by Eveden, Ltd. (the company behind Elomi, above), Fantasie is like the slightly older, somewhat more serious big sister to several of the trendier brands mentioned here. Their bras start at 30D and go up to 40G with prices beginning in the low $40s.

Fauve–Though Fauve is part of the Eveden, Ltd. family, their lingerie has a completely different feel from the other lines. Namely, it looks very, very European. With lace overlays, embroidered detail, and even complete bridal sets…this is very much a full bust line for the elegant woman. While there are a few standard sizes available in some ranges, sizing mostly starts at 30D and ends at 40G.

Freya–Of all the brands on this list, Freya’s the one I’ve heard the most good things about. Much like myself, Freya doesn’t believe that fit is an enemy of fashion, and their bras are cute, flirty, and more than a little romantic. Sizes start at 28D and bra prices start at $42.

Masquerade–Similar to Fauve, Masquerade is another brand heavy on the European detail and styling. Simply put, their bras look opulent, luxurious, and glamorous. Band sizes start at 28 and go up to 38. Cup sizes start at D and go up to H.

Miss Mandalay–There are a few brands on this list that make jealous of my full bust sisters, and this is one. founded in 2005, Miss Mandalay is the curvy girl’s answer to finding beautiful bras that fit beautifully. The size range is 28D to 38GG with room to grow if there’s more demand for more sizes.
Panache–Owned by the same manufacturer that produces Masquerade and Cleo, Panache is another leader in full bust bras. Their “superbra” selection offers both core essentials and seasonal sets in up to K cup making this a great brand to start with if you’re new to full bust bras.
And that’s it! What do you think of this list? Was your favorite bra included? Do you learn about any new brands to try? Tell me your thoughts in the comments.
Credits: Top image via Vogue Italia


  1. The Place for Big Bras!
    15/06/11 at 14:03

    Thank you so much for doing this post! The difference between Full Bust and Plus Size is significant. Our Canadian online boutique only sells full bust and plus size bras because understanding your fit and the importance of style is so important when you've got a lot going on upstairs!! We particularly love Alegro too for full bust women because it's affordable and SO pretty!

    • Twana Kelly
      23/10/12 at 7:37

      I would like to order some plus size bras, but I am not sure where is the link to buy them on the lingerieaddict website. Could someone please help?

      • 23/10/12 at 11:04

        Hi Twana,

        We don’t sell bras here. You’d need to visit one of the brands listed to purchase from them.


  2. Laura
    15/06/11 at 14:24

    Wonderful post! I wonder why the average bust size is so much bigger now in America. Is it because more woman are over the weight or is it because more women are getting implants? I have a feeling it could be a mix of both. What do you think?

    • Shailyn
      03/06/12 at 14:21

      I would have to agree with that, I get my chest from my grandmother though, and in her youth, she was not overweight, and nor am I today, but seeing as the majority of Americans are overweight, I could see how they could have a DD, but at the same time, my mother, who indeed is grotesquely obese, only wears a C, so I believe that it could also be due to the number of implants, because genetics don’t just change like that in 10 years.

      • Stacie
        26/06/12 at 17:50

        I disagree… the addition of extra HORMONES in MEAT is why girls are develping at a much younger age (my niece is a 32DD as 12 years old) and chemicals in the environment, which did not exist 100 years ago – affect the hormones in our bodies which affects our growth and the timing of it as well. Our food and the environment is what’s affecting the average bust size, not implants.

        • Heather
          04/10/12 at 19:01

          It’s not just the food but medications and the water having so many chemicals adding why waste medication. Birth control pills are a big one when it comes to changing the genetic makeup. With so many parents allowing their young teenage daughters to be on the pill it opens up the door for whacked out hormones.

          Shailyn, genetics can skip a generation or more. Also you can’t just look at your mother’s side ween it comes to shape. You had a father, right? You weren’t some test tube baby I hope. That’s the case with me, shaped nothing like my mom. Her aunt and grandmother were well endowed, my mom and grandmother not so much. So I either get my curves from 3 generations ago, or my dad’s side…I think it’s a little of both. I had good food growing up and didn’t go on hormones until I was married and now I’m a G cup, though very slim. I also live in the US.

          • Lucie
            26/10/12 at 9:40

            i agree that hormones and chemicals in many things are probably having an effect, but i have to say: hormones DO NOT change ‘genetic make-up’. They change the way your body responds to things but this has nothing to do with genetics.

    • Alisha
      03/07/12 at 16:26

      Nothing has changed. If the methodology for calculating the average bra size remained the same for each study, it’s simply a matter of women wearing the wrong size. I wore the wrong size for years. Also, the same age groups would need to be statistically represented over the course of each study. What is the definition of “average American?” breast size changes through various periods in our life…adolescence, motherhood, old age. I call BS.

      • Ann
        10/04/13 at 22:02

        There are environment and cosmetic changes as well.. most adults have a clear memory of puberty. Yes there is an increase in breast amongst pre-teen girls. I travel internationally and I hear the same thing everywhere.. China has also seen a raise in breast size.

        something has change

    • Susan
      24/08/12 at 10:43

      My poor athletic daughter wears a 38 H. She is begging for a reduction. I really think the earlier development of girls and larger breasts has something to do with the environment and the added hormones in food and other products

  3. bflycollection
    15/06/11 at 14:28

    The average breast size is getting bigger across the world and there are a few reasons. Earlier use of the contraceptive pill, the increase of calcium in Asian diets and over using hormones and antibiotics in livestock which makes its way into our diet.

    The increase is bust size isn't proportional to us getting bigger all over – lots of girls have just got bigger boobs and a regular body size.

  4. dottie's delights
    15/06/11 at 14:48

    I'm personally curious how they came up with this average. The WWD article says the 36DD is the median, but how do you order bra sizes that are using 2 different measurements? Would a 34B be considered bigger or smaller than a 32C? Perhaps they are finding the mean of the band/cup separately (which doesn't seem particularly accurate, since the cup sizes are relative)? I'd love to see the original study….

    • 18/11/12 at 13:36

      To answer your question, a 34B and a 32C are actually considered “sister” sizes- they’re essentially the same size. If you go down a band size, you’d go up a cup size and vice versa. Likewise, a 36 A would be roughly equivalent to those sizes. Oddly, though they’re all the same size, that’s not to say they’ll all fit the same. Think about jeans: you can get them a 14 bootcut is the same size as a 14 straight leg, but they certainly don’t fit the same. It’s all about finding which option fits your body shape best :)

    • rit
      11/02/14 at 16:23

      maybe they just calculate the volume. (i mean that seriously). all you have to do is use the measuremnts to calculate the volume of a demi sphere.
      its not 100% accurate but it is close enough

  5. Treacle
    15/06/11 at 14:53

    @Dottie's Delights–That's a great question. It's implied in the NYTimes piece that manufacturers and retailers are using sales data to arrive at the new averages.

  6. Treacle
    15/06/11 at 14:56

    @The Place for Big Bras–Thank you for the Alegro reminder! I have a feeling there'll be a pt. 2 coming soon. ;)

    @Laura–So glad you like it, lovely! The average bust size isn't just bigger in America–it's increasing all over the world. I imagine it has to do with a lot of factors.

    @bflycollection–And thank you for mentioning some of those factors! :)

  7. Kristine
    15/06/11 at 15:17

    @Laura, part of the reason is because more companies are offering larger sizes and more women are wearing the right size *because it's offered.* I currently wear a 28H, but for years I wore a 34DD because that was the smallest band/largest cup size I could find. When my mom was younger, she wore a 34DD, but had a 21" waist. Her rib cage definitely wasn't 13" larger than her waist, so she had to make do with a 34DD that didn't fit. Yes, Americans weigh more now than in the past, but with the prevalence of large cup 28 and 30 bands, you can't say large cups are because women are getting fatter. Yes, women are getting implants, but a lot of women are also getting reductions. Also, a vast majority of women who need large cup bras have natural breasts. Weight gain and implants do influence the average, but weight influences the band size more than anything (you have large band/small cupped women) and I definitely wouldn't say that implants are anywhere near one of the main reason for the growth in average cup size.

  8. Kelly Rae
    15/06/11 at 16:15

    You forgot my favourite brand: Empriente.

    • Mina
      09/12/13 at 18:05

      Agreed! You’ve made an excellent list here of beautiful brands, though I find the fit of my favourite Empreinte bra really different from others I’ve tried and so very flattering. Many other full cup bras I’ve tried seem to have too much room in the bridge, which at a smaller band size sends the girls pointing off the the sides often. Empreinte really gets it, making the wires as close together as possible (which I know won’t be ideal for all large-chested ladies, but for me at a 34 G, it’s fantastic!). My favourite Thalia style also has a very subtle, almost bullet-like shape that looks spectacular under clothes.

  9. Lillefix
    15/06/11 at 16:23

    Mine are definitely inherited from family. I have a very small band size combined with a very large cup size. I'm sure I'm a lot bigger than someone on war rations, but I'm normal weight, and would still be if I was a bit lighter or a bit heavier.
    You have not mentioned the company for full cupped women which I think is the best one, it is called Ewa Michalak. This is their website: though it is a Polish company, the cup sizes are like british ones. They have a very large selection of sizes, if you do not see your size at all on their webpage, you should send an email, because they do make custom sizes as well, for instance if you need a smaller band than 30 or 28 they will make it.

  10. Debbie
    15/06/11 at 17:08

    I guessed it wrong, thought it was 36C the average, ha! Would love to see an official statistic on this, don't believe much on the hype. @Kelly and @Lillefix I also noticed some other great brands were missed here, I guess it's because Treacle mainly focus on websites that she's affiliated with thru an Affiliate program for comission basis. I'm starting to notice examples from the same websites over and over. In conclusion this is an interesting article, love it although would like to see a real study basis on this.

  11. Treacle
    15/06/11 at 17:21

    @Kristine–That's a great point. It makes sense that women will buy bras in their size once those bras become available. I wonder if there will be more any more changes to the average over the next few years.

    @Kelly Rae, @Lillefix–Thanks for commenting! I'm making a list of reader suggestions for another article.

    @Debbie–Thank you for stopping by! Out of 20 links in this article, only 4 are from affiliate partners. They also happen to be the sites I buy my own personal lingerie from most frequently. As always, affiliate relationships are explicitly listed on my Site Policies page.

  12. Eenie
    15/06/11 at 18:16

    I've found Cacique bras fit me well and easily found at any Lane Bryant store. They have terrific sales staff that will help you find the right fit both in the band and cup. I've mentioned before that I'm one of those ladies bigger in the band than the cup, and I found I'm a 42C, but when I tried that size bra on, I muffined in the armpits, so moved up to 44C, which fits beautifully. Even though they are slightly on the expensive side ($38/bra was a bit of sticker shock)for my budget, I think they're well worth the price in the end.

  13. Thursday
    15/06/11 at 19:11

    Thank you for opening with the plus size/full cup distinction, treacle. I have the former but not the latter (38-40B), so most of the pretty bras I see are only ever window shopping. Australian brands are really quite far behind on making for my niche, so I buy a lot of European and American brands.

  14. Darlene C.
    15/06/11 at 19:44

    The terminology can get pretty confusing, but it's more accurate to distinguish full-BUSTED from plus size/full-figured.

    "Full cup" simply describes a style of bra–one that covers the entire breast, as opposed to a demi-cup, balconette or plunge. It can come in any size.

    But it's great that the lingerie industry is catching up to the distinction you've described.

    For the longest time, anything D cup and above was labeled "full-figured" in the lingerie departments where I shopped. Once, when I told another designer that my shirts are made for "full-busted" women, she sniffed at me and said, "It's 'full-FIGURED'". I protested that a very senior bra designer in Manhattan had given me this terminology, but she wouldn't have it.

    When I went to CurveNY this past February, everyone was making the distinction between full-busted and full-figured. It was gratifying.

  15. Treacle
    15/06/11 at 20:00

    @Eenie–Thanks for the recommendation! I've added to the list for the next article. :)

    @Thursday–While I was working on this post, I was surprised at how most full bust bra brands come from Europe, and I kind of wonder why that is.

    @Darlene–Thank you so much for the correction! I've just edited the text to reflect the proper terminology. :)

  16. Anonymous
    15/06/11 at 20:07

    Now if they would only make one for short plus size and full busted. I have bras from most of those and the wire jst comes up way too high. I did see some that I had't herd of and I will check them out

  17. Cheryl Warner
    15/06/11 at 20:11

    I agree with all of these recommendations, Treacle! What a beauty of a list – you picked all the ones I love!

    Cheryl x

  18. Lillefix
    15/06/11 at 20:33

    Latest comment by an anonymous
    I am so with you on bras for short, full busted bras. I have the wire problem too, in case you haven't tride them, the Bravissimo bras are lower under the arms than most, and so it is with Ewa Mickalak bras as well (I still have the problem with them though, they could well have been a bit lower, it does hurt)
    Everything by Panache is particularly high.

  19. Anonymous
    15/06/11 at 20:33

    Hi, thanks for the informative article. Have you
    heard of Prima Donna from Belgium. I believe
    they make great full figure bras.

    • Michelle
      02/07/12 at 16:37

      PrimaDonna does make great full-bust bras: I cannot speak to full-figure bras, though. They recently introduced PrimaDonna Twist, which is supposed to be a more fashion-conscious line than PrimaDonna.

      PrimaDonna is my go-to, though I’ve recently discovered Freya’s underwire sports bra that works even for running! No more uniboob, and it’s made with a material that wicks sweat. I cannot wait until my Enell bras wear out so that I can justify replacing all of them with Freyas…

      • 05/09/13 at 14:46

        I second Prima Donna bras. They’re the only ones I wear (when I’m not nursing/pregnant). They totally changed my life and worth every penny. Besides, I’ve never seen anyone else successfully make a plunge bra with ONE hook for a DD+

    • MP
      10/12/13 at 2:21

      I third Primadonna bras! I wear a 42 G/H and these bras are the ONLY ones I have found that can hold the weight of my breasts properly all day. Fabulous construction and worth every penny.

  20. glasscannon
    16/06/11 at 11:53

    Great list! I'm between a 28J and a 30G, depending on the brand — and my younger sisters are 30F and 30FF, so it's entirely natural and hereditary. I've tried most of the brands on here, and when you get above an E cup, they can start getting really strangely shaped, unfortunately, so it does require a lot of trial and error. Add to that I'm only 5'1", and finding something with short enough straps and cups cut low enough, and I'm lucky to have a grand total of *3* bra brand/style/size combos that work for me.

    @Eenie — I think a lot of woman who start wearing correctly fitting bras suffer from sticker shock, but I had to giggle at your comment. The *cheapest* bra I've bought in the last 10 years was $38, one of Wonderbra's new D-G line (which I recommend, though their cups run small and the G is really more of an F or FF). My average everyday, no lace no frills bras cost about $60 each, and each of those usually lasts me about six months before the elastic gives out. My most expensive bra is a really lovely red satin balconette from Masquerade, clocking in at $95, but so, so worth it.

  21. Zoggi
    16/06/11 at 15:05

    The change in average bra size is almost certainly down to more women wearing properly fitting bras. Yes, an increasing number of women are overweight, but you only have to consider a typical bra fitting where a woman might go from a 36B to a 34D or 32DD, or a 42D to a 40F and you can appreciate how easily this will affect the average cup size. The increased demand for larger cups results in a wider size range being offered, which in turn raises awareness and encourages more women to get fitted. The end result is that finally it's starting to become recognised that DD cups are not necessarily large but average. In the UK the average band size is dropping as well as the cup size increasing, and this is entirely down to fitting as we're certainly not getting thinner! The average size is reported by Bravissimo as 34DD or 34E. If these statistics come from retailers then we don't always know how they're calculated, although Bravissimo specified that their estimate was based on fittings rather than their sales.

  22. Kayla @ TheEclecticElement
    17/06/11 at 0:25

    I bet I speak for every full busted woman here when I say that this is a needed post!

    I myself fluctuate between a 'late' Cs to a mid sized Ds to even a 'early' DDs! And I just have the hardest time actually finding a bra that fits me O.o

    I hope one day that I'll be able to try some of these fabulous companies that hit your list :)

  23. JuliaB
    17/06/11 at 2:47

    Hi Treacle. In the UK Bravissimo is very much a high street shop as opposed to just a web boutique. Also in the UK, Debenhams (a high street department store – one in every town) does a great range for the fuller bust, called "Gorgeous" – they are much less expensive than Bravissimo (shh don't tell anyone i said that) .. Also, Bravissimo is ranked in the Times top 100 best companies. This is a subject close to my heart (pardon the pun!) because for years I found it impossible to find a good fitting bra. I worship at the altar of Bravissimo! x

  24. En Bouton
    17/06/11 at 10:07

    ""Full bust" refers to the actual letter cup size, and it starts at around a DD/E cup (when bra engineering gets a bit more complicated than the standard A-D sizing)."

    I'm curious about how band size factors into this, as some of the smaller "full busted" sizes would equate to an A-D size on a larger band. Is a 30DD more difficult to design and construct than a 34C?

    As to why more people are wearing "full bust" sizes, I'm guessing better fitting advice and size availability are factors. At the age of 12, I wore a 34 band; ten years later, I wear 28s. This is not because I've gone down three band sizes – it's because I can actually buy 28s now, whereas in 2001 it was hard for me to find anything smaller than 34. There's a distinction between "more people need DD+ cups these days" and "more people are buying DD+ cups these days".

  25. Amaryllis
    17/06/11 at 17:09

    On the subject of the 'increase' in large sizes, I'm suprised that no one has mentioned either:

    A: The prevailance of home made underwear into the sixties (in Europe anyway) which obviously is going to attract those with less than shop friendly sizes the most, and take them out of the records;

    B: The diet has briefly been touched upon, but also women were far more active, have you tried running a household without electrical appliances? It's not pleasent or easy. Exercise actually changes your shape far more than diet;

    C: And I think most importantly, many manufacturers have changed the way that they size bras. I know that should I buy a bra from a supermarket it would be a completely different size to one of my nice traditionally sized lingerie makers.

    I'm sure that the complete picture of why this change is sizes has happened is a complex one, and cannot even begin to be picked appart without the proper data, who collected it, from whom, and why. Boring statistics!

    • Jennifer D
      19/11/12 at 9:39

      Good points!

  26. Whitney
    17/06/11 at 22:21

    Eeee!! The last set has a nursing bra! I'm always (okay, often) on the lookout for pretty, supportive nursing bras. You'd think that section of the market would be naturally engineered toward larger cup sizes, but nooooo.

    It's always a triumph to find a style that is supportive (read: underwire), makes a good shape under clothing, and looks pretty all by itself. What woman needs good lingerie confidence more than a postpartum-bodied nursing mom?

    I'll get off the soapbox now. =) Thanks for the great list!

  27. Zoggi
    19/06/11 at 7:43

    "I'm sure that the complete picture of why this change is sizes has happened is a complex one, and cannot even begin to be picked appart without the proper data, who collected it, from whom, and why. Boring statistics!"

    This is so very true. If you want to know how much women's body shapes and sizes have really changed, you will need to look at records of actual body measurements, and conduct a study of original garments to find out if a 1950s 34B is actually the same as a present day 34B. Going by sales figures makes huge assumptions about the unchangability of bra sizing methods over time and ignores the women who wear bras that don't fit, and those who don't buy commercially made bras. It would be very interesting to read a proper study involving measurements of garments in museum collections, studies of vintage advertising etc together with women's body measurements then and now.

  28. Treacle
    19/06/11 at 18:41

    @Cheryl–Thanks for stopping by! It means a lot for my list to get an endorsement from an expert in full bust bras. :)

    @glasscannon–Really great comment…it's so important for these articles to have perspective from women who wear these brands and bras.

    @Zoggi–Thanks for your comments! I especially liked your remarks about how a proper study into bra fitting should be conducted…definitely food for thought.

    @Kayla–A lot of retailers are having sales to clear out old stock in many of these brands. It's a great time to try a few of them out and see what works for you.

  29. Treacle
    19/06/11 at 18:46

    @JuliaB–Thanks for bringing a more international perspective to this post. I appreciate the Debenham's recommendation as well…you can never have too much info for this sort of thing!

    @En Bouton–Stephanie from Dottie's Delights asked a similar question, and I would imagine that, yes, there is some difference between a 34B (my size) and a 28E (my sister size, twice removed). Even the cup volume was the same, there is probably some difference in construction. And yes, great point about how bra sizing is likely changing because the availability of sizes is changing.

    @Amaryllis–Great points, all. Thanks for sharing them there.

    @Whitney–You're super welcome. Thanks for taking the time to comment. And if you're looking for nursing/maternity bras in particular, try Hot Milk and Cake Lingerie…they both specialize in that area. :)

  30. Missile Panda
    20/06/11 at 10:56

    I have bought a few of Debenhams gorgeous bras but I found them to not be quite of the quality of that of freya et al. As a 34GG maybe they just struggle with the bigger of the big sizes ;)

  31. KirstyM
    21/06/11 at 21:15

    I've recently been reviewing some DD+ cup bras and have found that Pleasure State is also an excellent brand (is it perhaps only in Australia?). I was also surprised by the fit of bras from the By Caprice label.

    As a 32F I'm sick and tired of being labelled "plus size" by lingerie stores. I end up having to try to find a size that fits amongst racks of bras that have more resemblance to a barrage balloon than intimate fashions! I'm a size 10, I just have ample bosoms and hate how hard it can be to find bras that fit me. The brands you mention above are so expensive here in Australia – often over $100 for a simple bra.

    Maybe a post on DD+ bras you can get for less than $50 would be useful for budget conscious girls like me!

  32. Whitney
    21/06/11 at 21:26

    Ooh, I hadn't heard of Cake Lingerie–thank you! Gorgeous stuff.

  33. Treacle
    21/06/11 at 21:31

    @KirstyM–Thanks for commenting! Several of the brands mentioned in this post are below $50 (Freya & Fantasie, for example). If they're retailing for over $100 in Australia, that may be due to other factors.

  34. suep
    22/06/11 at 18:58

    I've just discovered your blog and can't wait to do more reading. I figured I would just be a reader until I came across the nursing bra comment.
    Bosom Buddies has 2 brick & mortar stores in the Denver area and a web site. While we do regular & sport bras in the stores, we started in and specialize in nursing bras. (In fact we started selling sport bras because our nursing moms couldn't wear their old sport bras with their new milk-filled breasts!)
    Just to add a bit of information to the comments, Hot Milk and Cake do have beautiful bras, but they are all soft cups.

  35. KirstyM
    22/06/11 at 19:05

    Treacle – yes you are of course right. Many brands as so much more expensive here in Australia.

    I think it's down to a smaller market and also a teeny bit of retailers having had it too good for too long.

    Might have to start buying in the US I think!

    • 26/01/12 at 19:32

      Hi Kirsty,

      You’ll be please to know the Freya are reducing their pricing to $59.95 as of this season which is much lower. I am based in Australia so understand thoguhts, the main factors for the price difference is shipping and duty tax, the retailers actually don’t have a large margin on the bras.

      I am working with some Australian designers at the moment so this will be great for fuller busted women. I can’t say too much as it will be revealed later this year but watch this space.

      Renee xx

  36. ana
    24/06/11 at 12:11

    Empreinte is missing!! It is my all time absolut favorite!

  37. Heidi
    25/06/11 at 7:03

    I have found that most of these brands are quite expensive here in Canada too… Retailing for close to $100+ and only found in "specialty shops" is a bit rediculous! As a larger cup/smaller band size, I can't buy your run of the mill bras, and trying anything from Victoria's Secret or LaSenza is useless! LaSenza attempted to carry "NEW larger cup sizes!" but that lasted maybe a year, and then I couldn't find them any more, and was told they don't make them that size any longer. I've since boycotted buying anything from either store (PJ's, underwear and all) and wrote a complaint email to LaSenza. All I got was your typical "we don't take customer feedback lightly" comment..

  38. Viviana
    08/08/11 at 21:09

    What if you're fat with small boobs, I wear a 48B, and I can never find an underwire Bra! Well a comfortable one that is. I end up wearing the lame soft cup bras cause I can't find anything good.

  39. Anonymous
    10/10/11 at 21:20

    I just lost 40 lbs and went UP to a DD and fill it. I was lying to myself wearing a D–a 42 D.
    Was freaking out that I had gotten so big, but when I lost weight and my bust didn’t go down… 36 DD

  40. indiraj
    12/01/12 at 6:22

    i love this

  41. Silverdrake
    23/01/12 at 9:53

    I wore the wrong bra size for years. Department stores only went up to a DD (if you were lucky, and only in BORING BEIGE). I started shopping online at herroom and barenecessities and discovered I’m actually a 34F (UK size – why does the US continue to use the very confusing DD, DDD, DDDD?).

    What I would like to see: more colors and prettier styles in larger bras. We don’t all want to “minimize” ourselves or camouflage with drab colors. I was looking for a sky blue bra to wear in sisterhood with Egyptian women, but not having any luck even online.

    I would also LOVE to see a line of tops for larger-breasted women. If I buy a top that fits my boobs, it’s enormous everywhere else. I’m a petite person otherwise and always have to buy different size tops and bottoms. I mostly just wear t-shirts, because the seam on fitted tops that’s supposed to fit under the bust invariably cuts right across the middle of mine. American manufacturers are missing a huge market of women who need a curvier cut in blouses.

    I think the median size has gone up simply because more women are getting a correct measurement. I am not obese, nor do I consume hormone-laden animal products or have implants. I am exactly the same shape as my great-grandmother. My two sisters wear completely different bra sizes and take after different members of the family. Our bra size is not our fault, it’s genetics.

    • BreastWhisperer
      07/02/12 at 19:56

      Silverdrake, look into the Prima Donna “Madison”…the new colour for spring is Sky Blue! When looking at fashion colours, they are usually “limited editions” and produced and ordered in smaller quantities, so when you find it, don’t hesitate!

  42. BreastWhisperer
    07/02/12 at 19:48

    I also have to mention Prima Donna as a fantastic option. Their “Madison” is a godsend. Amazing support, minimizing while still keeping a rounded shape, stretch lace panels that hug at the top of the breast AND it looks almost as discreet as a T-Shirt bra underneath fitted tops. I have four of them!

    As a fitter, I spend a lot of time trying to talk women in the FF+ and 38+ back range OUT of wearing lined and overly padded “T-Shirt” bras, especially those with medium to softer breast tissue. I’m a 36G, and padded bras are not my best option. Ever. There is a way to achieve smoothness without bulk, by going with an unlined seamless style. The Empreinte “Melody” and “Iva” are great options. If nipples are a concern, look into silicone reusable nipple covers (Bristol 6 makes a good one). Also, the Pleasure State line is a beautiful option up to a G, but I find that their fits are not as good as some other companies in the deeper cup sizes. Great for the boudoir, maybe not so great for every day.

    Again, I’m a 36G/38F, and I try to be very realistic about what is appropriate and what will work for me. There are certain styles that I may covet, but simply just do not work with my body type and weight. I have fit so many curvy and fuller figured brides who are frustrated with the lack of strapless options, but frankly, the technology simply does not exist, when the client is in a 40 back combined with a deeper cup size (F-K). At that point, a bustier or corset may be a solution, but even then the options are limited. If bare shoulders are desired, a halter style of dress will offer more support, have more bra options and be just as pretty.

    Also, when I ask a woman “what’s your bra size?”, we almost always answer with a cup letter. In my fittings, I tell my ladies that a back size is a far more accurate representation of the total body shape. A 120 pound woman, generally, should NOT be wearing a 36 or 38 band. Ever. Like I said, I weigh about 185 and wear a firm 36 to 38. So many of of my clients who are in a 38C Victoria’s Secret bra end up in a 32F, when correctly fitted with the proper back/cup combination. It’s a common mistake to overestimate your back size and underestimate your cup size, and I wholly fault retailers like Victoria’s Secret and their limited size range and also to a large extent, the media for perpetuating the myth that a DD cup is “big”. It’s not.

  43. SomoneR
    07/02/12 at 19:50

    I like this list, but it was just as I thought it would be- mostly European bra manufacturers. When will major American companies get a clue. So many American women wear the wrong size because they don’t know any better. 60 pounds and 20 years ago, I wore a 32DDD; I now wear a 34G. 20 years ago, I was stuck trying to find just a 34 DD without having to go to a specialty shop because American bra manufacturers don’t seem to understand that you can have a full bust without a full figure. Thank goodness for the Internet! I can now buy Fantasie and Panache. I am looking forward to trying some of the other brands you have listed.

  44. Shay
    12/02/12 at 18:27

    I just recently learned that I have been wearing the wrong bra size for years. Im a 36G and proud of it! Unfortunately, finding bras in this size has been a bear, which is why I had recently become obsessed with finding great fitting bras that don’t come in black, white, or nude. This blog has really enlightened me to the existence of some amazing full bust brands, however, I have tried a UK website and I just could not figure out the size difference. Am I still a 36G in UK sizes? because I tried an F size and it didn’t quite fit too well and I’ve asked around with no answer to my questions. Please help!

    • 12/02/12 at 18:40

      Hi Shay!

      I’m not full-busted, so please don’t take this advice as gospel, but I’ve found that I need to go up a cup size when ordering European brands. So, I’m a 34B US but a 34C for Europe. But I’d ask a full busted blogger like Holly from The Full Figured Chest, Cheryl from Invest in Your Chest, or George from Fuller Figure Fuller Bust to see what they have to say. Hope that helps and I’m glad you’ve found this blog enlightening. :)


  45. SammiDownUndy
    16/02/12 at 9:10

    First time reader, fabulous post and I’ll love checking out some of these brands. Have just noticed Curvy Kate popping up in the retailers here in old Sydney town so will be checking it out.

    I’ve got to say big boobs have been the bane of my existence for decades. DD went to F after my child was born. I have heard it all about so many different brands of bra’s for ‘bigger girls’ and have been so bitterly disappointed and out of pocket that often that I’d given up.

    I was actually put on to a party plan range called Intimo. I knew women that were evangelical about this brand but I’d ignored it until my chiro told me to take look at them. Have not looked back once. Bye bye Double Boob syndrome, Helloooo waist!

    It’s not any cheaper than the rate I pay retail (typically $70-120 for a bra depending on the brand – another aspect of being larger that irks greatly) but the construction is excellent, the lingerie range is beautiful and I finally have the thing I found the most impossible of all to get hold of – plain old tee-shirt bras!

    Now if ONLY I could find a brand that does lovely negligees and nightwear for girls with more plunge than perk in the boob department, I’d be truly happy.

  46. 20/02/12 at 7:35

    Excellent post! The tips are also very useful regarding Nursing Bras .There is a gradual increase in blood supply to help your breasts prepare for feeding your baby later on. These changes show why it is important to wear a comfortable, supportive maternity bra.

  47. Paula
    22/02/12 at 4:06

    I am a 34DD and I like to wear tank tops and dresses with thin straps. I have been looking everywhere for T-shirt (smooth) type bras that I can use day to day with spaghetti straps. I also prefer to use unformed bras with no foam as they add bulk. Does anybody have any ideas? All the bras nowadays come with foam cups and huge straps that do NOT work for me. I miss the old days when bras didn’t have foam…

    Thanks for any ideas…


  48. Melissa
    22/02/12 at 20:17

    I looked through those sites and couldn’t find a single 44D bra. I’m so sick of wearing white, pink, or nude bras. I want fun bras like I used to fit in. But it seems the only bras that work for me are Platex…ugh… I have worn Cacique and Underscore, but they don’t seem to fit as well as Playtex. Can’t someone design fun fashionable bras for the large woman? I fit in Victoria Secret panties, but not any of their bras any more. I miss the Victoria Secret days…but the sad secret is: as you get older, you generally get bigger too.

  49. aparna
    10/03/12 at 5:35

    i am 82 kg now after my delivery…. my bra size is 38… i don’t know what cup size to breasts are too big sagging though i am nursing my baby… what kind of bra can i wear to reduce my brreast size

  50. Bonnie
    08/04/12 at 0:01

    *Sigh* Bra buying is such a chore for me. I’m a C cup, but a 40-41 band width (only 19 lbs overweight, but all around the middle). Most places only go up to 38, and bigger than that means “industrial” bras. Even this article – large cup sizes (great as those are hard to find in stores) but the same tiny band sizes.

    I miss pretty bras, but it’s been years since I could wear one, because they’re not offered, unless one fits in that narrow band range.

    • 07/11/12 at 17:52

      I’m the same. 40C or 42C. Not a big enough cup for the big-busted bras; too large on the band size for most standard ranges. I was so hopeful because the example given at the top of the article was 40C, but I couldn’t find any of the top ten that actually offer this size.

      My solution is to make my own. Well, that’s the plan. I haven’t started yet, but I’m fed up of spending a ton of money on garments that I don’t like and which don’t really fit. I deserve pretty bras as much as the next woman!

  51. 17/04/12 at 13:19

    How do we know what the average cup size is, even if they get their number figures from lingerie or online A) Companies do their bra/band sizing different. B) Many are still doing add 4/5 to band measure- which gets to cup size.

    Ive been measured 30 and 4 count to 34 band, well to big for me, other women the same

    Both A and B will give incorrect results with band and cup sizing.

  52. Catherine
    17/04/12 at 14:29

    I’m surprised no one has mentioned Lunaire. Their sports bra is still the best I’ve found, and I’m pretty demanding of my sports bras.

  53. MB
    15/05/12 at 10:01

    Wow I don’t know how some of you ladies wear a 28 band??? My 10 year old daughter who is 5ft 75lbs and insanely thin was fitted for a 32 A just the other day and the band fits nice and snug. You ladies must be extra petite.

  54. Corey
    23/05/12 at 12:07

    Thanks. This really helps with my pricing I’m starting a new bra company and I always get good insight.

  55. 30/05/12 at 11:56

    I have a question.. Im a 38-40D on one breast but id measured on other im a 38-40 A Im having MAJOR issues finding bras that WONT HURT! or look like a deflated balloon on one side. anyway i can get help fiding bras?? every sales clerk i ask have me try on a million bras and by time i find one that somewhat fits.. i buy it and then next day i try on and doesnt fit right anymore.. (probably because of the agitation from trying on made my breast swell and fit better when i bought it)

    its uuber frustrating!!!

    • 30/05/12 at 15:13

      Hi JanetMarie!

      If there’s a cup size or more difference between your breasts, you want to buy a bra to fit the larger one and then use chicken cutlets or other support to fill out the smaller cup. So focus on taking care of the larger breast and getting a good fit there, and that should help. :)


  56. susan
    08/06/12 at 6:05

    If 36 D is really the AVERAGE size why is it so hard to find bras a little bigger, until F at least? Either this information is wrong or the manufacturers are completely ignoring the reality. If 36D is the average there must be plenty of women a bit bigger. I used to wear a Calvin Klein 36D even though I was F because it stretched but then they changed the model with that mousse inside. It was perfect before? Why do they think larger busted women want extra padding? And since Calvin Klein is American why do they stop at D or DD? That doe snt really reflect the reality of American women’s sizing, and this is an American brand? Same thing with Victorias Secret. Why do they sell nothing for larger busts? This doesn’t make sense. You have to buy a foreign bra even though the average American woman is a D cup? I see many bras online but I would like to know what actual stores have the brands you mention above, as I don’t really want to order and guess and send back over and over again. Is there any actual shop, say in new york city, that would have these bras to try on? I wanted to try a strapless. I wanted to try wonderbra strapless but there is a lot of confusing information about the band size being too small etc. Anybody have any luck with that or any strapless that really works?

    • Jodi
      15/06/12 at 13:37

      Hi Susan,

      I’m not Treacle, but I was searching for something else, and live in NYC so I thought I’d help.

      If you want to try bras in person in NYC, try the Town Shop on the Upper West Side (Broadway between 81st and 82nd). They carry many of the brands listed here.

  57. NH
    08/06/12 at 16:15

    WHY in the world are so many full-figured bras PADDED? I’d like a decent, DD cup that is smooth so I can wear under anything, full coverage, and not look like a porn star at work!

    • 07/11/12 at 17:53

      Yes, this! Even for smaller bras, it would be nice not to have to buy padded ones. But when you’re my size, it’s flat out ridiculous. I do not need extra padding, thanks.

  58. Rowan
    15/06/12 at 20:01

    Thank you so much for this article! I checked all of the links to see if any of these brands were sold near where I live (Utah, USA) and found that Nordstrom carried several of them. Went there today and bought the first bra I’ve ever found that actually fit me–a Freya 34G. I never would have found it without you!

    • 15/06/12 at 22:12

      Yay! I’m so happy to hear that. You totally made my day. :-D

  59. Angela
    18/06/12 at 12:06

    Hi…thanks a lot for writing this post….felt so good to hear there are more like me….had thought I am an abnormal case…lol
    I completely agree with the difference of full bust….

    I totally agree that women werent buying larger cup sizes cuz they wernt available…

    You dont get a D where I live.It’s rare…Recently heard of E.I cant tell you how awed I was….
    When you get it, you buy it, but earlier we had to adjust with smaller cups, right….

  60. Abi
    15/07/12 at 8:55

    This bras are gud but they don’t sell them in nigeria

  61. Jo
    24/07/12 at 18:59

    I am a full busted gal (34G), so I thank you for making the distinction between full-busted and full-figured. I live in a rural area, so clothing stores, let alone stores that offer a wide range of bra sizes in fashionable styles, is a bit rare. Approximately six months ago I made a trip to be professionally fitted because I knew I was wearing the wrong size, but was so frustrated when I couldn’t find bras in the local stores that fit. Fitting a woman for a correctly sized bra is not an exact science, so I definitely recommend going for a free fitting before purchasing online. Although a bit pricey, I also recommend Chantelle. I find their bras give me a nice rounded shape and are very comfortable. I also wear bras by many of the manufacturers mentioned on the top 10 list. Since I am a former college athlete (cross-country and track) and Biomedical Engineer I want to put in a quick plug for the Shock Absorber sports bras. I prefer a compression style sports bra for running to hold the girls firmly in place so I can focus on form and speed and they have been the best I have found to date. Keep up the great work on this blog!

  62. melissa
    25/07/12 at 10:45

    I think nothing exists for me. I have tried a hundred bras and its always the same. Im a 38-40 around, typically plus, but my fave bra is a c, my others are d,…the problem is I have gained and lost weight over and over and now my boobs are just there, very heavy, not full, just there… I really hate them, In bras I have to continually lift and “fluff” them. I need major side support and lift, in all my bras, they “slide” down and just look awful. If you can help, PLEASE help!!!!

    • 25/07/12 at 11:01

      Sounds frustrating! Have you tried visiting a bra fitter? Or using one of the bra fit calculators available online?

  63. Annierose
    26/07/12 at 14:03

    I’m a one-brand woman and that brand is Goddess. I’m both plus size & full-busted, and most of their bras come in my size 42J.
    Annierose, coming late to this discussion because my daughter just sent me the link.

  64. 29/07/12 at 3:41

    wow wonderful collection and brands…Thanks

  65. Bela
    04/08/12 at 10:40

    Hi! I just discovered your website and am loving it! I am looking to find a few amazing bras that I LOVE. I am around a 34FF. (Was recently fitted.) I am looking for something very simple that is supportive and minimizing. Sexy not necessary- just practical. I live a very active life and just want the ladies to be supported and comfortable! Any suggestions? I am finding the wide selection a bit overwhelming. I don’t even know where to start.


  66. Angel
    08/08/12 at 23:44

    thank you so much for making this list!!! i have been in not even that big compared to some full busted women, but most small stores only go up to a 38c, and stores that go higher dont have much of a selection and its such a downer! this list is awesome, thank you so much!!

  67. Belinda
    17/08/12 at 19:37

    To all you ladies complaining about only being able to buy white and beige
    You can fabric dye your bras. Nylon does dye beautifully and cotton of course
    Kool aid give very pretty pastels (though you will smell kinda fruity for a bit)
    And I assume everyone hand washes and air fires ther bras correct?
    The washer and dryer will kill the elastic and warp your underwires. Also I’ve heard wires coming out and wrecking the dryer

    I dye all my old bras that are no longer quite white
    Also save the ones with the stretched out bands. I use te cups when I make my own bikini tops

    That way I get great support and coverage on skimpy style tops. And some pretty good cleavage when I use a padded bra ;D

    • Belinda
      17/08/12 at 19:39

      A 38A, 36B, 34C, 32D all have the same cup size. So if you fit the cup but not the band you can by them off the clearance rack and use them to line your itty bitty bikini tops

  68. L
    20/08/12 at 15:25

    Estrogen pollution and obesity are two huge factors contributing to the increase of bra size. No pun intended.

  69. Sossy
    14/09/12 at 15:55

    Excellent and helpful post – but I’m not sure how many of these are available in the USA. I’d easily (well, maybe not super-easily) spend $100 or more for a bra that actually fits and is not painful. No implants & not full-figured, just blessed with a lot going on upstairs. Underwires hurt like crazy (they cut under my armpits), and as others mentioned, department stores seem to think women with 34-inch ribcages don’t need D cups.

    I wonder if the stats are based on women who repeatedly buy new bras just as an effort to find one that fits?

  70. DW
    23/10/12 at 2:44

    I buy Glamorise usually, and I have to shop online because I wear a 40I. But my poor teen daughter (who is not overweight) is a 32FF and sometimes can find bras at the Nordstrom Rack (we try not to crack jokes on the name of the store under the circumstances…). Nordstroms is the only store around here I’ve been able to find with a decent selection of bra sizes, and while the prices are terrifying and the products aren’t comfortable enough for my taste, at least my kid can find a good fit for modest prices in the clearance shop.

    • Paige
      17/11/12 at 18:58

      You’re lucky if you live in a state that has a Rack in it. In New Mexico it’s like 800 miles to the nearest city that’s got enough stores in it to have a Rack and as a teacher there’s no way I can afford Nordstrom’s.

  71. Dariana Wheeland
    30/10/12 at 6:44

    I love your blog! Do you do reviews on post masectomy bras and breast forms?

    • 30/10/12 at 15:09

      Hi Dariana,

      My writers and I can only review items we’ve actually tried, and as none of us has had a mastectomy or been in need of breast forms, those are items are items we cannot legitimately review. HOWEVER, we do accept guest posts from our readers, including product reviews. And if someone would like to write one for The Lingerie Addict, I’d be more than happy to consider publishing it.

      Take care,

  72. Laura O
    01/12/12 at 13:13

    Just now finding this blog and spent some wonderful time reading everyone’s posts. Truly bra sizing and fitting is not an exact science…I’ve followed my mother who followed her mother as developing early and full…I started to wear a 32 DD before I was 13 and while my oldest daughter is probably 3 or so years away, it is blogs like this that will help me and other moms keep our daughters fitted properly and stylish. I would like to know of blogs or sites where I can connect with other moms raising daughters that will most likely be full busted like their mother and family members before…I’m assuming growing up with full breasts early has similar social issues that I faced and the more help the better.

  73. JamiLynn
    28/12/12 at 0:43

    I just wanted to say how much I appreciate you for writing and posting! I have always been a Victorias Secret (VS) girl (then woman lol) as they carried a specific wireless bra that still had the lift I wanted. I WAS a 34 to 36 C. Then, when I turned 26 I got pregnant and after I had my baby boy I never was able to lose the weight. I quit smoking and that didn’t help matters in that area. lol Though I don’t regret it! Anyhow… Now I wear a 40 DD and VS doesn’t accommodate for my size any longer. Needless to say I was crushed… when you have to shop in a different place because you have become too big.. well… that doesn’t feel all that great! lol And I have been searching for a GOOD bra for a while, to no avail, and then tonight I found your blog… I am so thankful! You, my dear, are great at what you do!! And it may not seem like It should mean so much but it does… TO ME. So… Thanks again! You’re The BEST!

  74. Rebecca
    20/02/13 at 1:45

    Can anyone help me? I am brestfeeding mother and now cannot find a bra to fit my new larger breasts. I have worn a bra from dillards that is a size 34D but from Victoria secret a 34DDD. I have tried getting fitted but they ended up having me buy a bra that was too little. The bras are too small or too big. I do have larger breasts but I am not full figured so they may gape at the top. does anyone know what shape/style bra would be best or a website to help. I am getting desperate! I want a bra that fits me correctly:/

  75. jaye
    11/04/13 at 7:36

    ive always been a big busted girl and live in au the range here is poor and extremly expensive could you do a lost of online stores to help us whom don’t have the fantastic shops like us and uk. please help

  76. Ladygodiva
    13/04/13 at 11:08

    Full-busted all my life… finally got a 34gg in my 30s in the UK and never looked back, post nursing I wear a 36H. Bravissimo, Undercover experience, Traditional Lingerie (Woods), and Brastop are all places I shop regularly. For nursing bras I have worn up to a 36K (Royce) and 36H (Freya, Fantasie, HotMilk). The UK nursing bras are mostly non-wire but the support is better than most underwire bras. Fancee Free comes in larger sizes, but is kind of a bullet proof vest – and too large in front to wear under all but turtlenecks. As long as you know your size, running a google search can bring up lots of different places to buy.

    Remember that most of the EU bras are designed to fit lower on your back than the US-made and designed bras – you can tell by holding them up and seeing the difference in the cup placement. This makes many of the styles more comfortable for the fuller bust, with less stress on the shoulders.

    In person shops in the US I have used : LIlly Ann’s Lingerie in LIvermore CA, and Creative Woman, Wizard of Bras in Monrovia. Both places do excellent fitting, particularly if you can make an appointment. Lady Grace in Massachusetts also does a reasonable job, but is a more conservative style – mostly Goddess and Elomi in the larger sizes.

    Prima Donna are nice bras, if expensive, and often the shops that carry them will try to fit you into a ‘close’ size rather than one that fits. The department stores here are useless.

  77. Louise K
    05/05/13 at 7:27

    I personally prefer Bravissimo as they have a wide range for me to choose from as I find it difficult to get good bras, I am a 36FF.

  78. Terry
    19/05/13 at 16:37

    I am so happy to find a list of companies that have a range of full bust/figure bras. At 22, I find myself wanting underwear that is cute and flirty, but you just can’t find them in stores. for me, bra shopping has just been frustrating since my chest really came in (whether the cause is the hormones in the things I eat, or my equally busty grandparents from both sides is irrelevant.) I’m fully aware that my bras are in the wrong cup size, but with the more appropriate cup sizes, I hate how far the cup goes on the side and how almost all of the bras are boring, and will definitely give these boutiques a try.

  79. Mina
    28/05/13 at 2:08

    Could you do a list of good bra companies for small band size, full busted women? I’ve found that while it’s easy to find 44G in stores a 32G is particularly annoying (I only have one, and it’s tan and padded. I shouldn’t be wearing tan at seventeen. And why in the world would I need padding??). I have to say Natori and Wacoal are GREAT companies for 32DD or 32DDD in the US, but once you hit a G, there’s one bra and it’s lame.

    • 28/05/13 at 3:09

      Many of the companies listed here make bras in 32G.

    • Kylee
      03/06/13 at 20:15

      Mina, I am in my late 20’s, wear a 32H, and have been in full-bust sizes since high school, so I feel your pain. For cute, flirty, young styles, the list hit on many of the best options I’ve found. Freya and Cleo are the youngest and most fun of the bunch. I personally prefer Panache, and have found an awesome fit in their Tango Plunge Bra (3256). It’s not as cutesy or patterned like Freya and Cleo, but it fits me like a glove and I can wear it underneath almost anything without flashing the top of my bra in a low-cut shirt. Everyone fits in everything different, so perhaps you’ll have better luck with those younger-looking options that I did because they never quite sat right on my frame, wearable but not great for me.

      You won’t find these bras in most department stores in the US. Nordstrom does carry a fair selection if you want to try some and get a feel for the fit. I usually try things on in a specialty store in Houston (where I live), buy one bra from them, and then order 2 or 3 more from an online retailer because it’s so much cheaper. I would recommend trying them first in a store because it’s hard to buy bras online without ever trying them (unless you first get a feel for how each brand fits you).

  80. 07/06/13 at 17:44

    Hello! I love this post! I found your blog through one of your Pinterest pins, and it’s been a God-send. I’m not exaggerating. I’m 5′ and wear a 34DD. Finding bras in my size is nearly impossible unless I go to Victoria’s Secret, which I’m not too fond of either. I can’t wait tor try out the brands you mention in this post. Also, I linked back to it in one of my own recent posts: I also did a similar post, but with swimsuits: I know you’re blog is strictly lingerie, but us full bust girls have just as much trouble looking for suits that fit just right. :) Thank you for this post!

    • 07/06/13 at 18:58

      I’m glad it was helpful to you! Thanks for sharing it with your readers. :-)

  81. Ms.Reyes
    08/06/13 at 22:31

    Love all the suggestions! Thanx. I was just recently fitted at Linda’s in NY and found I was actually a cup bigger at 38E/DDD. My sis came as well and had been wearing a 36G but was actually a 32J. Her boobs are finally sitting up lol and she’s exciting to see these brands have so many colors and designs to chose from. I was afraid being bigger I would be forced to wear bras that were only full coverage as I prefer demi cups but balconnet bras are available and are pretty much the same but better. They can be a little pricey but once you know your size and a brand you prefer there are sellers on ebay who ship from Europe so the prices end up being cheaper even with shipping. Be sure to hand wash your new treasures as I was told that tide can break down the elastic. I have a special lingerie soap that’s gentle and will help your bras last longer. Store them flat and learn to put them on from the front; the hard way, which will help your bra last longer as well. The old way: turning the bra around stretches out the band and when flipping it up the cups and the underwire can lose their shape. Nordstrom also sells some of these brands online and offer free shipping and returns. So far, my sis and I are a fan of Panache, Cleo and Curvy Kate but I will definitely check out these other brands. Thanx again!

  82. Catherine
    24/07/13 at 13:52

    I recently bought a Panache 36J. Theoretically that is the right size, but I find that the wire sits way around on the side instead of closer to the front. It is just plain uncomfortable. Any suggestions as to what brands keep the band as the band and put the wire where it should be?

  83. 24/08/13 at 12:44

    I love this post! However, don’t forget about European designer Marlies Dekkers. She creates bras up to a 40F and they are not only the most comfortable bras you will ever find, but they are also the most beautiful. Her lingerie changes the way women feel about themselves. Having a bra that looks AND feels good is a dream come true! Please consider putting her lingerie on the list.

  84. Sophia
    02/09/13 at 18:44

    Hi there!
    I just found your page and i find it very interesting.
    I have, lika a lot of women here problems finding a Good bra that fits
    me without hurting me or make me look lika Madonna in her Im a virgin-video.
    I live in Sweden and have a huge problem finding bras in big sizes.
    I wonder if you can help me?
    My european size is 75J (I used to have 75I because that was The biggest size they
    had in The store. I bought it though it was too small for me).
    So I guess The next size from 75I is 75J, am I correct?
    And if I NOW have 75J, what size would that be in american size?
    Can you or someone Else please recommend me where I can find nice fitting bras
    In My size that doesnt cost a fortune? And IF there isnt any bras in My size
    thats not affordable, please give me names of brands and models that fits me even though they are pricy.
    Thanks for a great page & for making me Feel that Im not all alone on This planet with big Brests and ugly fitting bras.
    Please help me!

    • 04/09/13 at 12:49

      Hi Sophia,

      I’m not familiar with which brands are available to you in Sweden, but I’d recommend searching for a bra size conversion calculator to figure out your size across brands. The blog post you’re commenting on right now likely contains some brands that make bras in your size.


  85. 02/09/13 at 21:59

    I never knew there were such hot lingerie items for bigger women. Really sexy too. Thank you for all of the detailed info you have given us here.

  86. Mdawn
    28/09/13 at 1:14

    I’m sorry but how can a company that only goes to a size 40 band realistically advertise as “plus size”? I wear a size 16-18. So yes im plus size but not huge and I wear a 42 band..sometimes needing up to a 46 depending on the style and width of the back and side panels. Do you know of any REAL plus size companies?

    • 28/09/13 at 1:34

      In the lingerie industry, bands 38 and above are considered plus size. A 38 band will usually fit someone with a 38″ underbust measurement or higher. Curvy Kate, Elomi, Prima Donna, Curvy Kate and Goddess all make bras in that size range (but I wouldn’t consider any of them to be exclusively plus size companies). We also have articles on the site for 40-50 band sizes, such as this one here.

  87. 05/11/13 at 12:39

    Love your site. Trying hard to get a bra I created out to the women I have come to call my sisters. It was created out of a need like most things, I would love a company to add it to there line. I have a Utility Patent on it. It was created for the big breasted active women. Thank you for sharing companies that care for the big ones. Yvonne Johnston (

  88. kate
    30/11/13 at 23:08

    I found this information very helpful, but the comments made me laugh! Do you people not realize that companies change the sizing?? If you took a bra that is a DD today, and one that was a B thirty years ago, the only difference would be the l letters on the tag! They would be the same size! It’s the same with all clothing, jeans, shirts, panties…. It’s not our body size or the way we eat, its the clothes. Wake up people.

  89. Kate
    06/12/13 at 19:15

    It’d be nice to see actual PLUS sized bras represented here on the “Top 10 Bra Brands for Full Bust & Plus Sized Women.” 38 isn’t plus size…

    • 07/12/13 at 0:20

      Hey, thanks for your feedback! Unfortunately, I haven’t really run across a standard definition of “plus size.” It seems to vary based on who’s talking about it and what they’re talking about. In lingerie, it starts around a 38-40 band size; that has to do with the lines the bra market and bra manufacturers are split along. This article is also a couple of years old, and if you’re looking for more updated information, I’d check our plus size category for other lingerie articles on the subject here:


  90. 23/12/13 at 6:26

    I personally prefer Prima Donna.

  91. 30/12/13 at 2:02

    love the information. For a really sturdy bra that can be worn as both an everyday bra and a sports bra check out Le Unique bras. The breasts are supported with a banderine. No wires. Perhaps they can be featured in your blog as well.

    • 06/01/14 at 4:32

      I had not heard of Le Unique, but I’ll definitely take a look.


  92. 11/01/14 at 13:08

    Thaaaaaank you so much for this post!!! Oh my god you have saved my life. I am so grateful you’ve done all the hard work for me. I’ve favorited this page like 100 times and put it on my “pocket app”. Just wanted to let you know I appreciate this post and keep it up! Started following you on tumblr :)

  93. Delani
    08/02/14 at 15:06

    I really like Prima Donna. Being a 40H, I need a well made bra to keep the weight off. I have tried other brands but they seem a little too flimsy. Prima Donna is well made and supremely well engineered. I keep thinking of them as suspension bridges. They have a nice range of neutrals was well as a few romantic ones but they start at about $80 and go into the $140s.

  94. Fauve
    09/02/14 at 16:08

    I really enjoyed reading this article, as well as most of the comments. It’s so reassuring that there are so many of us who have unconventional bra sizes. My issue is that most of these companies are European owed and the shipping and duty costs are so much that I can’t afford to update my bras as often as I would like.
    I live in Canada and have visited Bravissimo locations all over London England on many a previous trip. I thought I had my size all figured out, so when I went to order some bras after returning home I wouldn’t have to fuss about returns and such.
    No luck. I can’t figure out if my boobs just keep growing, or if the sizes are that different between the different brands sold by the same company. It is really frustrating.
    I ordered a strapless bra about a year ago, when it came in the mail originally there was no duty or extra charges. But defects in manufacturing caused a strap loop to come unfastened, and Bravissimo gratefully exchanged it. When I got the return item, along with a new order I had placed, I had to pay 40$ CND for customs!
    Shocked, I paid the fee and was excited to try on my new bra. So I get home, only to find that the new bra shipped doesn’t fit like the previous. I cant go through the hassle of ordering and waiting almost 3 weeks for delivery and being unsatisfied with the purchase, but even worse, sending it back and waiting ages for a replacement to be forced to pay on top of that extra shipping, customs, for the same item.
    WE NEED STORES IN CANADA! Or at least shipping from a location in Canada so we don’t have to wait so long!
    A fair number of my girlfriends are large chested and have the same issues.

    Does anyone know of a North American retailer?

    • 09/02/14 at 19:27

      If you’re in Canada, try Butterfly Collection.

  95. renee
    16/02/14 at 18:30

    That’s all great but what about the plus size full bust ladies? I am a 46 ddd and it is super difficult to find a good bre. Cathrines just discontinued two underwire bras that I loved…so back to the hunt I go. Any suggestions? We need sturdy bras with a wider back and sides, no flimsy little 2 hook things. But we still like to be sex!

  96. mjay
    17/02/14 at 13:22

    OK. I’m a plus size girl age 31. I need bigger than a 44 at thr moment. I wear a 48 Dd depending on the brand. None of these go that high in girth. I started exercising and needan aawesome bra to do the coach to 5 k. This site didn’t help. Ehhh. I’d also like to know if anywhere customizes the cups I’m a total cup lower on one side. Ehh. Again. Ty

    • 17/02/14 at 14:59

      We have over 2000 posts on TLA. I’d recommend searching our archives as there are quite a few articles discussing bras for higher band sizes…for example, this one: 8 Pretty Bras for Full Bust, Plus Size Women. Our FAQ in the header bar is a great place to get started.

      Have a good week!

  97. Kristin
    11/07/14 at 19:06

    I would add two French brands — Chantelle and Le Mystere — to this list. They only go up to an H cup (close to American sizing), but I find them a bit more generous in the cup than the UK FF equivalent. Same goes for Wacoal. Natori is another that goes to an H cup, but their cups are on the small, shallow side.

    Claudette is a new brand that goes up to a UK G cup. It’s known for minimalistic design with very bold color palates.

    For a lot more range in sizes, the Polish brand Kris Line is quite good. Ewa Michalak, also Polish, gets a lot of high praise as well, but I haven’t had a chance to try any of those on.

  98. Dr. Susan J. Williams
    19/08/14 at 9:27

    Please help me find a bra I like. I hate these microfiber sport bras. I like the “torpedo tit” or bullet etc. my band is 33.5 and the fullest part is 40. That seems to me each compny calls it a different size. Please let me know where I can find something that enhances not minimizes and soft on the shoulders. I have worn Pennyrich and Novall. Please tell me which is more flattering in a sexy way. Thanks. I await your suggestion. Thank you

  99. Elspeth
    08/09/14 at 23:30

    Can anyone tell me where i can find a 24 c Bra in Australia…. that doesn’t cost a bomb and fits well.. so hard to find.. sometimes I wish i had bigger boobs than a C just so i can get a decent pretty well fitting Bra.

  100. Gigi
    14/10/14 at 1:27

    I noticed a lot of people speculating as to why American women have bigger chests now. I think a lot of it varies. The hormones meats do not help, but then there are some who are naturally busty. I am a 34DD and I think I would be that way no mater what.. Granted, I need to lose a little weight right now but I am not overweight. But my size has not changed with weight gain or loss. I was a 34DD even at 120lbs. Every woman is different and honestly, with my bone structure, I think I would look funny if I were smaller.

  101. Crystal
    28/12/14 at 16:38

    So… plus size is ONLY a 40 band? None of these brands go above a 40. And I’ve tried Elomi 40’s before and they are small. They fit more like 34/36’s. This just makes me sad that I’ll never have a proper fitting bra.

    • 29/12/14 at 0:09

      Hi Crystal,

      Have you tried searching sites like HerRoom or Lane Bryant? They both stock bra sizes in bands above 40. In addition, this particular post is over 3 years old now, but we have several blog posts dedicated to plus size bra options in larger band sizes (search the blog for “plus size”).


  102. 03/01/15 at 18:27

    Go into a “intimacy” store they go up to a KK cup! Life Changing experience!

  103. Veronica
    27/01/15 at 14:53

    I do not consider bras lingerie. I am looking for actual lingerie that will fit my 42 HH breast.

  104. 05/02/15 at 14:04

    Do you carry 50 or 50 b bras my sister in law needs bras please let me know Thank you

    • 05/02/15 at 14:21

      We don’t carry any bras (The Lingerie Addict is a blog, not a retailer), but just searching for ’50B bra’ in Google brought up a ton of retailers stocking options for this size. Best of luck with your search!

  105. Esther
    07/03/15 at 1:23

    Ok, here is one for you. Where do I find bras that offer good support and look nice that are over a 50 inch band size???? If I knew how to sew, darn straight I would make my own and open a business to sell them too. I know there has got to be a place that makes and sells, WITHOUT costing me , my first born child.

    • 07/03/15 at 2:28

      Have you tried I can’t speak to your taste, style, or budget preferences, but Elila and Goddess make some pretty (in my opinion) styles in the 50+ band size range.

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