The Look for Less: Agent Provocateur Whip Me Stockings

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In the left corner we have Agent Provocateur’s gorgeous and exclusive Whip Me Stockings.  Selling for $70.00, these stockings have the words “Whip Me…Bite Me…Eat Me…Tease Me” in place of the traditional backseam.

In the right corner, we have the luxury-inspired but budget-friendly ASOSversion. Retailing at $17.93, these Love backseam tights have all the class of the more expensive version but for considerably less cash.

What do you think, fellow addicts, are these sexy stockings a purchase…or pass?


  1. shopaholicann
    14/03/11 at 2:11

    Much as I love seams these are not for me and the price tag…….. eeeck!

  2. Gigi
    14/03/11 at 8:00

    I have been lusting after those AP ones for so long, the 'love' ones just don't cut it for me. As for the AP ones, I'd rather see them before buying and we don't have a store yet in Toronto :(

    Love your blog!

  3. Anonymous
    14/03/11 at 12:48

    They are beautiful but I would have to pass.

  4. Diane
    14/03/11 at 13:10

    A huge part of the appeal of the AP ones is the "naughty" text. The Asos ones are cute but they don't have the same impact, unfortunately.

  5. Solanah
    14/03/11 at 13:30

    I like the pretty detail, but don't like that they're tights as oppose to stockings. Pass :(


  6. Happy pet
    14/03/11 at 14:47


    With every passing day i become more of a fan of ASOS.


  7. GR
    14/03/11 at 14:51

    Both cute, but $70 and *maybe* the size C would fit (they don't give enough info to tell for sure) or $18 and only one size available?
    Wow, I think I'll pass as well.

    • DianaF
      09/05/12 at 14:45

      FYI – the AP stockings run larger than I expected, I’m 5’1″ with heavy thighs, and the size 1 fit me beautifully. The welt didn’t dig in and my usual “stocking muffin top” was much less noticeable than usual.

  8. joanshearer
    14/03/11 at 15:40

    Pass. If you want to spend $70 for AP stockings, get the pure silk ones. :o)

    I must say tho, Cervin never fails to amaze me w/ what they art they can make in nylon stockings!

  9. Kayla @ TheEclecticElement
    14/03/11 at 16:40

    BOTH of those are so awesome! I don't know, I think I might have to shell out the $70 to get the more expensive brand, just because it's so different and I love it xD

    Although honestly, I'd get both!

  10. Anonymous
    14/03/11 at 23:05

    I like the naughty text much more than the nice text, but I only wear stockings in private where they don't stay on too long, or to work where they don't quite fit the administrator dress code. And if I wore them under something so I could feel a bit naughty I would not want to spend $70. So regrettably, pass.

  11. Lisa Norman
    15/03/11 at 2:18

    I'm quite a naughty girl and a fan of Agent Provacateur, but the "Love" back seam by ASOS just seems to be perfect for springtime. Realistically, I could get more wear from those, too. So, I go for sweetness this time.

  12. daisychain
    15/03/11 at 11:37

    I love the ASOS ones! Adding to wishlist!

  13. Boudoir
    19/03/11 at 5:38

    The AP ones are fabulous! Although I wouldn't personally pay that much for stockings a couple of my clients have brought them to use for their boudoir photo shoots and they worked really well. The ASOS ones aren't really an alternative for me – they are tights and the message is more cute than sexy. But they are definitely much more affordable and wouldn't shock so many people in the office ;o)

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