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Designer Interviews: Michelle Jouvence of Lucy B Lingerie

Even though the 12 Days of Knickers are over and I’m about to take a blog vacation (more on that tomorrow!), I can’t let December go by without posting another designer interview… especially since I’ve been a fan of this month’s feature for even longer than I’ve been blogging.

Many of you have probably seen Lucy B lingerie without even knowing it. After all, one of her spokesmodels is Bernie Dexter, the world famous pin-up queen. I’m a fan of Lucy B not only because I love vintage-inspired lingerie but also because of how Michelle Jouvence, the designer behind the brand, brings back the fun and playfulness that retro lingerie is supposed to have.

Well… that’s enough from me. Let’s get to the interview! As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

1) Even though the name of your lingerie line is Lucy B, your name isn’t. Can you tell us who Lucy B is?
Lucy B is a fictional person from yesteryear. She represents all of the fabulous women of the 1940s and 1950s like Lucille Ball, Lauren Bacall and all of the others whose names don’t begin with and an “L” and a “B“.
2) Is there a special kind of Lucy B woman? What’s she like?

The Lucy B woman can be either fashion forward or fashion backward, but whether she is a rockabilly pin-up girl who loves vintage, or a fashionista who loves the latest trend, she will have a sense of individuality. Lucy B is for the girl who has a sense of adventure and likes something that has a bit of an edge.

3) Retro and vintage repro lingerie is huge right now. What makes Lucy B different from other pin-up lingerie designers?   
The thing that makes Lucy B so unique, is our sense of whimsy in the design. There is always something unexpected in the details, something that will make you smile. Also, all of our lingerie is made right here in Los Angeles; we believe in “Made in America.”

4) I adore your collaboration with Bernie Dexter, and I own several pieces from that line (including the super sexy Scanti Panties).  How did that relationship start, and what’s the best thing about working with Bernie?
Bernie and I originally met and worked together years ago at a fashion show for Atomic Magazine. Sometime after that I saw pictures she had shot with Danielle Bedics, so I contacted Bernie to do a photo shoot for Lucy B. The photos turned out amazing and Bernie and I discovered that we had a lot of things in common and really hit it off. We started working together regularly after that. She modeled in photo shoots for Lucy B and modeled at the Lingerie Trade shows for us. We would talk about our vintage lingerie collections and decided to recreate some of Bernie’s treasured vintage lingerie pieces. The best thing about working with Bernie is how much fun we have together. Not only is she completely professional and hardworking, she is one of the nicest and most fun people I know.

5) What’s the one piece of Lucy B lingerie every woman must own?  
Only one? Haha, I don’t think I can choose only one. OK — the silver screen slip. It’s so fabulous and comfortable to sleep in.

6) And, finally, the big question… where can we buy your stuff? 

Some of stores that carry the current collection are: Charla’s Place in Los Angeles, CA; Purrfect Girl in Aptos, CA; Naked City in Seattle, WA; Knickers of Hyde Park in Cincinatti, OH; Lavender Lace in Brooklyn, NY; and of course the entire collection is available at  

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  1. Jennas Red Rhino says:

    This design work is fun and looks really functional. Gosh, they sure are doing a great job with styling, modeling and photography! I'm so envious!

  2. image consultants personal shoppers says:

    Nice set of lingerie. classy yet fun.

  3. Nava says:

    GReat interview I adore lingerie glad I found your blog! I'm always looking for interesting places to shop for some great pieces!


  4. daisychain says:

    Fab interview and amazing undies!

  5. Toad Lillie says:

    So cheeky and fun! I love those leopard print panties!

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