Bella Bella Boutique Christmas Lingerie Giveaway!

Teddies, rompers, playsuits, bodies. Whatever you call them, the one-piece has come back in a big way this year. I love how flirty, playful, and vintage this look is… the perfect mix of sexy and sweet. That’s why I’m super excited about this month’s giveaway.

Dear readers, you have the opportunity to win a gorgeous, luxurious, 100% silk chiffon romper from La Fee Verte courtesy of Bella Bella Boutique. The romper, which retails for $100, is available in sizes S, M, and L and features a ruffled neckline, front zipper, and sexy low-cut back. Best of all, it’s sheer… and you know how I feel about sheer lingerie.


So how do you win?

It’s easy! Everyone can enter up to five ways.

1) The whole point of lingerie is to make you, the wearer, feel beautiful. So tell us in the comments “What makes you feel beautiful?”

2) Follow Bella Bella Boutique on Twitter. If you do this, you must tweet the following:

I entered @stockingsaddict contest to win free luxury #lingerie from @BellaBellaB. See what she’s giving away here-

3) Follow The Lingerie Addict on Twitter. Already a follower? Just cut and paste the tweet above. It’s an easy way to get two entries.

4) Like Bella Bella Boutique on Facebook. If you do this, you must share the page with your friends.

5) Like The Lingerie Addict on Facebook. Already a fan? Just share the page with your friends for an extra entry.

Please leave a separate comment for each entry, and your e-mail address (or some other way to contact you) in at least one entry. All entries must be received by 11:59 p.m. EST on December 17, 2010. Winner will be chosen via and announced December 18, 2010. Only entries made as described above are eligible to win.

Good luck, and thank you for being a fan of The Lingerie Addict!

12/11/10 Edit: Lingerie Addict readers are so awesome that, for the first time ever, we’ve had to close a competition early because you bought all the lingerie! But don’t worry, the winner will still receive their prize.

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Cora Harrington

Founder and Editor in Chief of The Lingerie Addict. I started TLA in a small studio apartment in 2008. Since then, it's become the leading lingerie blog in the world, and has been featured on the websites for Forbes, CNN, Time, Today, and Fox News. I believe lingerie is fashion too, and that every who wants it deserves gorgeous lingerie.

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  1. Coco Boudoir says:

    Beautiful lingerie makes me feel beautiful!! Thanks for the contest!

  2. Denise says:

    I feel beautiful when I wear high heels. They just make me feel so fancy. :)

  3. Coco Boudoir says:

    I tweeted! @cocoboudoir_wpg

  4. Coco Boudoir says:

    I tweeted! @cocoboudoir_wpg

  5. Coco Boudoir says:

    I liked both pages and shared with my friends! Carol Trudeau Swaitkewich

  6. Iryna Ugryn says:

    would like to participate!
    Following your blog and fan page!!!
    Iryna, xo

  7. Jack Pandemian says:

    Accomplishing something difficult makes me feel beautiful!

  8. Happy pet says:

    My partners compliments make me feel beautiful

  9. Thomas "Duffbert" Duff says:

    I love how beautiful lingerie makes my wife feel…

  10. mc2004 says:

    I can't say it makes me beautiful but it certainly does my wife! The different fabrics against her skin are devine and lingerie shows all the different aspects of her. It accentuates her beautiful curves and makes it like Christmas morning! It makes her feel powerful and allows her to show more than usual without showing too much!

  11. Meg.Meh.P. says:

    Thanks for the lovely giveaway!

    What makes me feel beautiful is when I am happy and I am around the people I love.


  12. Meg.Meh.P. says:



  13. Meg.Meh.P. says:




  14. Meg.Meh.P. says:

    following both on facebook…

  15. Z says:

    Wearing matching sets always makes me feel beautiful, as do good hair days!

  16. Ana Tomás says:

    Wearing pretty underwear everyday :) and stockings with a nice garter belt to make that beautiful silhouette, thin waist & round hips.


  17. Ana Tomás says:

    liked & shared BBB on facebook.


  18. Caremel says:

    I feel so beautiful when I dress up 'specially for my girlfriend and I wear gorgeous undergarments :).

  19. Ferret Finds says:

    I feel beautiful when I see someone I care for smiling widely at me for no specific reason.

  20. Ferret Finds says:

    I already like you on facebook

  21. Callie says:

    I feel more beautiful when I am well rested and happy. Exercise doesn't hurt although it is the endorphins I believe and not the results that improve my self image.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  22. va says:

    1. what makes me beautiful is me being happy without needing any material thing .Beauty is within .

    tumblemumbo at gmail dot com

  23. Mrs w says:

    Already a fan of The Lingerie Addict on Facebook and just shared you on my Facebook page

  24. Mrs w says:

    Just became a fan of Bella Bella Boutique also and shared them on my Facebook as well.

    Sscott1217 at gmail dot com

  25. Mrs w says:

    I feel beautiful when I wear a pair of back seam stockings. I love the retro sexiness of that look.

    Sscott1217 at gmail dot com

  26. Anonymous says:

    I love getting dressed in the morning while my husband still in bed I know that watching me slip on sexy lingerie. I know it will torment him all day and get me the attention I deserve.

  27. Christine Jensen says:

    I feel beautiful when my hair is down and curly..I really love having long hari

    kissyjensen at gmail dot com

  28. Darla says:

    catching my man looking at me when he thinks i'm not paying attention . . . that loving, unfilterd, unguarded "boy she's amazing!" look may be the only thing that literally makes my knees weak!

  29. melina bee says:

    honestly, lately lipstick makes me feel very beautiful.

  30. banana says:

    using perfume makes me feel special ;)

  31. banana says:

    followin the lingerie addict on facebook

  32. banana says:

    liking bella boutique on facebook

  33. banana says:

    followin the lingerie addict via twitter

  34. banana says:

    followin bella boutique via twitter

  35. William says:

    Following on twitter: @williamcoxnc

  36. William says:

    Well, I'm a man, but I'll say what makes my _wife_ feel beautiful. She's recently lost a ton of weight and she feels beautiful – I always thought she looked good :)

    william at robotgeeks dot com

  37. Anonymous says:

    the most feeling is the luxury of the product it enchants you with the feeling of awe as it slips comfortably onto your body and enhances you personal tastse,and appearance.making you feel oh so sexy and

  38. Anonymous says:

    Lingerie made of silk or satin makes me feel beautiful… The feeling of the materials against my skin is one that can't be replaced!


  39. tanya904 says:

    I feel beautiful when I am wearing an elegant dress and jewelry. Getting dressed up to go out with my hubby makes me feel beautiful
    tanyainjville at yahoo dot com

  40. Alisha Suzanne says:

    I feel beautiful, sexy, and a little naughty whenever I wear sexy lingerie. Just looking at it in the store and online makes me feel sexy. I love lingerie!

  41. Kia L. says:

    Heels, sheer panties, a freshly-washed head of hair and my skin drenched in the original Vera Wang fragrance lotion is when I feel the sexiest!

  42. Kia L. says:

    shestarrrrr(@)yahoo(.)com (yes, 5 Rs lol!)

  43. Kia L. says:


    Way ealier today, but I forgot to post it here..


    (entry #2)


  44. Kia L. says:

    Shared page on my facebook


    (Entry #3)

  45. Kia L. says:

    I was already a Lingerie Addict fan on FB..

    Now, I am Bella-Bella's as well :)


    (entry #4)

  46. Torunn says:

    I feel beautiful when I know that underneath all the layers of clothing that's inevitably necessary in cold winter Norway there is beautiful underwear ready to be revealed. :)

  47. pinklady705 says:

    I feel more beautiful when I get a full nights rest and a little pamper time in my own personal spa. Of course I love make-up, hair done, and beautiful lingerie and clothes.

  48. pinklady705 says:

    Following you and Bella Bella on twitter – pinklady705

  49. jazzyphizz says:

    I feel beautiful when i'm happy and have a genuine smile on my face.

  50. Elena says:

    I feel beautiful when I am with my family

    queen-of-pain /AT/ yandex /DOT/ com

  51. Elena says:

    Follow Bella Bella Boutique on Twitter @elenarudaya


    queen-of-pain /AT/ yandex /DOT/ com

  52. Elena says:

    Follow you on Twitter @elenarudaya

    queen-of-pain /AT/ yandex /DOT/ com

  53. Elena says:

    Like Bella Bella Boutique on Facebook and shared /Elena Rudaya/

    queen-of-pain /AT/ yandex /DOT/ com

  54. Elena says:

    'Like' you on FB /Elena Rudaya/

    queen-of-pain /AT/ yandex /DOT/ com

  55. Anonymous says:

    silky lingerie Makes me feel good

  56. Ayereiss says:

    What makes me feel beautiful:
    1. I feel beautiful when my husband says "I love you", just because.
    2. I feel beautiful when I sing in the shower, and don't care if anyone hears.
    3. I feel beautiful when I laugh.

    Thanks for the 'beautiful' giveaway :)

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