The 12 Days of Knickers: Hips and Curves

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Intimate, luxurious, seductive… lingerie is a great Christmas gift. But with literally thousands of pieces to choose from, finding the right piece can be a little intimidating. That’s where The Lingerie Addict comes in. From December 6th through 17th, I’m featuring a new store everyday, complete with my top eight recommendations from each. With something for every budget (and body!) you’re sure to find the perfect holiday present in no time.

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Cora Harrington

Founder and Editor in Chief of The Lingerie Addict. I started TLA in a small studio apartment in 2008. Since then, it's become the leading lingerie blog in the world, and has been featured on the websites for Forbes, CNN, Time, Today, and Fox News. I believe lingerie is fashion too, and that every who wants it deserves gorgeous lingerie.

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  1. Tart Deco™ says:

    Thanks for posting about this site. LOVE it!

  2. Treacle says:

    So glad you dig it! :)

  3. Elle says:

    Love Love Love this..the lust for sexy lingerie does not go away with age…I just turned 70 and got a sexy nightie from my daughter. She knows what I like!
    Love this site and the way you endorse custom designers. I now buy all my Panties and Bras from Etsy. Elisr Olson owner designer and seamstress for “On The Inside” makes me custom fitted panties and no underwire bras and camisoles for less than I could buy off the shelf quality lingerie from a store.

    I support the independent craftswoman who is giving her all to keep us beautiful on the inside!I posted Elises website showing the newest wonderful creation in the website link..Not my website (mine is so boring( but worth checking out. I love this woman’s ability and creativity.

    Elle aka the plantcrone

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