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What’s the One Thing You Want to Tell the Lingerie Industry?

No matter your size, shape, or skin color… everyone has at least one beef with the lingerie industry. A week or so ago, I asked my Facebook and Twitter followers about the one thing they’d like to tell the lingerie industry and got some really insightful comments back. I know a lot of industry people read this blog, and I sincerely hope you take some of these remarks to heart when designing or choosing your next collections. After all, every woman deserves the gift of beautiful lingerie.

Fellow Lingerie Addicts: What’s one thing you want to tell the lingerie industry? Make your voice heard in the comments.

There is no such thing as “one size fits all.” ~Treacle

Not all large breasts are surgically implanted. Not all women with large breasts are “plus size”. While enhanced breasts are very lightweight, natural breasts are heavy and not perfectly shaped, and therefore need some actual support. Conclusion: large cup bras with smaller bands that give support and comfort should not be something I have to spend months searching for. We exist. ~Brandy

Us bigger breasted woman deserve cute bras too! Not just plain Jane ones! ~Carrie

Bring back lacy slips!!! Proper ones..not the satin nightie styles! ~Kimberly

As a male who has worked retail before, including one of the major lingerie retailers, I would say to educate women about fit as well as size. Suppliers need to offer a broader range of sizes to fit all women instead of the accepted and limited range of sizes to cater to what some see as the ideal. A happier wife, girlfriend, mother, niece, etc would make for a happier world. ~Robert

Thigh highs don’t work with garterbelts if you’re wearing them all day. It makes no sense at all that everyone is putting out garterbelts but stockings are so hard to find. Also the UK is not the only place where women are bigger than a DDD. I want pretty sexy and maybe even retro in a 38J and I don’t want wires so high that they cut me. I also want nude for black women. I could go on forever. ~Martina

Just because you have a DD bustline & hips doesn’t mean you have XXL waistline. It’s impossible to find anything other than a corset that doesn’t require alterations to fit an hourglass. Not everyone is either shaped like a board or ok with wearing shapeless lingerie. ~Bee

I would love to see more small sizes with cups sizes C or D.  I’m a thin girl who has trouble finding items that are not too big. Just because I’m thin doesn’t mean I don’t not have boobs. ~Michelle

Small framed girls *need* 26 and 24 band sizes! If we are finally learning 30-28 bands are perfectly normal, why shouldn’t many girls need even smaller bands? ~Brittany

This one isn’t for me, but for my 36A sisters- make a bra that works for broad backs and smaller cups please!! ~Susannah

Not every corset or baby-doll outfit needs to be paired with a thong. Some ladies, wife included, don’t like them. The industry loses money from lost sales. ~Ken

I’m no pixie, but I hate having to buy large-cupe bras that feel like I’m wearing some kind of harness! Give me something cute and sexy but sturdy enough to support a very full bust! ~Ashlie

US companies need to be more creative more often. VS is more like Hanes than VS of 10 years ago. ~@socalman

How about that bra sizes don’t end at DD. As the husband of a lovely M cup woman, I want choices. ~@JPMarkle31337 

Pretty & supportive/corrective/comfortable etc. CAN be combined & look sexy! ~@IzzyBeau140

Triple-wrap underwires! ~@PS_Lingerie 

Big girls like me love pretty things too. ~@MissAmberClark 

Bras.  WTF?  Can we please establish an actual standard for standard sizing? ~@ampersandwich 

Use more jewels! ~@LilyofOpulence 

Nominate Chantal Thomass for Woman of the Year. ;) ~@ParisPink3 

Cora Harrington

Founder and Editor in Chief of The Lingerie Addict. Author of In Intimate Detail: How to Choose, Wear, and Love Lingerie. I believe lingerie is fashion too, and that everyone who wants it deserves gorgeous lingerie.

27 Comments on this post

  1. michelle says:

    stop adding massive padding to C and up cup sizes. There is enough there already! I was looking at my mom’s old bras from the 80s, and they were c or d cup but really pretty and well constructed, but lined just with a little felt or other fabric to ensure smoothness. So dainty. Molded cups need to go the way of the thong and disappear.

  2. Veronica says:

    In high school I went to VS and learned I was a 36D. In college, at a refitting, I learned I was a 34DD. Recently I went in and was told I was a 32DDD. Confused how my breasts can be stagnant while my rib cage is shrinking I went home and checked based on the VS size guide online. 30DDDD. I am slightly curious if I have been this size all along but the staff was instructed to direct me to the closest “sister size” they carry at the time. Kudos to them for expending their sizes available, but I wish the “bra fitting” included sharing the true size rather than leaving a person convinced this is the closest to comfortable they will ever feel. Was I wearing a band 6″ too big in high school?

    Also, to all bra manufacturers: Please consider the wide variety of breast spacing. My breasts meet in the middle so I sort of have cleavage when braless. It is really hard to find my size in general, and even more so to find an appropriate gore. Gores are supposed to sit flat against the sternum, which is tough to do when they are tall and 1″ wide. I tend to search for “plunge” bras, which helps but all seem to be itchy lace.

    Oh, and for those with broad backs: it might help to get one of those bra extenders, for temporary weight gain, and try it with a smaller sister size. It probably isn’t terribly sexy, but might make daily wear a bit more comfortable.

  3. Yarelis says:

    I am a 36DDD with a waist line size 34. I’m getting married and i can’t find a single bridal lingerie that caters to me. Just because i have large breast it doesn’t mean i am plus size or that all you people in this industry can provide me is ugly plan Jane bras and lingerie. Make a difference, cater to us that have the lager breast but small frames. That’s where the money is at. You would get so much business from us. I want to look sexy for my future husband, not frumpy because you guys refuse to make things for us to feel pretty and sexy in. I’m really angry here.

  4. sedot says:

    cannot find decent bras in large cups with smalll bands not to mention lingerie…thats just impossible, im a 28I in US sizes which doesn’t even exist so I am a 28G in UK instead because thats all I can find and those are limited to two or three styles. And if I actually want sexy lingerie I can give it up because a small waist means small bust sizes so i “bust” right out of them. SIzing charts make me an XS when it comes to waist and hip but bust size I’m an XL so there is nothing that works. Beyond frustrating. I’ve even had my breasts lifted and reduced and still the same mess.

  5. Monica says:

    Everyone goes to Victoria Secret because its there but they don’t ever have the things I want and when they have something I like, or want its not in my size, it never will be, or it hurts after I’ve dropped 70$ on a bra [to which I did recently and I regret it.]

    I’m tired of vanity sizes. I don’t want to be a bigger cup size, I want to be smaller. I went to VS recently and they told me I went from a C to a D. My boobs are heavy but they look smaller than what VS claims they are.

    I want my bands to fit and NOT HURT MY BACK. I want something that holds the weight of my boobs and DOESN’T HURT MY SHOULDERS. I want sexy and practical and I want it available near by.

    I also want vintage. Please make more vintage lingerie more affordable and more available.

  6. Gayle says:

    Slips with shadow panels, for under those lovely flowing chiffon dresses.

  7. Elegy says:

    Also: more DEEP plunge bras for larger busted women- no flimsy ones in sizes like “S, M, L”- WTF?

  8. Elegy says:

    *Agent Provocateur, hahaha!

  9. Elegy says:

    I’m calling for the return of shapewear badass! I’m looking at you, Etsy upstarts and independents! I want to feel like a femme fatale AND shaped! Don’t make me do it myself, I wan to support you! I want to see more playfulness, more intricacy and risk, plus creativity. Think: Chantal Thomass and Angent Provocatear, Atsuko Kudo, Tatu Couture! I want function, and kick ass.

  10. Jessica says:

    How about for those of us that don’t have the biggest boobs, but do have a bigger body??? I am a 38C but I wear size 18-20 jeans (USA). I can never find nice lingerie that fits in the bust and the waist…..

    • Jame says:

      Yup I completely agree. I have recently dropped about a dress size. Before that I couldn’t get any matching sets. I wore a 36H and an 18-20 in pants at my heaviest. This basically means that the companies that made bras in my size, didn’t have panties that fit. And the “plus-sized” stores didn’t have bras small enough in the band and/or didn’t go high enough in the cup. I was in lingerie purgatory.

      I am pear shaped, but I know I am not a very extreme pear, the full bust brands could easily get a lot more sales if they added 1-2 sizes in the matching panties.

  11. Nathalie says:

    Since everyone seems to be focusing on the issues of individuals with small band sized and large cup sizes – I’d like to second Ellyn’s comment. Personally, I can’t image trying to find a 38AA bra – when my own 36A is challenging enough to even begin to find bras in. I mean I’ve gone to the outlet bra/underwear shop that has the largest variety of sizes imaginable in stock and come up empty handed – and the sticking point seems to be not just getting small cups on a larger band but one that has long enough shoulder straps. Really, I usually find that the first thing I do before trying on a bra is adjusting the shoulder straps to their maximum – and that doesn’t guarantee fit.

    And could someone please consider that those of with small cup sizes don’t always want to wear underwires or padded cups! We do need bras for regular day-to-day wear and relaxed comfort wear. Not to mention the lack of bras without padding or ‘help’ of some kind makes it sometimes feel as if you are being told your are deficient if you have small breasts.

    The other issue if finding sports bras where the band fits and the cups (or equivalent) isn’t too large. Because, seriously, yoga and most bras aimed at those of us with small breasts just aren’t compatible. Try doing ‘Downward Dog’ or a forward fold in most of those bras – you will pop out of the demi-cups that are currently most popular/available bras for smaller cup sizes or if wearing a loosely fitting sports bra the effect is similar to not wearing a bra at all.

    That all said, Thank you for providing space to vent – I hadn’t realized how much these issues bother me until I go started typing.

    But, to boil everything down – I think that bra designers need to start getting in fit models whose measurements don’t match a perfect size 8 or whatever – get some real people in and see how bras fit on ‘a-typical’ bodies. And perhaps put the women through an obstacle course of real life activities – after all its one thing for a bra to fit standing still with your arms down and another entirely to cope with real life.

  12. Aysel says:

    I second (and third and fourth and fifth) the comments about smaller band sizes and larger cup sizes. I have a hard time finding sexy lingerie in a 32DDD that doesnt totally cover my whole chest. If I do find it (*cough* AP *cough*), it's a solid $200. Matching panties $100! Yikes!

    I'm sure many of you have tried, but those who have not should make an appointment at Nordstrom for a bra fitting. They're very good about sizing for shape– and they take everything back if you hate it!

  13. katequigley says:

    I'm 19 and have been a 34H for about 3 years. I have a small waist and am pretty athletic and there are literally no sexy lingerie shops for girls with big boobs and small bodies. I'm not even 20. I do not want to have to seduce in a granny bra.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I'm a size 4 with a D cup and a long torso. Where's the lingerie that will fit me?

  15. Ellyn says:

    Would it be so hard to occasionally make bras for people with broad backs and small boobs? I've pretty much given up trying to find a bra that doesn't either cut into my back or gape loads at the front. I've been fitted a few times and been told that the 38AA I really am doesnt really exist.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Is there such a thing as a lingerie tailor? I when I go shopping for suits and dress clothes (I'm male btw) and there's plenty of other measurements for arm length, torso, shoulders that just don't get measured for women. I would be screwed for pants if I didn't have a tailor account for my small waist for my big butt and thighs.

  17. Amy says:

    I think I'm beating a dead horse with this one, but skinny girls have boobs too! I find bras without (too) much trouble, but it's impossible to find lingerie that accentuates the waist and still has room for boobs.

    I would also like to remind the lingerie industry that some of us weren't blessed with hips! Or height!

  18. beryl_j91 says:

    It is hard to find a nice bra that is within my price-point, lacy and pretty that fits my B-cup chest. Real women don't have round balloons for breasts. Ugh!

  19. Lauren says:

    For all of your well endowed ladies looking for fashion-forward DD+ bras – have you heard of Parfait by Affinitas? It's a super cute brand new line of bras targeting D-G cups and bottoms sized S-2X. Best part is – the entire line retails $50 and under! Check it out at http://www.herroom.com and http://www.laurensilva.com, or scope them out on Facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Affinitas/111339788878132


  20. JayMarie says:

    I have trouble finding a bra that fits 100%. I'm skinny and a C cup. It either dosen't fit on the shoulders, around my body or the cup is stay on. Most of my bra's always slide down and never stay put!

    And make bra fitting more accessible. A lot of my friends don't know their cut size and are too afraid to go into the store and asked to be sized! I usually just go to Victoria's Secret because they're always friendly, aware of their products and willing to help.

  21. Fuyume says:

    my problem is that a b cup is too small and a c too large – more choice of sizes please :)

  22. Treacle says:

    I'm loving these!

    Thanks for sharing.

  23. Happy pet says:

    Size 6 UK is quite normal if you are petite, why all the lingerie that only starts at size 8? My partner has real problems at times finding fits for petite sizes

  24. Anonymous says:

    Just like "one size fits all" rarely works out, making three or four sizes, the smallest of which is marked for A/B cups, is not going to fit everybody (especially the A cups). If you don't want to make the thing for ladies with A cups, relabel the thing for B cups and we won't buy it. But this "pretending that it will fit everyone" technique is pretty evil, especially when returning items after you've tried them on can be rather complicated. I'd much rather see styles made specifically for small or large breasts than have you pretend that all styles will fit everyone.

  25. Missy Vintage says:

    34GG – I want plunge bras but they are almost impossible to find. Not enough choice. the are almost always balconette style bras or full cup. x

  26. shopaholicann says:

    Stretch bra straps over a DD cup don't result in a good "look" if you actually move about – bounce isn't good for big breasts!!

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