What’s the One Thing You Want to Tell the Lingerie Industry?

No matter your size, shape, or skin color… everyone has at least one beef with the lingerie industry. A week or so ago, I asked my Facebook and Twitter followers about the one thing they’d like to tell the lingerie industry and got some really insightful comments back. I know a lot of industry people read this blog, and I sincerely hope you take some of these remarks to heart when designing or choosing your next collections. After all, every woman deserves the gift of beautiful lingerie.

Fellow Lingerie Addicts: What’s one thing you want to tell the lingerie industry? Make your voice heard in the comments.

There is no such thing as “one size fits all.” ~Treacle

Not all large breasts are surgically implanted. Not all women with large breasts are “plus size”. While enhanced breasts are very lightweight, natural breasts are heavy and not perfectly shaped, and therefore need some actual support. Conclusion: large cup bras with smaller bands that give support and comfort should not be something I have to spend months searching for. We exist. ~Brandy

Us bigger breasted woman deserve cute bras too! Not just plain Jane ones! ~Carrie

Bring back lacy slips!!! Proper ones..not the satin nightie styles! ~Kimberly

As a male who has worked retail before, including one of the major lingerie retailers, I would say to educate women about fit as well as size. Suppliers need to offer a broader range of sizes to fit all women instead of the accepted and limited range of sizes to cater to what some see as the ideal. A happier wife, girlfriend, mother, niece, etc would make for a happier world. ~Robert

Thigh highs don’t work with garterbelts if you’re wearing them all day. It makes no sense at all that everyone is putting out garterbelts but stockings are so hard to find. Also the UK is not the only place where women are bigger than a DDD. I want pretty sexy and maybe even retro in a 38J and I don’t want wires so high that they cut me. I also want nude for black women. I could go on forever. ~Martina

Just because you have a DD bustline & hips doesn’t mean you have XXL waistline. It’s impossible to find anything other than a corset that doesn’t require alterations to fit an hourglass. Not everyone is either shaped like a board or ok with wearing shapeless lingerie. ~Bee

I would love to see more small sizes with cups sizes C or D.  I’m a thin girl who has trouble finding items that are not too big. Just because I’m thin doesn’t mean I don’t not have boobs. ~Michelle

Small framed girls *need* 26 and 24 band sizes! If we are finally learning 30-28 bands are perfectly normal, why shouldn’t many girls need even smaller bands? ~Brittany

This one isn’t for me, but for my 36A sisters- make a bra that works for broad backs and smaller cups please!! ~Susannah

Not every corset or baby-doll outfit needs to be paired with a thong. Some ladies, wife included, don’t like them. The industry loses money from lost sales. ~Ken

I’m no pixie, but I hate having to buy large-cupe bras that feel like I’m wearing some kind of harness! Give me something cute and sexy but sturdy enough to support a very full bust! ~Ashlie

US companies need to be more creative more often. VS is more like Hanes than VS of 10 years ago. ~@socalman

How about that bra sizes don’t end at DD. As the husband of a lovely M cup woman, I want choices. ~@JPMarkle31337 

Pretty & supportive/corrective/comfortable etc. CAN be combined & look sexy! ~@IzzyBeau140

Triple-wrap underwires! ~@PS_Lingerie 

Big girls like me love pretty things too. ~@MissAmberClark 

Bras.  WTF?  Can we please establish an actual standard for standard sizing? ~@ampersandwich 

Use more jewels! ~@LilyofOpulence 

Nominate Chantal Thomass for Woman of the Year. ;) ~@ParisPink3 

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