Photo Friday: Feaverish Photography

I’m very excited to feature photography from an artist I didn’t even know existed until two days ago–Aaron Feaver.  Aside from having an awesome name, I love Feaver’s photographs for how natural and unfussy they look…as if he just happened upon a gorgeous model in the middle of nowhere.

What do you think of his work?  And please take a moment to visit his blog where you’ll find lots more gorgeous photography from a range of artists.


  1. Kayla @ TheEclecticElement
    12/11/10 at 13:13

    Those are the most stunning pictures-I would love to one day have a professional photo shoot done like that! The pictures are just so natural and effortless.

    Thank you for sharing this amazing photographer with everyone!

  2. daisychain
    13/11/10 at 8:13

    these are really, really stunning.

  3. Happy pet
    15/11/10 at 2:22

    Completely agree with the rest Treacle, they really are wonderful pictures and delightfully naturalistic.


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