Review: What Katie Did Morticia Underbust Corset

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Today’s guest post is reprinted with permission from Lady Asenath of the LiveJournal Corsetry Community. I’ve been a member of this community since long before I started blogging, and I still believe it’s one of the best resources online for anything and everything related to corsets. I actually met all of my corsetieres (the designers who custom made my corsets) through this community. In this article, Lady Asenath gives us her review of the What Katie Did Morticia underbust corset, complete with several excellent illustrations.

I stumbled across the What Katie Did sale page this summer completely by accident and since I had been eyeing their Morticia for a while I snatched up a Black Orient one. I generally don’t like satin but I wasn’t quite ready yet to fork out for the silk number without seeing the real thing somewhere first.

The reason why I was intrigued by the Morticia is that I own an original Iris Norris number (a famous corsetiere out of the UK ~Treacle) and have since been hooked on hip gussets.

I am a naturally slender but stick-straight girl with about a 31″ bust, 27″ underbust (translating into a 28D-DD), and a 27″ waist. I ordered the Morticia in an 18″ size. This may seem rather brave given my current natural waist, but I used to wear corsets in that size on a regular basis so I figured it would just take longer to break in now.

Anyway, the communication was nice and the corset arrived super quick. The shape on the corset is really amazing, it’s VERY curvy for an off-the-rack corset. It is also quite long and fits me just right.

First of all here’s a pic of the corset on my blow-up doll… err inflatable dress dummy:

There are only two issues I have with it:

– As it has been mentioned elsewhere, it could do with a stronger busk, as especially if you take a good amount of inches off you, the corset bends inwards at the waist and as a result outwards at the bottom.
What I did to “fix” this was CAREFULLY bend the busk into a SLIGHT outward curve from the waist down to the second busk stud from the bottom and back into an inward curve from there to the bottom. Voilá — no gaping! I stole this idea from antique corsets from the 1880s.

– The modesty flap. I find the wide, unboned flap of fabric quite hard to smooth out as I lace up the corset. It’s too bad it can’t be removed easily.

I am very happy with the corset despite these things, but would only recommend it to naturally curvy folks or experienced corset wearers who aren’t on the short-waisted side.

Finally, some pictures on a real body, though not yet laced shut:

I hope someone here finds this helpful!



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  2. RoseResistance says:

    Thank you so much for your review! I'm a bit curvy by nature and could never find a corset to enhance my waistline untill today. I also love the fact that the Morticia corset is a fairly long corset for I'm 6ft1, so I'm always having trouble finding a corset that will fit.
    I'll definitely be wearing an Morticia by the end of this year!

  3. chillinfoxie says:

    Absolutely gorgeous…

  4. erin says:

    thanks for posting this! i've been curious about what katie did corsets for quite some time and have wanted to order one. they seem a little spendy for OTR but i really like their gored hip design as i'm very hourglass.

  5. MissNeira says:

    Now thats a gorgeous corset! love it

    Miss Neira

  6. Emily says:

    I absolutely love the What Katie Did corsets. For me, I can't afford the expensive custom made corsets but still want something that can actually be used for waist training (I am so sick of seeing cheap plastic boning bustiers being marketed as corsets online). This brand is an excellent alternative for someone that doesn't have the means to buying a high end corset but still values quality.

  7. Treacle says:

    @cervin, @Katie–Glad you like it! I really love getting other people's perspectives on the blog for this sort of thing…it's so useful. :)

  8. Katie@knickers says:

    Love it!

  9. cervin says:

    J'adore "Katie Did"
    C'est somptueux

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