Look for Less: Agent Provocateur Lace Corset

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Today’s “Look for Less” feature is a luxury lingerie battle royale!

In the left corner, we’ve got the Agent Provocateur Gretchen Corset. Constructed from red and black lace, this corset features spiral steel bones, a gold busk, and tulle “hip gores.”  This AP beauty sells for $790.

In the right corner, we’ve got the Victoria’s Secret Lace Back Corset.  Also fashioned from red and black lace, this corset features a mesh lining, front boning, and a metallic gold busk. The VS version retails for $128.

So what do you think?  Purchase…or pass?


  1. lisette
    27/10/10 at 15:04

    wow! that's very nice! I love Agent Provocateur

  2. Petra Bellejambes
    27/10/10 at 18:12

    For VS, it really looks like it has some quality construction and durability built into it.

    Certainly, it is nicer than their standard fare.

    It is no AP, but then again, what is?

    Nice finds, both.

    xxoo – Peta

  3. Emily
    27/10/10 at 20:05

    I love AP, but not for corsets. I have their classic black corset (which costs $370) and I'm not overly impressed with it. Don't get me wrong, it's a beautiful corset. But if I'm paying that kind of money, I want something that actually reduces my waist line.
    I am happy to see VS stepping it up. Now if only they would put that in their store. I just stopped in VS the other day to get giftcard for my sister and noticed that yet again they aren't stocking garter belts.

  4. Your Kitty
    30/10/10 at 7:15

    I have to agree with Emily on this one. Last fall, I purchased my first AP corset (also at $370) at the boutique in NYC and the lacing holes popped off two days later. When I went back to complain, the fitting assistant told me that it was a common problem and that they frequently snapped off during fitting sessions. (Eek!)
    That being said, every article they make is absolutely gorgeous, and their publicity campaigns are impeccable.
    The VS version is very pretty, as well, and for such a reasonable price, why not give it a try?
    Thanks for sharing this find with us!

  5. maisie mitchell
    07/11/10 at 18:10

    another classic fantastic

  6. Nikki
    20/04/12 at 0:58

    As a girl who adores her tight-lacing corsets, the VS looks utterly ridiculous. Part of the sexiness of a corset’s look is it’s function… Take away the functionality, and it’s some lace, sewn together in a blocky design, with absolutely unnecessary boning that’s (assuming since it’s only boned in the front) plastic and will bend after a few wears if you’re not careful with it. Not to mention the bust on it looks like it would hardly support anything… And besides, who’s chest is shaped like that? I much prefer the design of the AP, but if the reviews are anything to go by, I wouldn’t purchase that one, either.

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