Ask the Addict: Retro Lingerie for Small Busts?

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Today’s “Ask the Addict” comes courtesy of longtime reader N. who asked his question over on Facebook:

Q: “Hi, Treacle. My partner is extremely petite (UK size 6-8 max [That’s 2-4 in US sizing ~ Treacle]) and she often struggles to find online retailers that cater for her size. Do you know of any good online retro lingerie stores that have much lingerie in this size range? My partners bust is a size 32a, her waist is about 25 inches, and her hips about 34-35 inches.”

A: Hi N. Thanks for writing. I did a bit of research and I agree with you… that’s a very hard to find size. I know of only three retro lingerie companies that also make petite sizes. I’ve listed their most classic looks here, but they offer most of their ranges in smaller sizes. Hopefully, these will help you and your partner get started.

As always, if you know of any  places for retro lingerie in petite sizes, please leave your suggestions in the comments. And if you’ve got a question for The Addict, why not follow me on Twitter and ask it?

Cora Harrington

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  2. Annmarie says:

    One suggestion that comes to mind is looking for Asian retailers. The Nordstrom store in my hometown, Seattle, WA USA used to carry lots of XS styles in their lingerie department catering mainly for Japanese tourists.
    And while that wave of wealthy Japanese tourists may be over, I'm sure other retailers still cater to the same crowd.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately I don't have any suggestions for retro lingerie specifically… I'm close to N.'s partner's size and have the same problem. But as an aside, if N. or his partner are ever in the market for modern lingerie, I have to recommend Elle MacPherson's line. Large range of sizes and styles, they usually have shorts and briefs instead of just thongs, and you can get even the smallest bra sizes in completely unpadded editions. Their bras run all-around SMALL compared to most brands (try on in stores, or buy from somewhere with a good return policy to make sure you get the right size), and are some of the frilliest, comfiest, and most flattering ones I own.

  4. Girdles Make the Girls Less Round says:

    I always have the opposite issue. Whenever I look for lingerie, the only sizes that have anything cute or nonindustrial looking are the 32A and B sizes and I always gripe about how they aren't holding up their end of the consumerist bargain…

    Just goes to show that we all have trouble finding our favorite styles and sizes…

    She has my sympathy.

    Hey Treacle, excellent recommendations by the way! Love the looks and definitely covet teh brands.



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