What Do Men Really Think About Lingerie?

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads reading my blog! I’m a Daddy’s girl at heart, and I know that I could never have become the woman I am today without my pop’s kindness, love, and support. He even reads the blog!

A few days ago, I posed a question to one of the many listservs I’m a member of. In it, I asked for men to tell me what they thought about lingerie. Did they love it, hate it, or did they feel indifferent? Were certain kinds of lingerie better than other kinds? Did they have any suggestions for how women should wear their lingerie?

I got a lot of varied responses, but I wanted to share my three favorites with you here:


“Take it from a man who speaks from the vantage point of many years: Lingerie is only as sexy as the self-image of the woman who wears it. No amount, or lack of, lingerie on the outside will be sexy on a woman who does not feel it on the inside.” –John

“As a regular guy, I can appreciate the idea of lingerie, and certainly appreciate the sentiment a woman feels when selecting such clothing “for” her man. The reality is, however, that any kind of clothing looks better in a little pile on the floor than coming between two partners. Lingerie is nice, but naked is better. Just one opinion from a regular guy.” –Jeff

And my absolute favorite from Erik:

In short; men LOVE lingerie on women! An easy testament to it is if you look at the cover of virtually every major men’s magazine from Maxim, GQ, Esquire, and the list goes on and on and you will find a common element: A woman wearing some type of lingerie.

There are some men who are intimidated by it in terms of not understanding “how it works” with regards to how to undo parts of it when someone is wearing for them, and I think some women feel the same when they’re putting it on. There are also certainly a lot of men who are quite intimidated by the thought of buying lingerie for the woman in their life, or to even enter a store full of lingerie out of fear of a lot of a lot of other things.

Personally, as a true admirer of women who wear lingerie I don’t think there’s anything sexier than a woman who either A) likes to dress up and wear something sexy for her man, or B) likes to make herself feel sexy by wearing something provocative that only they know about under their clothes. It accentuates the truly wonderfully feminine side of women that we as men aren’t able to explore without the participation of the lady in our lives. Lingerie shows off the beautiful parts of a woman’s body in a way that other clothing cannot. When a woman wears lingerie for her man, or even in general for just herself, it’s like the beautiful wrapping for a great gift that’s underneath it all. Why else would the intimate apparel business be a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide?

In terms of which kinds of lingerie are better than others from a man’s perspective, it really varies.  Quite simply a corset and thigh highs and high heels are always a major winner in my book and I suspect that is the strongest front runner for virtually any guy. Other times a sexy, lace teddy or even just a garter belt with stockings and heels or a nice sexy bra and thong works quite fantastically.

As far as how women should wear their lingerie, personally I go nuts over the idea of women who wear some of their intimates as outerwear, like a tasteful looking corset with a nice skirt or pants and a fitted jacket to go over it and heels. It shows this woman is truly confident all around, sexy and is in control of her own situation. That is truly hot and super alluring.

The other thing about how women should wear their lingerie is that it doesn’t just have to be on a special occasion that the “nice stuff” comes out. There’s something truly empowering and sexy watching a woman getting ready in the morning as she slides on her sexy panties one leg at a time and snugs them up against herself and how her beautiful bra perfectly accentuates her breasts. The image of that certainly leaves me thinking about her all day long, especially while I’m in the office wishing I could have her in front of me at that instance.

It also needs to be something that she genuinely enjoys wearing and feels comfortable in since there’s nothing more sacrilegious than buying a beautiful, sexy piece of lingerie that ultimately just sits in a drawer and never gets worn either because the woman doesn’t feel comfortable appearances-wises, or quite simply it just isn’t a comfortable or practical piece (i.e. a leather or vinyl corset on a hot summer day; you get the picture).”

Thanks for all your responses fellas! As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject. Man or woman, it doesn’t matter, what do you really think about lingerie?

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Cora Harrington

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  1. Kelly says:

    Wow I am impressed that you are close enough with your father for him to read your blog! Many of my family members know about TLP but as far as I know it is still quite a secret from my dad even after all this time. I don't even know what he'd think.

    Anyway, what I really think about lingerie – it's awesome, of course! I don't believe there has ever been a time when I put on some sexy lingerie and felt ugly or boring, which I can't say for most other things in my wardrobe! That's why I think it's important, at least for me, to indulge in some pretty lingerie every day. It's like taking a sexiness vitamin ;-) I love wearing a cute bra set but if that's impossible (which is sadly quite common in the summer when most of my tops only look right with a smooth t-shirt bra), I still wear a fabulous slip under my skirt or a sweet chemise to sleep (or, the absolute best is when I have a full skirt on and can wear the frilliest panties I own!). There are very few times when I'm *not* in the mood to feel deliciously pretty. So there are very few times when I'm not in the mood for lingerie. (And while it's nice to know men's opinions, especially when I'm dressing FOR a man, 99% of the time my lingerie is all about ME hehe)

  2. Sheen V says:

    I'm always in the mood for looking at women wearing lingerie, and for wearing lingerie myself!

  3. LiftedUp says:

    I am a man who ADORES lingerie… and my wife has the collection to prove it!

    To me, lingerie is about femininity, elegance, mystery, and of course, sex appeal. Good lingerie shows a woman off, without being too revealing. It's almost as if the beautiful, delicate fabrics frame and enhance the natural body, drawing your eye to every perfect curve, while still saying "No-no… no peeking just yet! You can only have it all when (and IF) I say you can!" There's just such a wonderful element of mystery and suspense to it all.

    Of course, as others have mentioned, it may be all for naught without the confidence to back it. I have bought some truly gorgeous pieces for my wife in the past, that she hasn't felt totally comfortable in, and you can tell. She still LOOKS fantastic… but there's just an element missing without the heir of confidence. To me, a big part of the thrill is to see my wife knowing that she is in complete control of me and my desires. Strutting about in her exquisite fineries, or simply donning a garterbelt and stockings, I'm drawn to her, and cannot look away. It's mesmerizing. Sometimes she pretends not to notice me devouring her with my eyes, but then I'll catch her checking my eyes with a mischievous grin. She knows what she does to me, and she knows what she's doing.

  4. LOveit says:

    I have the bf that says he “has no preference” so reading that as long as I feel sexy in it, it looks great, I know where to start: corsets and cheek showing lacy boyshorts :D

  5. delsgirl says:

    I have a man who kinda hates the idea of lingerie. He is more of the ‘you are better off naked’ school of thought. I think he told me once that lingerie just seems like more of a hindrance than of something sexy. I think he is OK with it if it makes me feel good, but then I go into “practical mode” and think why the hell should I buy any if he doesn’t like it? I don’t want to buy it just for me b/c I am not trying to impress and wow ME…I’m trying to wow my husband! Kinda makes me feel like I’m in a catch-22 of sorts.

    So I guess I beg the question: How does a girl pick a sexy piece to show off that will not only flatter a curvy girl like myself (who has had a couple kids lol) but will also make my hubby go from 0 to “I want you NOW”? =p

    • Jennifer says:

      I would suggest checking out FullerFigureFullerBust,she often has great advice and can ask people on her fb.and I have seen a lot of cute things on the Marks and Spencer’s site.The Rosie for Autograph line is gorgeous!I was going to order a few items from her line,but they don’t take the type of payment I have. :( I was lucky enough to find some of her bras on ebay.

  6. Charity says:

    @delsgirl: As one curvy girl to another, I know how hard it can be to find something sexy that also is comforable. A great place with wonderful service is Hips and Curves. They have gorgeous items online and have fantastic service. Every item I’ve received from them fits perfectly thanks to the sizing charts available on the sight. And delivery is really fast. Whatever you order, I guarantee your man’s eyes will pop out of his head. :)

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