Ask the Addict: Help Me Find These Ruffled Silk Panties?

Today’s Ask the Addict feature comes courtesy of Seleena, a fan of The Lingerie Addict over on Facebook. Seleena writes:

Hi Treacle,

I’m looking for a particular style of panty to wear with a corset. I’m attaching a photo of something similar but this is a little too “costumey” and likely can’t be worn under everyday wear. (Also, this particular panty is handmade and although gorgeous… is around $150). I’d love something full and gathered but not quite this full. 


I do lots of my shopping online and was wondering is you’ve seen anything like I’m describing and if so, when I might find it; and if not, what would be a good search string for me to use when searching? What would you call them?


Hi Seleena,

Thanks so much for writing. I know exactly who made the panty you’re talking about, a wonderful corsetiere and costume designer named Espalore. While I won’t be able to find you any knickers exactly like hers (they’re simply too exquisite), I did some find some similarly ruffled, satin panties for a lot less money. Most of the knickers I’m linking to are sold through a UK site, FairyGothMother; which carries an excellent selection and ships worldwide for around $15 USD.

As far as search terms, I’m not sure what the best phrase would be. I tried a few different search strings (including ruffled knicker and bustle panty), but none of them gave me the results I was looking for. Maybe posting it here it will give us a few more ideas.

Hope this helps!

Mad Mimi Form

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  1. Katie@Knickersblog says:

    In the U.S. you can also search Rhumba/Rumba Panties and for a really cheap option you can find Honeydew mesh rumbas at TJ Maxx for around $5 (rrp. $15 – $20)

  2. Petra Bellejambes says:


    You have lovely taste. Fredericks offers a couple of pairs in the $10 -20 range. Fredericks is not top flight for quality, but they are reliable.

    It will be hard to find a pair made with so much love as the Espalores, but if you are wearing an epic corset, the knickers won't get too close an inspection :)

    Good luck!

  3. Mr Lovely Ladybug says:

    BirchPlaceShop has a variety of frilly panties, such as these, that might meet what you're looking for.

  4. Seleena K says:

    Thank you so much everyone. I'll take your advice and will surely find what I'm looking for!

    Treacle, you're the best!

  5. thank you fairy Godmother

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