Yay! I Have My Burlesque Show Photos!

Two major things happened tonight, lovely people.
One, I got the photos back from my burlesque recital. You can see one of them up above. They’re pretty big files, so I’m sending the rest directly to my newsletter subscribers. Sign up if you want to see them!
Two, I danced in my second burlesque show tonight. It was a smaller venue with a smaller audience and the same routine, but it cemented my love of the tease. I’m working on two new dances, and I hope to debut them in the next few weeks.
For now though, I’m going to bed. The adrenaline is wearing off and I’m exhausted.  :-)
  • Ligeia

    this is absolutely fantastic!!! I've been wanting to see this for a long time!! cant wait to see the newsletter :DDD

    gorgeous missy!

  • Sayenne

    Loving it loving it loving it!
    Excellent props! Tony the tiger! the show must have been such a treat for the audience!
    I just love the using of everyday materials as fancy tools!

  • Anna

    You looked great!! what a fantastic outfit!

  • Petra Bellejambes

    I am with Anna, you do look great, the ensemble is superb. Your hair brings me right back to junior high.

    Thanks for the sneak preview. Keep dancing.

    Oh, and when the rapture comes can I have your leather coat?

  • JP – The Mistress of Corgi Manor

    Mahvelous, dahling! Love, love, love it! Please let me feature you on Body By Burlesque!
    btw – Your adrenaline may have been wearing off when you wrote that, but I'm sure your audience is still under the enchantment of your spell!

  • Katie@Knickers

    My heart skipped a beat! Wow! You look great and how brave are you? Simply awesome!

  • Miss Kitty Plum

    You look absolutely fabulous well done!!!

  • daisychain

    you look utterly phenomenal

  • Kelly

    You look great! Especially in the newsletter pics, you can tell you're having an awesome time.

  • Darla

    woo girl! work it! You look amazing. So any tips for doing making a routine? I'm working on one as a gift for my boyfriend but I'm wondering if there are some things you'd suggest like: should I worry about choreographing every second of the song or is it better to have some specific marks to hit and improvise the in between? Recommendations for type of shoe to wear? etc.

  • anaïs

    congratulations on the success of your burlesque shows! it's always great to find something new that you feel so passionate about that those feelings turn into love…

    i have been enjoying your site and i do apologize for not having commented on your posts prior to this. keep doing what you do – it's marvelous!

  • chillinfoxie

    Absolutely incredible Treacle, you are so very attractive. Love the retro look…Congrats !!!

  • Happy pet

    You're looking fabulous Treacle.


  • frankufotos Lingerie

    ..hearing Austin Powers theme..

    ; )

  • Sheen V

    Hi Foxy! I mean, Treacle. Great photos! You really do make a great Foxy Cleopatra. Wish I were there to have seen the show.

  • Foxy

    You look fab! I love it!–xoxo

  • Kate @ Tres Lola

    This is so awesome, congratulations, you looks brilliant!

  • Surge

    Oh my gosh you look amazing :D

  • Sea of Neptune

    Well, because of you I decided that I want to look into taking my own burlesque classes. I think it would be fun and a good way to make me feel better about myself. :)

  • Lua

    I'm subbed to your newsletter & let me say you look FABULOUS! :) You totally rocked it. congrats

  • Carrie

    Looks fantastic! You would probably really like aerial dance too, especially aerial silk. I take classes at Versatile Arts in Greenwood, some of the more advanced dancers have such sexy numbers!