Help Me Pick My Panties!

I’ve been in my new apartment a little more than two weeks now, but while packing up to move back in April, I realized that a lot of my knickers broke the rules I said about lingerie.  So as not to be a hypocrite, I tossed a lot of my underwear out, but now I’m in desperate need of new panties.  

Below I’ve made a list of some of my favorite styles.  Because we’re talking everyday undies here (and not the special occasion kind), everything is $12 or less.  Tell me which ones are your favorites and those are the ones I’ll buy.  The more opinions, the better so please share this on your blog, Twitter, or Facebook too!  I’ll compile your votes a week from today and let you know which knickers came out on top.

Thanks so much for helping me out!  :-)

  • Panty Buns

    After viewing the back view of the Blush Sweet Surrender Hipster Panty at the link you gave there is absolutely no doubt that they are my choice! The back view would be gorgeous on you. i'd like to see what they look like on me as well. If i do try on a pair you can bet that i'll post photos of myself male-modeling them on my Blogspot blog and a video on my YouTube channel (misterpantybuns) as well. They are just to pretty a panty not to be seen.

  • Happy pet


    Oh decisions, decisions! Definitely the Blush, Kiss Me Deadly and the Biatta. But, in truth they're all lovely.


  • polkatrio

    The Kiss Me Deadly. I have them and they're really comfy as well as looking fab.

  • Jemma

    O Lingerie Forget-Me-Not French Knickers in my opinion :)

  • Catherine

    Sadly you can't have the pin up briefs cos we ran out of your size. That said, they are pretty stretchy, the smalls might fit you.

    I've got a few new styles of big knicker in production so you never know, might send one of them when they are made :)

  • Ligeia

    I'll go for the Kiss ME Deadly one (its really comfortable) and the second one bcause i love boy-shorts :)


  • Evija

    Kiss Me Deadly for sure!!! For me they're the only brand I could have nearly ALL of! They're just sooo.. oh but who am I telling this to, fellow KMD lover :)
    also, the lace boyshorts from Figleaves are rather cute! the more lace, the better, that's what I think.

  • Petra Bellejambes

    Sad to see the KMD out of stock Trea. Blush and Biatta and beautiful, but for the everyday stuff you cannot go wrong in the Warners' hipster.

    Happy shopping m'dear

  • Jerica Truax

    Gosh I like (and want) them all girl! Don't make me choose!!!! lol

  • Shinxy

    Figleaves Basics Smooth & Lace Brazilian Brief.

    They're cute and sexy without being overdone, and they look comfortable too. Double win!

  • Janus

    You probably should have waited until you got the new panties before tossing out the old ones. :)

  • Monster

    the blush,biatta(both) kiss me deadly and betsey johnson
    oh and the forget me not ones too :)


  • Anonymous

    I forbid you to wear cotton. You're a deliciously feminine, refined, and grown woman.

    Choose the Brazilian-cut and tanga-style panties.

  • Foxy

    Van Doren Pin-Up Brief would be my choice. I love vintage and pin ups, though. They're sheer yet classy, both good qualities. I think you'll need at least one pair of these. I think I may need a pair as well. LOL!–Foxy

  • Bunny

    I love the maidenform tanga, but then I'm quite partial to tanga's! You'll have to let us know what you get! x

  • Beth-at-Kuhmillion

    I like the simple Biatta Seamless Hotshort. Lookin' quite comfy if you ask me.

  • chillinfoxie

    Kiss Me Deadly Van Doren Pin-up Brief Treacle, yummy…

  • Sheen V

    I know I'm late in voting – I think you'd look fab in any or all of them (but not all of them at the same time, lol). Pictures of you in the winners would be delicious!