23 bras for $25 (or less!)

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A bra is one of the most important purchases a woman can make.  More than simple underwear, bras are the foundation piece for every outfit.  No matter how gorgeous your clothing is, wear the wrong bra and you’ll look (as my mother used to say) “like you got dressed in the dark.”

Bras are so fundamental, that women literally spend hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars per year on finding the perfect one.  But you don’t have to plumb your savings account to find a great bra.  Here are some of my favorite picks, and not a single one costs more than 25 dollars and change.

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 O Lingerie “Forget me not” T-shirt Bra
 No Romeo “Mix and Match” T-shirt Bra
Naturana “Basic” Padded Nonwire Bra
Just Peach Underwire Lace Balcony Bra
Emma-Jane “Smooth” Maternity Bra
Naturana “Pinstripe” Nursing Bra
 Jezebel Coco Demi Contour Bra

Jezebel Bow Boudoir Demi Push-up Bra

Blush Frill Me Up Push-up Bra
$23.99 (sale price)

Secrets in Lace “Coquette” Sheer Bullet Bra

Secrets in Lace Satin Bullet Bra

American Apparel Floral Lace Bra

Hanes All-over Comfort Wirefree Bra
$8.99 (sale price)

Cosabella “Soire” Balconette Bra
$25.20 (sale price)

Lily Of France “Twice the Spice” Lace Push Up Bra

Tommy Hilfiger “Brooke” Molded Bra
$19.99 (sale price)

Biatta “Chantal” Microfiber wtih Lace Molded Bra

Biatta “La Madeline” Re-Embroidered Molded Bra

Va Bien Strapless Full Figure Minimizer Bra
$19.99 (sale price)

Dominique Strapless Bra with Lace Trim

Foxers “Ice Blue” Lace Cami Bra with Blue Stripes
$19.99 (sale price)

Maidenform “The Smooth” Push-Up Bra
$24.00 (sale price)

Grenier Molded Underwire Bra
$19.99 (sale price)


  1. wulan,lemonzest
    12/04/10 at 2:26

    wow what a lovely random bra…
    the 2nd one looks comfy on me…

  2. Shinxy
    12/04/10 at 5:03

    There is no way in heck that I can live without a satin bullet bra!

    Thank you for posting this :)

  3. Soph!
    12/04/10 at 6:31

    totally getting the jezebel bra! thanks for this!

  4. Katie@Knickersblog
    12/04/10 at 6:35

    Sadly if you are a DD+ if they aren't on sale (and even then you're looking at $40) you still have to pay a lot for a decent fitting bra. On the upside I've gotten pretty good at bargain hunting.

  5. daisychain
    12/04/10 at 6:56

    Oh I wish I could get a hold of some of these!

  6. frankufotos Lingerie
    12/04/10 at 15:15

    Now my gf wants the O Lingerie T-Shirt and the American Apparel set ; )

  7. Ligeia
    13/04/10 at 5:23

    Wow, wonderful pics!
    I adore the american Apparel one and also the Chantal one :)


  8. Clare
    13/04/10 at 10:20

    I want that American Apparel one!!

  9. Bunny
    13/04/10 at 17:06

    Thanks for this! It's always good when you can get a deal. I also wanted to thank you for the post you did on buying lingerie via ebay. I just got a great piece for a third of the price.

  10. maiddiane
    13/04/10 at 18:21

    Hello Treacle,

    i couldn't agree more about bras. And all of the ones You've featured are so lovely – and so affordable. i especially like the Foxers "Ice Blue" Lace Cami Bra with Blue Stripes. Time for me to do some shopping! Another wonderful post!


  11. fashionprovocateur
    14/04/10 at 3:52

    i have a huge obsession with lingerie i just adore everything about it. dita von tesse is sucha inspiration for me

    i really like your blog will follow. follw me?


  12. FashionJazz
    14/04/10 at 14:06

    Sooo gorgeous!! Hope ur well babe! xx

  13. badside
    14/04/10 at 19:16

    Great post! Lovin the Jezebel demis and the pink Asos boudoir lace one..Yum!

  14. Punctuation Mark
    16/04/10 at 19:15

    i love those for every day… need to get new ones because VS discontinued the ones i used for the longest time…

  15. mzfatbooty
    23/04/10 at 10:55

    It's soooo hard finding something like that for bustier girls. When I do, they are an arm and a leg. Intimacy, Cacique, and a few others that ship from the UK are among my faves. But now, a girl's got to acquire some vintage burlesque bras too! TY treacle!

  16. Bras
    01/05/10 at 5:34

    Wow, thats a great range of bras

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