Super Important Lingerie Addict Updates!

Yay… I’m back in Seattle! As you’ve probably noticed, I was quite the busy bee over my vacation, and I just want to make sure everybody gets filled in on what’s happening. Before I start the run-down though, I need to thank my guest bloggers Miss Neira, Petra Belljambes, and Kristin for taking care of the writing while I was away. You ladies are brilliant, and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you sharing your expertise here on The Lingerie Addict!

First up, in major, major, major news… I’ve changed my domain. Please update your bookmarks to While my original domain ( will always work, the second one ( won’t for much longer. Right now it redirects here, but since I don’t want to get in trouble with the search engines, I’m taking that address down completely by the end of March. I’ll be terribly hurt if you missed out any of the great things to come on The Lingerie Addict (like my two-year anniversary!), so pretty please (with a cherry on top) change your bookmarks.

While I was in Atlanta my good friend Photognome (the fellow responsible for almost every picture of me on the blog) took some shots. I posted one of the photos to my Twitpic a few days back, and I thought it might be a good idea to put here too. The man’s got mad talent with a camera, doesn’t he? If you’re curious about what I’m wearing, the corset is by SugarKitty, the bra is by Kiss Me Deadly, the knickers and gloves are by What Katie Did, and the stockings are by Gio courtesy of Joanna’s Wardrobe.

Speaking of vintage-inspired lingerie, several of my favorite shops are running great sales right now. La Magia is currently taking 25% off this season’s Kiss Me Deadly. Figleaves is discounting all Dita von Teese for Wonderbra by 20% until 3/15. You can also get 15% off everything at Joanna’s Wardrobe with TREACLE until the end of the month. Bare Necessities is taking 10% off everything at (until 3/15). And last but not least, the code caTENy9L gets you 10% off everything at Cameo Intimates.

At several people’s request, I’ve started a FormSpring. Please feel free to ask me anything you like… especially if it’s about lingerie! Some of my favorite questions so far have been about my opinion on corsets, trends I’d like to see in hosiery, and how to get started dipping your feet into the world of lingerie. If FormSpring isn’t your thing, don’t forget you can always send a question directly to me via e-mail at

Whew… this is getting long. But we’re almost done!

Now that I’m over my bout with mono, I start burlesque classes again next Monday. My performance is only a month away, so there’s lots to get done! On a related note, if you live in the Seattle area, you should definitely check out The Swedish Housewife Presents: Immodesty Blaize and “Burlesque Undressed” on Tuesday, March 23rd at the Triple Door. Dirty Martini and local favorites Indigo Blue and Inga Inguenue will also be performing. I’ll be there with The Boyfriend if you want to come up and say hello!

For now I’m going to get ready for work tomorrow, and turn in at a decent hour. We’ll talk again real soon!

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