Look for Less: Agent Provocateur Snake Backseam Stockings

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It’s a Backseam Battle Royale!

In the red corner, we’ve got Agent Provocateur’s Snake Hold-up Stockings.  Perfect for luxury lovers, these thigh highs retail for $60 and feature a sinuous serpent slinking down the back of each leg.

In the blue corner, we have Asos’ version–nude, sheer tights with a winding, writhing reptile instead of the traditional backseam.  And a near steal at only $14.20!

Whose hosiery will come out on top?  Are the Agent Provocateur’s a must have, no matter the cost?  Or are the Asos pantyhose a suitable (or, dare I say it,  preferable) alternative?  Inquiring minds want to know, so tell me in the comments!

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Update: Katie, the lingerie sale maven over at KnickersBlog, found an even better budget version of the snake seam tights.  No idea who made them, but they seem to match the Agent Provocateur’s almost exactly.  And they’re still only $20.  Thanks, Katie!

  • Gaby and Jane

    Agent Provocateur stockings are incredible. Truly worth the money. I bought a few pairs of fishnet stockings and seamed stockings in 2003, and granted I don't wear them that regularly, but they are still in great shape. No runs. Highly doubt the ASOS ones would last more that a month!

    I learned my lesson buying cheap Top Shop tights that ran the first time I wore them.

  • Evija

    Sadly, the ASOS look like a parody of.. I don't even know what, the snakes are waaaaay lame. there are waaaay too much curves and it actually looks more like an arrow than a snake. sad but true!
    and I don't lust much after the Agent Provocateur either..

  • Elizabeth Marie

    Ohhhhh I need to invest I think…

  • Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl

    Well, I wouldn't call any of these a must have since the design is very specific and not every girl could pull of the look, both it being tricky with clothing and leg shape, but if I have to choose I like the AP version more.

  • Ligeia

    love the AP ones!!

    fantastic option missy, though I will stuck to the original, I adore snakes :D


  • Fjar

    I'm not keen on the snake design.. but for me, it's stockings every time. Very pricey though!

  • sexylegsandbody

    Both are nice, however, I prefer stockings, they are just more sexy, even with a snake on it.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Have a super day.

  • Miss Kitty Plum

    Oh definitely the Agent version, so much more sophisticated. Little bit too much wiggle in the Asos for my taste.

  • Jennifer Fabulous

    Agent Provocateur's are definitely worth every penny. The cheaper pair didn't seem as classy or sexy. I think the snake was a little too wiggly and all over the place. Lol. ;)

  • Katie@Knickersblog

    I agree with Miss Kitty AP pulled the look off much better. If I had to have snakes but didn't want to spend $60 I would look around for a better option than Asos. These are a bit better for $20: http://www.funkyboutique.com/shvestlythhi.html

  • Rachel

    I love the Agent Provocateur's. They so fab!

  • Anonymous

    The ultimate decadence would be the snake stockings and some naughty "OUVERT" panties – my favorite are the silk ones from http://www.francessmilylingerie.com …..wicked!

  • cervin

    Stockings Agent provocateur are very beautiful.

    Snakes in the legs, oh yes ;)

  • Magdalena

    Ohhhh so lovely.. I want them =)

  • daisychain

    I have to say I think I like the Asos ones more.

  • Haute World

    Oooh, they're all fabulous! The AP ones will probably be unbeatable, though the last option does come very close. I don't actually mind the design of the ASOS one, but I've had not-so-great experiences with the quality of their own label. If their dresses fall apart that easily, I'm pretty sure their stockings will as well…

  • MissNeira

    Super super sexy..and pretty bad ass

  • joei

    i love the first one. it's so unique! but $60? hmmm.. is it worth it? ;)


  • Sarah @ Pandora’s Box

    These are hot! And so similar to the original. I've been wanting a pair of backseam tights, thanks for the heads up!


    Are these for real!!? They are blowing my mind!

  • Couture Carrie

    These are amazing, darling!


  • Sheen V

    I like the snake stockings, and I really like those AP panties in the first picture!

  • Leah

    Let me pass on these tights… I have serious snake phobia. hahaha!

  • mzfatbooty

    The AP hosiery is definitely superior! The snake is so more discernible and prominent. The other one initially looked like a squiggly line. Then again, I am quite biased towards AP!

  • Cafe Fashionista

    Oh. My. Gosh. I need, I need, I need – talk about slinky style!! :)

  • Sir Thomas AKA (Winters Reaper)

    WOW… I love stockings to no end… you wear these and i will stare… period.

  • Anonymous

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  • Elie’s Papel

    Love everything and anything from AP… have a nice one!

  • Mr. RocknRoll

    Love these…..very sexy

  • http://www.orchiddreams.com Maria

    Wow those are absolutely gorgeous!! I gotta get some asap!!