How to Buy Lingerie for Your Wife, Girlfriend, or Significant Other

OMG… Wisebread, a blog I check everyday for “life hacks,” just published one of my articles titled “4 Easy Steps to Buying Lingerie for Your Wife, Girlfriend, or Significant Other.” In it, I take you through the 4 S’s of Lingerie Shopping — Sizing, Style, Sticker, and Salesperson. It’s getting some great feedback, but I won’t rest easy until I hear what you all think. Click the link and let me know?

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  1. daisychain says:

    Fab idea for a post, I can see girls everywhere e-mailing this to partners!

  2. Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl says:

    Girly, I love it!! You're such a talented writer, some fashion magazine should hire you for their monthly lingerie column!

  3. bryna says:

    congrats on the link, it was a great post!

  4. T-Rex says:

    Good article. I like your suggestion to go lingerie shopping together as a great V-Day date. I know I would love that!

  5. Treacle says:

    @daisychain–That's the idea! I hope someone, somewhere finds it useful.

    @Julia–Thanks so much! Being hired for a monthly lingerie column would be my life's dream. :-)

    @bryna–Thank you, lovely. I appreciate it.

    @T-Rex–Girl, yes. I wish a guy would take me lingerie shopping!

  6. Sir Thomas AKA (Winters Reaper) says:

    you take them there…

    and make them try it all on…


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