Has Black Milk Lost It’s Mind?!?!

James Lillis, uber-chic and evercool designer of Black Milk Clothing [Editor’s Note: As of January 2015, this site appears to be defunct], just made the following shocking announcment:

“This Friday, I’m permanently deleting my entire 2009 catalogue.  :)”

The nerve of that man…how could he possibly include a smiley face at the end of such tragic news?  This mass culling includes everything…even perennial favorites like the Spartans.  I’m utterly devastated, and if you want to know why, check out my reviews of Black Milk here.  I hated leggings before I met this man.

As tempted as I am to fly to Australia and stage an intervention, I’ll just have to settle for picking up a slew of Black Milk leggings before tomorrow.  So thanks a lot, James.  I’ll be eating beans and rice for a month because of you.  For everyone else reading this, don’t hesitate–now is the time to buy!!!

  • Miss Eve

    Love your new blog design darling! It's irresistible just like the lingeries you're posting about!

    Hope you having a great week, cheers: Evi

  • Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl

    Hi :)
    I am actually from Moscow so I'm not really traveling there (here?) lol What happened in 2008 on that train station? You know, I keep hearing about Moscow being dangerous all the time, and well, of course we have crime, but I woudn't say it's that bad. Not bad at all compared to a lot of other places out there. I am honestly very sorry your experience here happened to be this sad :( Hopefully it didn't leave you dissapointed both in your trip and the city though.

  • Haute World

    Great new blog design! Such a shame about Black Milk shutting down. I'm not a huge fan of leggins either, but these were one of the few I really loved. Thanks for the heads up! I guess I'll have to stock up as well…

  • FashionJazz

    Luv ur blog design, Have a fabulous day xx

  • MissNeira

    Wow I wonder why he did that!!

    btw I think you would like this post! since were both lingerie addicts!



    I wonder why too!? I am a fan of leggings…too bad for me.

  • Kelly

    Oh man! I wonder what is going on?

    Also in reply to the comment you left on my blog – I'll check with Bert and make sure he received your email, but don't take it personally if it hasn't gotten back to you yet. He has been SO busy lately and barely has time to sleep!

  • daisychain

    Wow, I'll so go stage that intervention with you

  • Leah

    Why? What is his reason for doing so?

    I love your new blog design… it's so professionally chic. xoxo

  • Ligeia

    even I cant afford his pieces, its a pity he's erasing those marvellous designs :(

    btw, did you get sth at Kiki's gilt sale?? I loved it but nothing kept me drooling so I decided to save money hehe


  • joei

    why is he deleting the catalogue?!


  • badside

    Hmm, from a business perspective, I could see how it would make sense to stop making products that are selling slow, but the complete line? Might be a marketing ploy to make the older products somewhat collectible. They sure have some nice things there though, too bad.

  • Janus

    Did he give any reason for this action?

  • heart charlie

    Awww, this is so sad! We better get it before it's gone!!!

  • Treacle

    He explained why he's getting rid of the collection in his next post–


  • James

    Damn- this blog looks so professional now! Making me look bad, Treacle!

    No … I still feel the love.




  • Sarah @ Pandora’s Box

    His designs are amazing. What a shame :(

  • Kashaya

    Love the new blogdesign, really nice!