Want!: Bordelle for 20 Ltd. Girdle Dress

I’ve lusted over Bordelle before, and this newlimited edition girdle dress has me positively drooling. Gents, if you can afford this for Valentine’s Day…well, let’s just say I envy your lady.

Relevant stats:
Limited Edition Number:20
Sizes Available: S (8-10, 34b), M (10-12, 34c)
Price: £500 or $800

In my opinion, that heart design on the bum is the best thing ever. What do you think, dear readers? Tempting or tawdry?

  • d.funkt

    hawt! love the sheen and the exposed zipper. boys can be bad with buttons ^_~

  • silk underwear

    Hey! I love to wear sexy lingerie! It enhances how I feel about myself and really turns up the heat.

  • Leah

    I think I need this girdle dress, I have to recondition my mind that I am not "fat" now. And I will feel really hot and sexy in that dress.

    PS…I haven't tried Spanx but my friends are raving about it.

  • lescarpin

    Hi Miss,

    It's very sexy and hot lingerie. I like and it's perfect for stockings Cervin…Thanks Thanks

    I put an article on the brand via lescarpin with a link on your blog for the limited serie

    I kiss you S.

  • Pippa Artus

    Thats is SO cool :)
    Way better that its done with a zipper! I have problems with buttons :)
    http://www.clashingtime.blogspot.com <3

  • Petra Bellejambes

    It is gorgeous, not at all tawdry. Must check my lottery numbers now and then hopefully go shopping.

    xoxo – Petra

  • Missy

    ohhh i love it although i feel like i shouldnt :)

    For all things fashion:

  • Kashaya

    Oh that is so cool!

  • Kate @ Très Lola

    Oof, tempting I reckon. Not sure where I'd where it, but it is really hot!

  • MissNeira

    Oh my! sexy.. want!


    Love this! It would be flattering to most body types. Hugging every inch of your curves…I would wear this!

  • Katie@Knickers Bargains

    I *heart* the hearts. Nancy Meyer carries a lot of Bordelle so I'm hoping to see a piece or two on sale in the coming months.

  • Janus

    The heart certainly is attention grabbing.

  • Fashion By He

    thast really hott!!

    -He approves

  • Come To Bed

    girl, you're good!! :) Happy new year!

  • Tights Lover

    Bordelle is simply amazing! I love that girdle dress!!

  • Savvy Gal

    LOL it's adorable but maybe not for me…. : )

  • Isquisofrenia

    wow wow girl, sexy!!
    i dont know who makes this lace top
    its just a random photo=(
    but maybe something similar we can fin on ebay??

  • SoCalMan

    I like the looks of it, but yet another clothier who caters only to the waifs of the world with small and medium sizes. How tough would it be to offer a large?

    Congrats on the 1000 Twitter followers, and love the new Twitter background. That pic is worthy of a frame. ;-)

  • A red lipstick

    Wow, what a gorgeous design! My favourite part of it is the heart shaped front.

  • Mary Jo from TrustYourStyle

    I'm loving it. This kind of lingerie is not supposed to be understated–ha–and I think the heart on the bum would be so fun to wear!

  • xo, Alexi

    definitely LOVE it. haha, my blog partner actually wrote a post about it: http://steampunkdolls.blogspot.com/2009/11/charity-case.html

  • Catherine

    I so, so want this, and I so, so can't afford it :)
    Must be sensible and buy a warm coat . . .

  • Elizabeth Marie

    That is HOT! Definitely tempting!

  • michelle_

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  • Winters Reaper

    not all boys are bad with buttons… but this zipper would put you on the fast track for sure… *winks*

  • clarewbrown

    So girrrllll, when you go out buy this for yourself, how about you pick one up for your girl Clare, too? Yes??? No ;( le sad. lol

    Ooooh I LOVE this! i want! I want!!

  • Kaytlyn

    LOVE IT!!!! Wish my man could afford it for me. :)

  • Cafe Fashionista

    Would it be wrong to say I find it to be a little of both? Absolutely adoring it!! :)

  • Kristine

    Treacle, Let me expand on your post comment: Gents, if you can afford this dress, will you be mine?

  • Charles

    very very hot! love it love it! but gold's not really my color, maybe silver? :)