Indigo Blue’s Burlesque Class: Day 2

After choosing our stage names in the first burlesque class, it was time to decide on other important details… like song, character, and costume. I knew right away that I wanted my act to involve an afro, an attitude, and something skintight and shiny.

I also determined that I wanted Velvet La Soie (my character) to be a Louisiana native, a tough-yet-classy broad who could kick your ass six ways to Sunday but still clean up nice enough for the fanciest restaurant in town. I’ve always had a special place in heart for the Blaxploitation films of the 1970s, and so my thoughts immediately drifted to larger-than-life vixens like Cleopatra Jones as inspiration.

After that, the next biggest issue was music. As my instructor, Miss Indigo Blue, emphasized, music sets the mood and conveys intent. It could even be considered the most important part of the whole routine. I settled in for a long evening of listening to my Ipod, and narrowed my choices down to three tracks: Beggin’ by MadCon, Bigger by Propellerheads, and Tie Me Up by Dirty Stop Out. After another hour or so, I chose The Propellerheads as my final selection. A rather silly YouTube video of the song is below, but hopefully you can get an idea of how I might work it. What do you think? Did I make the right selection?

Finally, we talked about costuming ideas. As I’ve mentioned before on the blog, I’ll buy anything, no matter how improbable, and I’d been waiting for an excuse to wear my gold lame boyshorts in public. Yes, I know.  It’s tragic that I even own gold lame boyshorts, but what can I say?  I really like to sparkle. A quick trip to the local Seattle American Apparel, and I picked up a gold bikini top and gold headband too.

Whew… I got a lot done this week, but I’m just getting started. Everything from finalizing the routine, to finding the rest of my costume, to working up the courage to invite my friends has to come next. I’ll suspend this series until after Valentine’s Day, but I’d love to get your feedback on where I am so far. Comment away!

Mad Mimi Form


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