Bodystockings & Catsuits: Yay or Nay?

Fashion Prediction: 2010 may mark the return of the catsuit.  
First we saw it in fashion magazines…

Then we saw it on celebrities…

And now retailers are picking up on the trend…


Rene Rofe

What do you think?  Are catsuits sexy or skanky?  Would you wear one?


  1. SoCalMan
    08/01/10 at 23:36

    Depending on the pattern and cute, they can be sexy, or skanky. Although not a fan of tights or pantyhose, there is something very erotic about a woman in a bodystocking, and the way the nylon accentuates her every curve.

    As for new retailers getting on the bandwagon, I'd say they are probably repackaged Leg Avenue, Shirley or Music Leg bodystockings, with a high markup. Might as well stick with the originals, which you can find for anywhere from $8-25.

  2. SoCalMan
    08/01/10 at 23:37

    *pattern and CUT

  3. Mr. RocknRoll
    08/01/10 at 23:39

    I luv them! especially fishnet or lace.

  4. Treacle
    08/01/10 at 23:40


    I don't think the bodysuits I featured at the bottom are repackaged designers, but I do agree there are reasonable catsuits made by budget brands like Leg Avenue. features an $11 low-backed opaque one for only $11 here.

  5. Treacle
    08/01/10 at 23:41


    I agree…lace seems to work especially well for this look. Though I'm undecided on if I'd actually wear this (at least in public), I do think the lace bodysuits are the most wearable.

  6. SoCalMan
    09/01/10 at 0:00


    Agreed on the bodysuits, and I love them for the same reason as bodystockings.

    The online retailer who has the best selection I've seen so far of bodystockings in many styles, textures, patterns, and colors is Attractive Wear.

  7. sexylegsandbody
    09/01/10 at 0:59

    Yes,yes, YES! sexy! Love them!

    Great post, great question.


  8. Elisa Day
    09/01/10 at 1:37

    I think they are borderline slutty and that's exactly why I think they are sexy. I have a few and wear them under dresses in public. My husband doesn't like them much as they are "in the way". Maybe I could get a crotchless one just for him even though I don't like them as much.

  9. Treacle
    09/01/10 at 1:39


    Ooh…good point, Elisa! Sometimes, slutty and sexy overlap. What's your favorite bodysuit or bodystocking?

  10. bananas.
    09/01/10 at 1:41

    hell to the no will i ever wear one of those BUT they look good in mag photo sessions.

  11. Treacle
    09/01/10 at 1:43


    Ah…so just because it looks good on the model doesn't mean it'll look good on us "regular" folks? That's kind of why I haven't bought one yet. That, and I'm not sure where I'd wear it.

  12. badside
    09/01/10 at 2:01

    I think that they can often be a bit too much, especially if they feature a busy lace pattern everywhere. I would lean more toward the plainer sheer styles.

  13. beckyxoxo
    09/01/10 at 3:09

    Ohh yes I love them ! But I prefer to look at them , not to wear them . Haha . I'm too shy :p

  14. Pippa Artus
    09/01/10 at 5:53

    Well obviously Gaga can pull it off!! But I personally could not see the people of Cambridge walking around in a catsuit or bodystockings…however cute the pattern!!
    Sweetie I would add you to my blog roll, if i knew what it was…care you explain?? :) <3

  15. Retro Model Sari
    09/01/10 at 8:33

    For a photoshooting paired with some retro lingerie underneath: HELL YES" In daily life: No way :-D

  16. Lauren
    09/01/10 at 8:44

    I have to say nay. I just don't like the look of them for some reason…

  17. Couture Carrie
    09/01/10 at 8:50

    Yay! So sexy! That AA one is on my wish list!
    Fab post, darling!


  18. maiddiane
    09/01/10 at 9:27

    Hello Treacle,

    A definite Yay! It's a New Years for me to try some different things, and this is on this list for sure.

    They ALL look wonderful!

    Great post, as usual.


  19. Andie
    09/01/10 at 11:24

    i dont think theyre skanky, but i do think they can be really unflattering sometimes, so it depends

  20. lescarpin
    09/01/10 at 12:16

    Yes, and Patrice Catanzaro is one of my creators fetish .I like what he makes and it is the mark which is for sale on my shop Missdessous.

    And you Treacle, you like catsuits;)

  21. daisychain
    09/01/10 at 13:22

    sexy, depending of course on who/how its worn,

    but perhaps not so practical!

  22. Janus
    09/01/10 at 17:06

    Depending on the specifics of the design, they can go either way. Personally, I prefer full foot styles, as opposed to footless or stirrup-style

  23. Cafe Fashionista
    09/01/10 at 23:05

    Depending on how they're styled, I believe that they can definitely be sexy, seductive, and alluring! I'm quite obsessed with the American Apparel piece myself! Can't say that I would wear one; but I do find them visually stimulating and stunning!! :)

  24. Savvy Gal
    09/01/10 at 23:27

    i won't say no but so far i have not the desire to try.

  25. James
    09/01/10 at 23:31

    You forgot my one!

    Okay… I haven't made it yet… but I will soon. ;)


  26. Noble Beeyotch
    10/01/10 at 5:40

    Not a huge fan of catsuits personally. But that being said, there are a lot of people who can pull off the look!!

  27. Tina
    10/01/10 at 10:09

    I think it's pretty cool, but I'd definitely not wear ONLY that. I'd wear it with something, layering other items over it to allow it to be more "subtle" and avoid the "scanky-ness" it might portray if it were to be worn on its own.

  28. The Haute-Shopper
    10/01/10 at 12:07

    These look great in editorials and on stage, but I'm not sure how practical they are in real life. Much like any unitard or one-piece, I think I'd find bathroom breaks rather tiring ;-) They do look gorgeous under other garments though, but I'd rather stick to lace tops + lace stockings to achieve the same look.

  29. Treacle
    10/01/10 at 16:23

    I can definitely understand your perspective. I tend to prefer simple lingerie too, but I wonder that a "too simple" bodystocking might not be as wearable out of the bedroom.

    I'm a bit shy myself. It helps to be really outgoing to rock this look, I think.

    @Pippa Artus
    I know, right? Lady Gaga can wear almost anything, and I haven't seen many "regular folks" wearing bodystockings out and about.

    I just left a comment on your blog about blogrolls. Hope that helps! :-)

    Ooooh! I quite like that idea. Maybe a sheer bodystocking with a bullet bra and full cut knickers?

    Thanks for commenting. Not every look works for everybody, yeah? Please feel free to comment again soon. :-)

    I'd love to see some of your outfits, C.C.!

    If you do buy one, you must pictures, yes? ;-)

    That's a good answer. For most fashion "it depends" not only on who's wearing but on what they're wearing it with.

    Oh I think I might like catsuits just a little. ;-)

  30. Treacle
    10/01/10 at 16:28

    Especially not in this weather, right? Bodystockings seem best suited to the spring…when it's warm enough to lighten up on layers, but not so warm that you'll suffocate in one!

    I've heard from several other people who say they don't like the stirrup look.

    Of all the styles I showed, I think the American Apparel one has the most potential for layering and wearability. :-)

    @Savvy Gal
    Well…who knows? You may see one you like, right?

    Let me know when it's ready. I'd love to see!

    @Noble Beeyotch
    Oh I bet! Thanks for commenting. :-)

    I completely agree. Layering is the key to taking this look out into the "real" world.

    @The Haute Shopper
    LOL! You're absolutely right about bathroom breaks…I hadn't even thought of that yet. And I like your idea about a lace top with lace stockings…same look, but much more practical. Thanks for stopping by! :-)

  31. Kelly
    10/01/10 at 20:04

    Well, I have and I definitely would again! But…they haven't actually left the house…

    And btw there are many crotchless options so bathroom breaks don't necessarily ruin the idea ;-)

  32. maiddiane
    11/01/10 at 12:46

    Yes, pictures for sure!


  33. Sarah @ Pandora's Box
    11/01/10 at 14:41

    I think they're awesome looking but as far as being practical… they're not really. But who cares really, if something looks good I'm all for it haha

  34. Kristine
    12/01/10 at 21:08

    Just found another photo of Chanteuse Ruched Silk Pinup Shorts at Dollhouse Bettie's. Fabulous. Where is a sugar daddy when I need him. :P

  35. Kristine
    12/01/10 at 21:09

    Shoot, wrote it on the wrong post.

  36. Andy
    04/01/13 at 19:57

    You guys seem to know your stuff around here and I am having a hard time finding a few things for my girlfriend to wear. Bar Refaeli wore a gorgeous lace bodystocking in the German GQ and I can’t seem to find who made it

    Would love to get it for my girlfriend who would love to wear it – and also wondering if anyone knows of any lace bodystockings that have the gloves incorporated into them? I have only ever seen one picture and here it is on this page a few pictures down

    Thanks for your help!

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