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Ask the Addict: Durable Stockings for Work?

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Today’s question comes from long-time reader LunarCamel:

Q: Hi! This is totally unrelated to this post (it’s an *awesome* photo shoot indeed). I am going to be working soon (whoo!) and was wondering if you had a recommendation for stockings that are durable (I walk about 3 miles/day). Even some of the pricier pairs are too fine to walk in that much… but if you have a good reasonably priced-recommendation, that’s even better! And by stockings I do mean stockings, I refuse to wear pantyhose. I’d appreciate any help you can offer :)

A: Hi! For all-day wear, I’d purchase mid-weight (around 15 denier), stretch stockings. 15 denier is sheer enough for work, but durable enough for mild physical activity and the lycra will help your stockings hold their shape and “snap back” after wear. 15 denier stretch stockings are also inexpensive and available everywhere which makes them easy to replace if something unfortunate does happen to your hosiery.

I recommend these Berkshire lacetop stockings from Bare Necessities, these plain top stretch stockings from Victoria’s Secret, or these stretch stockings with decorative welt from Stockingirl. All three are reasonably priced at $6.95, $8.50, and $21.99, respectively.

I’d also recommend buying a couple of sock liners (HUE makes great ones for only $6) to cushion the parts of your foot that experience the most friction (primarily the ball and the heel). If it’s cold where you live, you can even wear socks over your stockings to help protect them further.

As always, a durable six-strap garter belt will go a long way towards keeping your stockings in place all day, reducing the kinds of stress that will eventually result in a run. Secrets in Lace manufactures several excellent six-strap garter belts which are great for all day wear.

I hope this helps, lovely! Got a question for the addict? Ask me here or e-mail me at! I love talking about lingerie, and if I get enough responses, I’ll turn “Ask the Addict” into a weekly feature.

LunarCamel also had a great stockings-related story she wanted to share:

“So I had an internship interview this afternoon at the Attorney General’s Office. I set off the metal detector going through it. The (not terribly attractive, male) security guard wanded me. The belt on my suit beeped the thingy so I was hoping he’d stop, but he didn’t. I beeped again, lower. “You got something under there?” I looked him dead in the eye and said, “It’s my underwear.” (I’m wearing my daily-use six-strap garter belt, which you *know* has metal clasps cause the plastic ones aren’t worth shit).

Thought you’d enjoy my mild embarassment :) ”

Keep those stories coming, folks! I’m happy to publish them on the blog. Oh, and the photo above is one of my workday outfits. Hope you like! :-)

Cora Harrington

Founder and Editor in Chief of The Lingerie Addict. Author of In Intimate Detail: How to Choose, Wear, and Love Lingerie. I believe lingerie is fashion too, and that everyone who wants it deserves gorgeous lingerie.

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  1. trent says:

    Love the metal detector story.
    I love garter belts and stockings, so I have to make sure I think of that the next time I go to court.
    as for stockings- I love them and so of course I wear thema ll the time, especially on a date.Once my ( now ex) boyfriend´´s friend was visiting and my boyfriend insisted on showing his friend my lace stockings. His friend thought he wanted to show him something else and he found it very embarrassing.

    Anyways, I love it when someone appreciates my lingerie.
    I have about 10-15 garterbelts, would take forever to list them.
    I would advice AGAINST Debenhams hold up stockings. They are gone after one wear ( the top part goes off).

  2. maiddiane says:

    Yes, metal garters are much better than plastic & great story about the meal detector. Actually that's good to know. ;o)

    Speaking of great – love Your picture!


  3. Panty Buns says:

    Love the photo of you in your workday outfit. The six-strap garter belt and metal detector anecdote is great! I should definitely get one. Do they make six-strap garterbelts for opera hose that won't cover up too much of my panties? I was thinking (naughtily) that maybe the next time I'm taking an airline flight I should deliberately wear my best pairs of panties and stockings with a six-strap garterbelt under slacks and hope to get inspected and searched by a female screener.

  4. badside says:

    LOL, thanks for posting that story from LunarCamel. Love the pic BTW, your lucky coworkers!

  5. lunarcamel says:

    In the name of science, I'm willing to wear the same garter belt the next time I fly. It won't be til May, but I'll let y'all know how it goes.

  6. Janus says:

    I have to wonder just how often incidents like the one LunarCamel related happen at the airport. And I wonder how those Keystone Cop wannabes of the TSA handle the situation. (Probably not very well.)

  7. Jerica says:

    Looking gorgeous girl, love the pic =) I'm amazed at your knowledge of this stuff. I tend to like control top pantyhose because it helps hold things in place better.

    I also got frustrated with garter belts coming undone.

    I have to say the metal detector incident would have turned me red!!!! =)

  8. Things That Excite me says:

    That dress looks adorable on you!

  9. Treacle says:

    Oh, if you do buy a garter belt, you must tell me what kind. They really are a fantastic accessory.

    Thanks so much for adding me to your blogroll! You're on mine too. :-)

    @Cafe Fashionista
    Thank you!!! I wear socks over stockings mostly to keep my feet warm, but they help to stop runs too. Nothing worse than snagging a brand new pair of nylons.

  10. Treacle says:

    @Indy, @PoshLady, @Julia The Thanksgiving Girl, @Tina, @nookie

    Hi, ladies! I don't remember you all commenting before. Thanks so much for contributing, and I sincerely hope you will again. The more the merrier and all that!

  11. Treacle says:

    Absolutely…you can't forget how much longer your stockings will last if you simply take good care of them.

    I need to stock up on liners too. I mostly wear socks with my tights during the winter, but sock liners are shoe savers during the summer months.

    It's all about the readers! I love it when people care enough to not only visit but also to comment and even help me write a post or two. Ideally, I want this blog to feel like a community…a place where anyone can come and hang out and talk about lingerie. :-)

    I thought her story was funny too. And thanks for the compliment. I envy your style!

    Thanks Kelly. I'll probably contribute photos of my outfits semi-regularly over 2010.

    @Couture Carrie
    Thanks so much, C.C.! It means a lot to me when a fashionista like yourself thinks I got it right. :-)

    @isquisofrenia @clarewbrown
    Thank you for the lovely words, ladies! I really, really try to make sure everything I post is at least a little bit useful. So it makes me heart warm when other people feel the same. :-)

  12. clarewbrown says:

    fab advice lovely… your blog rocks! Seriously it is so useful I could just do a "useful dance" lol

  13. Cafe Fashionista says:

    I always wear socks over my stockings – just to keep them from getting runs about the toes.

    By the way, love that last picture of you – you are so adorable!! :)

  14. Savvy Gal says:

    PS, sorry but finally added you to blog roll. : )

  15. Savvy Gal says:

    Great advice. I have try sock liners, never thought of that before.

  16. CMA says:

    i adore the garter belt
    im always wanting one..never have the time to go looking
    your blog gives me the chance to indulge without buying
    love it
    thanks for sharing as always
    and thanks for the lovely comments, i really appreciate it


  17. nookie says:

    lovely dress

  18. Tina says:

    My favorite pair of stockings aren't really stockings, they're leggings (or could even pass as pants) but I love, love, love them. I call them my "space-tights" because they're made up of several different types of fabrics sewn in a kind of patchwork design. Some patches are glossy, others are matte. I love them!

  19. Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl says:

    Nice story indeed!! hehe :)) Love your work outfit too, and you have a lovely blog! The first one on lingerie I ever came across!!

  20. PoshLady says:

    Thanks for the tips about what are the best stockings to wear for work – 15 Denier definitely seem to have done the trick!

  21. Indy says:

    I love your blog! I'm trying to get into a mindset where I can wear sexy things all the time instead of just on special occasions and your blog really inspires me!

    I love your dress…it's too cute!

  22. Isquisofrenia says:

    yay!! picture of you about time hahahha
    no but you look great hon
    and wow this blog is just so usuful to me


  23. Couture Carrie says:

    I love garters!!

    Fab post darling ~ you look lovely!


  24. Kelly says:

    haha it might have been embarrassing but you know he thought it was hot! Thankfully though, I've never had to walk through a metal detector when I had my belts on!

    I love your outfit BTW – that dress is too cute!

  25. daisychain says:

    fab post,

    your story really made me laugh (sorry)

    love your dress.

  26. COCAMIA says:

    Great advice! Such a wonderful post! You acknowledge your readers and I think thats fantastic!

  27. Kashaya says:

    I really need to get some sock liners.

    Oh I hate when metall detectors goes of because of your underwear, always happens to me at the airports…

  28. Petra Bellejambes says:

    Hey Treacle – great recommendations. I have had terrific performance from the VS and Berkshire both, and they both have a lovely dressy finish to them. Test driving my first pair of StockinGirl's later this week and expect to be delighted by them too.

    You have said before, and it bears repeating … if the stockings are going to get frequent and demanding wearings, it pays to take care putting them on, peeling them off, laundering and storing them.

    So glad to see you posting pictures of your beautiful self Treacle. Please keep it up.

    xoxox – Petra

  29. Treacle says:

    Hi doll…I like Cervin very much too! I just bought a pair of the 15 denier Romanticas and I can't to try them out.

    Oh wait…you know what I just realized? The Stockingirl stockings I just recommended are by Cervin! I just recognized the decorative welt. Boy, am I slow.

    Please don't forget to let me know when you all open your own shoppe. :-)

  30. cervin says:

    Here are of very good advice. I wear all day stockings CERVIN, they are magnificent and very solid. The price justifies the quality.

    Thanks Treacle :)

  31. Treacle says:

    @Nick Peacock
    Hi darling…thanks so much for stopping by! :-)

    I appreciate the reminder about vintage stockings. Especially when you're talking about 100% nylon hosiery, vintage can be a better deal than retro (quick definition: retro looks like vintage but was made in the present day).

    For me, though, the thrill of vintage stockings lie in their rarity and one-of-a-kindness. I wouldn't want to chance tearing my vintage hose by wearing them to work…especially if I was walking miles per day like LunarCamel.

  32. Nick Peacock says:

    As an aside vintage stockings were made in 30 and even 60 denier. As far as pricing goes some times a pair of good vintage stockings will cost less than a modern pair and of course the colour shade variation on vintage is a lot more interesting. You might consider vintage stockings for that special job interview, etc.

  33. Treacle says:

    LOL! How funny. I'm glad you found the advice useful. Let me know if it works, okay?

    You're very welcome, lovely! You must tell me what you buy.


    Thanks for commenting, darling! It's not presuming if the asker explicitly states she wants stockings advice only.

    Though I agree, thigh high socks are quite cozy and warm; I wear them to bed all the time during the winter months.

  34. frankufotos Lingerie says:

    This is all presuming it isn't so cold where you are that you've not given up on stockings for thigh-high socks,like my girlfriend some days of late. Not that they can't look great or be fun to remove ; )

    Thanks for the recs, and I love the pic and the security guard story!

  35. cupcake♥trash says:

    great advice.

  36. Mish Dish says:

    Thank you for all the great advice. Time to go shopping! xo Mish

  37. lunarcamel says:

    Ha!! I was going to respond to let you know that it was my awesome lovely Secrets in Lace six-strap garterbelt that, while durable and useful, is *definitely* what set off the metal detector. I told my mom, "This never happened to Bettie Page" and she was like, "Think about how often it happens to the security guard!"

    The sock liner idea is genius, thanks for that. And that work dress is mod-tastic :)

    Thanks for the advice! xoxo

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