Lust!: Batgirl Bodysuit from Topshop

Haven’t done one a lust feature in awhile, but I am positively swooning over this adorable Batgirl bodysuit from Topshop. At only £20.00 ($40 US), it’s definitely an affordable splurge.

What do you think? I kind of want to pull a Lady Gaga and wear this to the club with fishnets, ankle booties, and a cat mask…but I won’t. ;-)

P.S. Thanks to Pippa of Clashing Time for sharing this with me!

  • janettaylor

    Hahahaaaaaaaa! So fun…


  • Leah

    I want… I can do an outfit post with this for your lingerie blog. Hahahaha!

  • Ligeia

    this is so awesome
    this and the Agent Provocateur leopard bodysuit are a must

    whyyyyyyyy i have no money XD

    Hope you had a fantastic Xmas day missy


  • Treacle


    Hey girlie! I did have a good Christmas. I don't live near my family so I went to a Chinese restaurant and then to the theater where I saw three movies back to back.

    How was your Christmas? :-)

  • Pippa Artus

    Its okay Lovely :)
    I was thinking exactly the same about Lady Gaga when i posted this :) Great minds think alike :) <3


    It's sooo cute! I would have to think twice about wearing it though. Maybe ten years ago…

  • mom & son

    this is so much fun.
    batman forever!

  • Ligeia

    mmmm, chinese food, yummy!!

    mine was ok, with family, little kids, good music…the typical thing over here :)


  • Jennifer Fabulous

    Haha this is ADORABLE! And yes, it would be fun to wear this like Lady Gaga. Hey, why not? ;)

  • daisychain

    Oh man that is amazing.

  • Isquisofrenia

    omg i want this i would wear this piece too
    lots of humor!!

  • Fashion By He

    thats awesome…great find

    -He approves

  • sharonlei

    Hey!! Thanks for stopping by my blog… and your sweet comments as usual. :) and I added you to my "blogs i heart". :) Hope you're having a lovely Monday!

    Love & Aloha, S

  • Sabine

    The perfect outfit to start the new year! Sabine x

  • Tights Lover

    Find me a Wonder Woman and I'll go with you ;-)!

  • bryna

    wow great find!

  • xo, Alexi

    you should totally do it! you would be my ultimate idol!!

  • SoCalMan

    If only I could spell…

    Treacle, you should so do that with either the AP leopard bodysuit, or BatGirl (or both on different nights).

    And luckily, £20 is only $32 right now, and that is before VAT is taken out for non-EU orders.


    Suddenly the tv-Batman soundtrack is on my mind now…

  • Winters Reaper

    would you wear this?


  • marshmellowness

    this is so ridiculously adorable haha!

  • MissNeira

    Ok this is awesome!!

  • OweEng2

    LOL love the batman

  • Treacle

    Lady Gaga is my style icon. I need a job that lets me wear my underwear on the outside. But until I find one, I'll just settle for wearing cool tights everyday. :-)

    @Jennifer Fabulous
    You know…that's a good question. Why not? Oh wait…you're giving me ideas!

    That's the perfect adjective…this bodysuit is humorous. Fashion should be fun, yeah?

    @Tights Lover
    Oh you're giving me ideas too! What about a Supergirl bodysuit? ;-)

    @xo, Alexi
    If I do, you better believe I'm posting pics!

    That's what I thought at first too, but US customers have to order from the US TopShop website…and on the US TopShop website, the cost is $40. That's actually why I didn't buy this; it bothers me that they're charging more than a fair exchange rate.

    Dude, I would totally wear this. I don't talk about it much here, but I'm a card-carrying geek.

    Glad you approve…and I love your new avatar! :-)

  • Gotta Get Something

    I love that, its so cute! It would be so much fun to wear

  • Tights Lover

    Ooooh. I would do anything for a supergirl bodysuit! You are a genious!

  • Winters Reaper

    I knew it…. i just knew it… thats why you live in Seattle huh? so many geeks there right?

  • Janus

    Fishnets, yes, but I think it would look more interesting with thigh-high boots.