Le Mystere Lingerie Sale + Daily Outfit!

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Hey…have you entered the Kiss Me Deadly Lingerie Giveaway yet?

We’ve only 11 days ’till Christmas so things are starting to get critical.

Fortunately, Rue La La is bringing you yet another sample sale from famed lingerie designer Le Mystere. While the Wolford and La Perla sales were more about special occasion lingerie, I have a feeling the Le Mystere sale will be a great place to pick up your sexy basics. Need an invite? Just click here. Sale starts 12/15 at 11 a.m. ET, 8 a.m. PT.

Speaking of Rue La La, I wanted to show you all the Wolford tights I picked up in the last sale. They’re also the tights I was referring to in this post when I named the Urban Outfitters floral tights a budget alternative.

What do you think? My fashion sense is still a work-in-progress so I’d appreciate any (constructive) comments! Oh, and the dress is by Michael Stars…so comfy!


  1. sexylegsandbody
    14/12/09 at 3:55

    Hi, the tights look great!
    Thanks for commenting on my last post, I am glad you like the pics I posted.
    Have a wonderful week!

  2. Leah
    14/12/09 at 4:00

    At last an outfit post from the queen of lingerie… I love your tights. Your choice of dress is superb… simple to highlight the tights. Very nice!

  3. Treacle
    14/12/09 at 4:02

    Thank you for posting the pics. I hope more ladies send you photos!

    LOL! Yeah…this is my first outfit photo actually. There are other pictures of me on the blog (under the tag Treacle) but very, very few compared to the total number of posts.

    Thanks for the compliment! I appreciate it. :-)

  4. Ligeia
    14/12/09 at 4:37

    I really like those tights!!
    They look wonderful with the dress

    The great thing about these kind of tights is that you can use them in a casual way and in a night out with heels and a LBD :)

    thanks for the reminder on Rue La La
    how's buying there? Ive never tried before :S


  5. Treacle
    14/12/09 at 4:47

    I absolutey agree. Wolford tights are super versatile and they feel wonderful…almost like wearing nothing at all!

    I think Rue La La is really great to buy from and I actually purchased both the tights and the dress in the photos from them. Thanks for stopping by! :-)

  6. FrouFrouu
    14/12/09 at 6:16

    Oh that dress is adorable, I love it with the sheer patterned tights. You wear this look so well :)

  7. janettaylor
    14/12/09 at 7:08

    Great tights!


  8. Petra Bellejambes
    14/12/09 at 7:33

    Hey Treacle – Love the tights, and the outfit is super smart. I am never certain with patterned tights, and I do not think there are any hard and fast rules. Experiment. Fashion sense is an always developing thing, if you give it some space to grow.

    Happy dressing!

  9. Jessica
    14/12/09 at 7:42

    Great tights and a perfect little outfit to showcase them! I bet they'd be pretty with a simple little black dress too!

  10. Keith
    14/12/09 at 9:48

    I love it all. Very beautiful. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I hope this finds you doing well. Have a great week. Cheers!

  11. Couture Cookie
    14/12/09 at 10:02

    Love the tights, but the dress, the dress… I need it, badly!

  12. daisychain
    14/12/09 at 10:50

    ooh love those tights

  13. Tights Lover
    14/12/09 at 11:08

    I love those tights. They look great on you! Is there anything better than Wolford, really?

  14. Isquisofrenia Style
    14/12/09 at 11:43

    those tights are so cool love them


  15. Couture Carrie
    14/12/09 at 12:08

    Lovely look, darling ~ those tights are so fun!


  16. MissNeira
    14/12/09 at 14:04

    I love Le mystere, their Francesca bra is to die for! and very sexy tights!

  17. Tiffany
    14/12/09 at 14:18

    ooh very cute tights

  18. clarewbrown
    14/12/09 at 15:13

    Thanks for your comment! I love those tights on you sooo cute!

  19. Savvy Gal
    14/12/09 at 15:20

    interesting tights.

  20. Fashion Cappuccino
    14/12/09 at 15:23

    Pretty tights!! I need to get something like it! xoxoxo

  21. Kristin
    14/12/09 at 16:24

    I looooooove the tights. I'm totally into patterns on stems right now!

  22. Kashaya
    14/12/09 at 16:48

    Oh those tights looks so great!

  23. Sheen V
    14/12/09 at 17:01

    You look fab!!

  24. CLM
    14/12/09 at 17:46

    thank you so much for the comment on my blog :)
    i love your blog !
    feel free to follow my blog if you wish :)
    i will deffo look at entering your giveaway :)
    xoxo – carly.


    14/12/09 at 18:51

    I agree with Leah…at last!
    Looks gorgeousss!
    Fab new week darling!

  26. pantiwaste
    14/12/09 at 18:57

    Lovely darling…the shape of the model brings out the beauty superbly.

  27. Ela
    14/12/09 at 21:34

    I absolutely love your tights!

  28. Midtown Girl
    14/12/09 at 22:22

    Those are so pretty!! I love the design, Wolford is so luxe – lucky girl! ;-)


  29. Taylor Sterling
    14/12/09 at 22:48

    nice looking tights!!

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