Wolford Sale: Tights & Bodysuits Galore

The Wolford event at RueLaLa started all of 15 minutes ago, and already some of my favorites are getting low. Unlike the previous Wolford sale, this one has a lot of garments and accessories, so if you’re looking for bodysuits (or a sweater dress or a purse…), it’s a worth a visit.

However, you can’t talk about Wolford without talking about their tights, so here’s a sample of what’s being offered this morning. Don’t forget that if you join Rue La La anytime between now and Dec. 24, they’ll give you $10 off your first purchase. Happy Shopping!


  1. Couture Carrie
    12/11/09 at 12:14

    Those back seam tights are incredible!!
    Fab post!


  2. Keith
    12/11/09 at 12:46

    I love these. Very beautiful and sexy.

    Hope you're having a fantastic day. Cheers!

  3. Tights Lover
    12/11/09 at 16:28

    Get anything good? I opted against buying anything…

  4. Treacle
    12/11/09 at 22:40

    @Couture Carrie
    Thank you so much for stopping by, Carrie! They really are fab, yeah?

    Hi!!! I am having a fantastic day. It's a little bit better now that you've stopped by. :-)

    @Tights Lover
    I picked up those floral tights in the first photo. I think they're really pretty.

  5. Tights Lover
    12/11/09 at 22:48

    Good choice. I'd like those a lot. I'm sure you'll love em!

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