Sonia Rykiel Lingerie for H&M

Fresh on the heels of Jimmy Choo, H&M will debut a limited-edition Sonia Rykiel collection on December 5th. If the $34.95 teddy is any indication of the price range, this retro lingerie line may be well worth checking out.

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  1. Lady MacB says:

    I don't know how much longer this is going on, but Saks Fifth Ave has a small section of soon to be discontinued Wolfords foor 25% off. I got the Opaque 70 for $28.50! The Carla style was there too, among others.

  2. Moni says:

    Nice, hope it will debut in the UK, but what will happen is loads of sellers will buy the stock and sell it at inflated prices on Ebay.
    Thats what happened with Dita's collection, but it was mass produced anyway, so that spoiled the sellers plans.

  3. Treacle says:

    @Lady MacB:

    Thanks for the tip!


    True, true. I was really disappointed at how quickly the first Dita collection sold out, and then when I saw dozens of pieces online, I realized why.

    Fortunately, they came out with another one this year. :-)

  4. Kelly says:

    Just in time – H&M JUST opened a branch within driving distance of me this past Thursday!

  5. job search new Zealand says:

    Fabulous! It looks very sexy. It’s what a woman should wear.

  6. Removalists Australia says:

    I love this lingerie collection. It looks very chic and I love the color, it’s the color of femininity.

  7. Tights Lover says:

    Whoa. Those high waist panties are calling my name! Can't wait!

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