Lingerie Bargains, Sales, and Discounts

Don’t forget to check out the Lingerie Coupons feature in the sidebar of my blog. I’m always posting new deals, many of which only last a day or two before they expire. Here are the specials currently featured:

75% off of the “Viva” silk satin slip at S.P.A.N.K. [Editor’s Note: As of January 2015, this site appears to be defunct] (Sexy Panties and Naughty Knickers).

25% off all HUE hosiery at Bare Necessities (until 11/22)

20% off at Figleaves with LINGERIE (until 11/23)

20% off at Babygirl Boutique with GIVE-THANKS-09 (until 11/24)

30% off all hosiery and socks at American Apparel with SOCKDEAL (until 11/25)

10% off at Style Riot [Editor’s Note: As of January 2015, this site appears to be defunct] with addict10.

60% off Kiss Me Deadly at Hepburn & Leigh + 15% off new orders with Welcome

50% off everything at Spoylt [Editor’s Note: As of January 2015, this site appears to be defunct]

80% off discontinued ranges at Made by Niki

70% off designer lingerie at

20% off corsets at Puimond with MIDORIsentMe2U

*Photo by and of Bec Fisher

2 Comments on this post

  1. Rae-Emily Smith says:

    I sooooo should not have seen this, i just spent a considerable amount on made by niki lingerie & am holding you responsible lol x

  2. Treacle says:

    So happy you were able to find something you like! I love your blog by the way. :-)

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