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Monthly Archives

October 2009

I first mentioned LoveChild Boudoir almost a year ago, when her cute vintage redesigned girdles with the heart on the bum first caught my eye. A few months ago, I splurged and purchased one of her PVC bustle skirts which received rave reviews when I wore it to Dragon*Con. Now, LoveChild Boudoir is setting my heart all aflutter again with her latest creations. These decadent designs are almost too lovely […]

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Lately, I’ve been hearing way too much bad news about shady dealers, sham websites, and substandard products. Most of the transactions involving those three “S’s” have been online. The internet is a great resource for buying lingerie, but only if you use it well. Here are the three kinds of lingerie I believe you should never buy online. 1) Your first bra during/after pregnancy or during/after any significant weight change. […]

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Disclosure: This blog post contains affiliate links. Every few months or so, I take inventory of my lingerie wardrobe. While I’m happy with how many of my bras sets and garter belts I’ve managed to wear, I can’t help but feel disappointed that there are some panties in my drawer with the price tags still attached. Even worse, some of this new lingerie doesn’t interest me anymore and may never […]

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It appears we have another contender (besides Jonathan Aston) in the category of “Best Budget Hosiery Brand: Fashion Division.” Though I’ve heard of Emilio Cavallini once or twice before, I never really examined this label until my post on faux fishnets. Now, I’m thinking I need to buy a pair (or three!) of his tights. As an added bonus, Emilio Cavallini maintains a Flickr account with all the latest designs […]

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