I Want This: Little Minx “Valentina” Lingerie Set

It’s love at first sight for this delightfully coquettish Little Minx bra set from La Magia. I’m still not quite sure what makes these pieces so irresistible. Is it the vivid aquamarine color? The flirty black lace? Perhaps the classic retro styling? Whatever the case, I simply can’t get this lingerie out of my head.

Total cost for the bra, panty, and garter belt is a very palatable £58.65 (or $93 USD) once you activate the 15% off discount code PINK123. Plus, don’t forget that La Magia ships free to anywhere in the world. With Christmas only two months away, this is a bit of European finery worth saving up for.


  1. vicki
    15/10/09 at 8:49

    Just to add, we heard this week that this style has been discontinued so if you like it my advice is to snap one up quick!

  2. Catherine
    15/10/09 at 9:11

    I feel compelled to point out those are Cervin capri bicoloure stockings in turquoise . . .La Magia will have them soon :)

  3. Couture Cookie
    15/10/09 at 9:27

    I love this style. The black trim offsets the cuteness of the blue… I would love to own this set. I should probably bookmark it until I have some $$$!

  4. Tights Lover
    15/10/09 at 11:53

    This is gorgeous! I am really, really tempted, Treacle…

  5. Janus
    15/10/09 at 12:36

    I think it's the contrast between the aqua primary color and the black trim.

  6. Treacle
    16/10/09 at 0:20

    Thanks for the tip! I'll have to bump this set a bit higher on my list. :-)

    I own these stockings! I bought them to wear during the spring, but never got around too it. Would it be a shame if I purchased this just to have some lingerie to wear with them?

    @Couture Cookie
    So glad you like it. And I agree…the black trim keeps this set from being saccharine. Plus, like Vicki, it's a limited edition piece. :-)

    @Tights Lover
    Our tastes are just too similar…;-)

    I agree. The black trim really makes all the difference.

  7. vicki
    16/10/09 at 5:26

    This set is so funny, people either love it or hate it. I've never known a set to attract such extremes. I guess because it is a very bold colour and not everyone's cup of tea. Personally, I love it and the bra gives a really nice round shape to the bust – looks fab under clothes.

  8. Treacle
    16/10/09 at 10:01


    That is funny.

    I probably would have been in the "meh" camp except for my boyfriend is really trying to get me to wear a lingerie color other than black, so I'm paying more and more attention to colored bra sets.

    I also like what you said about it laying flat under clothes. I really want all my lingerie purchases now to be things that look good underneath my clothes and on their own.

  9. Janus
    16/10/09 at 14:49

    I would like to see the same style in a medium shade of purple — lavender, I guess. Not so dark where the black lace wouldn't stand out, but also not so pale that it's a lilac.

  10. Treacle
    17/10/09 at 21:03

    I like the way you think. This set would look spectacular in purple.

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