Let’s Play a Game…

I call it “Spot the Treacle.” Here’s how it works:

Starting tomorrow (Friday) afternoon through Sunday afternoon, I’ll be at the largest Sci-Fi, Gaming, Comic, and all around Geek convention in the Southeast, Dragon*Con.

If you’re the tenth person to come up to me and ask “Are you Stockings Addict?” you get a $10 gift certificate to any store on the Stores I Love list. I’ll just take your e-mail address, and we’ll hash out the details at end of the Con. The con is over!!!

Here’s a reference photo in case you’ve forgotten what I look like. Hope to see you there! :-D

P.S. Corset Week starts tomorrow!!!

  • Natasha Prentice

    Can't wait for corset week

  • Janus

    Be sure to look up a writer named Diana Peterfreund. She's going to be sharing a booth with several writers, and is promoting her just released novel Rampant.

  • Hosiery Advocate

    That's cool to see what you look like. I always thought that you were a white girl, because your skin appeared to be very white or lightly tanned, to me.

    :^) You're pretty.

  • T-Rex

    You are gorgeous. Just in case I've never told you that. :-)