Sexy Lingerie from Target

So I was in Target the other day to pick up a few essentials when I decided to make a quick pass through the lingerie section. I now believe Target is trying to give the luxury lingerie manufacturers a run for their money.

I saw several pieces which reminded me of items from other, more expensive collections (these ruffled boyshorts, for example). I’ve not tried anything on yet, but I may have to do a bit of “research” here very soon.

Mad Mimi Form

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  1. Stocking Vixen says:

    I recommend ONE purchase to try things out. Target is great about hiring terrific designers for most of their items, but the price point absolutely reflects quality in every experience I've had. Your "palate" is also more developed than most women. I used to be able to wear their hosiery, but can't handle the feel on my skin anymore. Some of it is insanely adorable, though. I've seen very cute lingerie there, but being big of the bosoms have never bothered to look.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Looking forward to your review.


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