Photo Friday: More Treacle

I’m going home in about a week, so hopefully my dear friend Photognome will be able to take more pictures of me. In the meantime, here are the rest from our last photoshoot just before I moved to Seattle. Hope you like!

*Update! Just replaced the original, unedited photos with ones edited by Ligeia at Fashion Trash. Thanks Ligeia!


  1. Stocking Vixen
    22/08/09 at 23:16

    I love all these photos. I hope Newboy knows how lucky he is. A gorgeous, intelligent, socially-conscious woman who loves lingerie and stockings?

    If I'd known you owned the bra you're wearing in the Falke Peacock hold-ups shot, I would have voted for the What Katie Did bra rather than the Sirena. If there's time, I change my vote, just because that one is somewhat similar so you have that base covered.

  2. Treacle
    22/08/09 at 23:40

    Thanks, Lisa! :-)

    Vicki at La Magia almost has me convinced I need both. After all, they are limited edition.

  3. Nick Peacock
    23/08/09 at 4:23

    You look fab any guy would be lucky to have such a beautiful girlfriend!

  4. Snappertte
    23/08/09 at 10:02

    I can not believe this friend of yours calls himself a photographer. I certainly hope you don't pay for your "photo shoots" with him.

    Aside from being very badly lit, there are more things than should be in the frame which detract from the main subject.

    The poses are hardly original, or particularly flattering, especially when so badly lit.

  5. Treacle
    23/08/09 at 10:36


    Photognome is a close, personal friend of mine. He takes pictures of me as a favor to me, and he's the only person I allow to do so.

    While I appreciate you stopping by my blog, I want to remind you of something my Momma told me, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all."

    There are less vitriolic ways to express your opinions.

  6. Treacle
    23/08/09 at 10:37

    Thanks, Nick!

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