Saturday Night Fever

I’ve been invited to a disco party next month, and I believe I need one of these. What do you think?

Bodysuit by American Apparel.

  • T-Rex

    Yes! With a carwash skirt. That will actually look really hot.

  • Treacle

    Ooh! Thanks for commenting! :-)

    I was thinking hot shorts like these (, but what do you think about a mini-skirt/dress like this (

  • MT

    The shorts for sure!

  • Janus

    What stockings will you be wearing with the bodysuit? I would suggest something black, and maybe a little sparkly if you can find anything along those lines. Otherwise, just plain sheer black.

  • T-Rex

    Hard to choose. I'm leaning toward the shorts because they are a little more unusual.

    Janus is right. I suggest black legwear (tights, stockings, or OTK socks) in black with a touch of gold.

    I tried to find images of car wash skirts for you, but every one I could find was too demure. You would need slits that go almost up to your hooha. :-)

    BTW, did you get your fill of the KMD Sirena line? If not, LaMagia has it for half price right now.

  • Treacle

    Ooh! Really? You know I love you, right? ;-)

  • T-Rex

    Black and gold legwarmers! That's the ticket. :-)

  • Sheen V

    American Apparel rocks!