Wolford on Sale

It only happens twice a year…Wolford Boutique London just put all their Trend & Pattern hosiery from the previous season on sale at 50% off. Wolford’s reputation in the hosiery industry is unmatched. The sale represents not only an opportunity to buy some quality hosiery at an excellent price, but also to purchase a limited edition piece before it’s retired permanently.

If you’d prefer to shop stateside, Bare Necessities also has several Wolford pieces for 50% off, including the Wolford Fleur tights I featured in a “Look for Less” article several months ago.


  1. Tights Lover
    30/06/09 at 10:24

    That's a great collection of some good priced stuff. And is has been a while since I bought any Wolford…

  2. Treacle
    30/06/09 at 11:10

    Hey…is this Pink Nylon?

  3. Tights Lover
    30/06/09 at 12:14

    Yep :).

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