Agent Provocateur’s ‘Elmira’ Corset T-Shirt: Is it Worth the Money?

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I’m loathe to call any lingerie impractical. After all, lingerie is all about fantasy and titillation and excitement, necessary things all, but certainly not practical. If your lingerie makes you happy, no matter how odd it may seem to others, then it’s done its purpose and the money was money well spent.

Sometimes, however, I just have to say something, and the Elmira corset tee from Agent Provocateur is one of those times. Made of tea rose cotton jersey with tea-rose cotton trim, the selling point of this item is the built in underbust corset. Not at all cheap, the shirts costs £125 or approximately $200 USD.

So the big question then would be, “Is it worth it?” and I have to say, resoundingly, “NO!”

Why spend $200 on a fancy t-shirt when you can get a real corset and a high quality jersey tee for that same amount, if not less? Timeless Trends, the go to corset shop for lingerie addicts on a budget, sells a huge variety of authentic, well-constructed underbust corsets for $99. Heck, for the price of this entire “ensemble” you could get a custom made underbust from a designer like Scoundrelle’s Keep and still have enough money left over to buy a “tea rose jersey tee” when you’re done.

While Agent Provocateur does come out with innovative designs on occasion, I think this one is honestly just a case of exploiting consumers who don’t know any better and who are seduced by the Agent Provocateur name. Treacle does not approve.

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Cora Harrington

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  1. Hannah says:

    The Lingerie Lesbian, I would venture to say, also has a pretty good idea of what lingerie is worth buying and what is not. Some of her favorite bras are from AP and have stood the test of time.
    I do think, no matter the brand, some items are either hit or miss. Sometimes a stitch is missed or something goes wrong. I’ve had this happen even with brands who are very well known for their quality and ones you have highly recommended, especially with What Katie Did and once with Dottie’s Delights (which she kindly replaced, WKD did not as it was too many items and would be considered too minor to replace).

    In another post you said silk is silk no matter the brand. I would beg to differ. Here I am explaining a time when fabric did make a difference between brands.
    My main experience is with tulle. Tulle is one of the cheapest and most delicate fabrics on the planet and rips almost immediately after sewn together (for some it rips as you sew). I’ve boughten a variety of tulle from different stores however the tulle Dita uses and AP uses, for some reason, is far superior.

    Hmm…I hope I don’t seem like the attacker today, haha, I just have the habit of standing up for certain brands I believe deserve it.

    Happy Holidays!

    • Cora says:

      I don’t think you seem like an attacker. It’s totally okay for people to have different perspectives on brands. I still think Agent Provocateur’s quality does not equal the prices they’re charging, and that you can get a much better value for the same amount of money from other labels (like Fleur of England, for example). As evidenced by how well their sales are doing though and how popular they are among TLA readers, a lot of people disagree, and that’s okay. To me, that’s different from an occasional misstep by a brand like Dottie’s Delights (who handsews everything, by the by) or What Katie Did. And you are still perfectly entitled to believe both of those brands overcharge as well. We don’t have to see eye-to-eye. That’s the value in having a lot of lingerie bloggers, like The Lingerie Lesbian; it offers multiple perspectives on an incredibly diverse and ever-changing industry.

      Re: fabrics, I definitely know a lot more about materials and construction than I did when this post was written (2009), and I’m always learning. I don’t go back and edit posts from 4 years ago with what I’ve just learned as I feel it’s disingenuous and inauthentic. I wasn’t the same person in 2009 that I am now in 2013 and that’s okay too. Were I to write an article on fabrics now (and I did recently write a post on a small Interfiliere held in NYC), it would look very different from the article you just read.

      Happy New Year,

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  3. Lingerie Diva says:

    Check out Lingerie Diva or Corsets Diva for some cheaper fashion corsets!

  4. Pink Nylon says:

    It’s better than the tuxedo t-shirt…I’ll give em that.

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