Why Do Lingerie Companies Relabel Products?

I’ve mentioned the issue of lingerie companies claiming that certain hosiery designs are “exclusive” to them or “made” by them or any other adjective which conveys the notion that your company had a much greater hand in creating this particular nylon than it has.

While I understand it’s marketing, I also believe it’s dishonest,deceitful, and takes advantage of your less lingerie savvy clients who may not know, for example, that you just marked up those so-called “exclusive” items by 100% or more.

Case in point, I received an e-mail from a company directing me to the following thigh-high:


The description next to the stocking says the following, “The Art Deco Lace Top thigh high has a unique ‘Art Deco’ design in the sheer nylon net. We topped it with our world famous Veronica Lace to create a work of Art.” Notice the use of the word “create” as well as the ownership this particularly company takes of the design, even insinuating that the “world famous” lace is also their own creation.

Now take a look at these next couple of photos from Cervin:

As you can see, neither the lace nor the pattern from the first photo is anything close to an original design from that company.

The kicker? The first company was charging $30.00 for those stockings, when you could get them for half that off the Cervin website.

Am I the only person who thinks that’s not quite right?

Mad Mimi Form


Cora Harrington

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